monster girl cosplay


Hiiii it’s been a while *wavess *

Gonna do this this full on some day and the other ghouls as well.(and save up or contacts) 

Sibella from scobby doo and the ghoul school(just a test) Scoobydo was always my jam that is one show i loveddddddd.I dont fancy the newer ones too much but they have their moments.

I’d love to make time to redo this and work on the other girls Who should I work on next?


oh my gosh, so in love with these pictures of my satyr outfit I finally got to wear out and about! I carved the horns myself from foam so they were super light weight and even wearable for drinking, festive, little ol me!

such a wonderful time!

and good to know that fairly tipsy I can keep it together hah. 


A wild Umbreon appeared! ✨

I got to be in @timmcosplay‘s showcase video during LANtasy! :D I encourage you all to check out the full video; Tim did an amazing job and honestly it’s probably my favourite showcase video he’s done so far (which is saying a lot because he always posts such great stuff).

LANtasy 2017

Cosplayer - @anyapanda-official

Videography - @timmcosplay