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The Angel and The Devil

Prompt by Anonymous: Okay okay, I loove your fanfics 😩💗 and I was wondering if you could do like a smut fanfic, where Care & Stefan are human and Stefan is a bad boy and doesn’t believe in love, he’s a player and Caroline is a good girl a goody two shoes, and then they meet, and well you can take it from there 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

A/N: What two one shots in three days? What is happening?! Lol but seriously I’ve been working on this monster for over a week now. What started out as a simple 2k word one shot ended up being a 7.5K word life story. Regardless, part three of Forbes vs Salvatore will be out soon, but I have so many prompts in my inbox just sitting there, so I wanted to do one. Anyway, enjoy, and warning sexual content!


Caroline was beyond pissed at Elena and Bonnie. Honestly what kind of friends dragged you out to a club, made you charm your way in, and then ditched you?

Besides she didn’t want to be here, she should be at home, pouring over her history book. After all, she had a major test tomorrow (that she would probably fail) and she still had to start the outlines of prom. Once again she decided to take on organizing the whole event, but considering that she was the student president, it shouldn’t shock anyone. Besides it was never too early to start organizing

“Look at what the tide dragged in,” commented a voice behind Caroline. 

Upon turning around she came face-to-face with football captain and grade A tool, Tyler Lockwood. 

The roll of her eyes came naturally. “Go flirt with a blonde bimbo dick,” she snapped.

“I already am,” Tyler returned, slyly.

Caroline was so ready to ruin her french manicure on this asshole, but before she even raised her palm, she was shoved back by a body. All she could see was broad shoulders trapped by a leather jacket, and sleek brunette hair. 

“What did you just say to her?” the mysterious figure yelled over the pounding music.

“What’s it you?” Tyler replied in the cockiest voice possible.

Caroline wanted to strangle him, but apparently the stranger agreed with her, because next thing she new Tyler was on the ground. Blood was pouring out of his nose, as the mystery man gave his bruised knuckles a rub.

“You know drunk or not,” the figure spoke, “she doesn’t deserve that.”

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