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This episode of MONSTER HIGH features the strong-willed and hard-working ROCHELLE GOYLE.


Rochelle becomes safety officer and promises not disappoint.

Initially happy, Rochelle gets angst when enforcing the law on her rule-breaking friends

“My friends? Makers of trouble? It does not feel good. Maybe this job is not for me”

Rochelle was being secretly tested and she is promoted to head of the new safety team


I instantly like Rochelle Goyle because of her duty, in knowing what safety officer should do and not abusing her power, and her humility, in not doing it for her ego. She cares for the school: “Monster High. My job to keep them safe, be it a matter of a simple traffic jam, or dragons that have escaped from the catacombs. I am always vigilant.”

I like Rochelle more because she does her job honestly, without bias or corruption. When ticketing her friends, to me, it shows she does keep the school safe even when it means keeping it safe from her own friends. Additionally, she maintains her integrity when they try to take advantage of her or ask her to ignore it.

When she finds herself lonely and isolated, Rochelle maturely resigns. She would rather give up her volunteer position than compromise or ignore her duties and values. In a way, she is responsible by relieving herself from her volunteer responsibilites that she cannot perform to the best of her ability.

In the end, Rochelle is promoted due to her work ethic! As described by the Head Mistress, “I had to know the school could count on you even when your “besties” tempt you otherwise.” Rochelle was strong enough to stand up for what was right, even if it meant standing up against those she cared most about.


“I am a gargoyle. It is in my very nature to be strong, dignified”  

As how gargoyles protect cathedrals from evil spirits, Rochelle protects the school from trouble-makers. Being made of stone, not only is she fire-proof and also gorgon-proof, consider how these idioms relate to Rochelle:

  • “set in stone” = following the rules
  • “stone cold” = giving out tickets
  • “leave no stone unturned” = applying it to everyone

Overall, Rochelle would be best student for the job :D… even if she finds herself between her job and her friends, that is “between a rock and a hard place” :P