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Uncanny Uncanon Weck-a-thon #3:
Drowsy Weck


Base Weck: Ice Weck
Element: Dark
Locale: Various


  • Sleep Sand (Causes vision impairment)
  • Yawn (Causes drowsiness)
  • Moonlight Shower (Dark damage)

Abilities & Quirks:

  • Gangs up on foes and they yawn together to increase the power.
  • Is either fast asleep, or half-asleep
  • Easily distracted by comfy things
  • A mutation of would-be Ice Wecks that develop irregular sleeping patterns and intense laziness.

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🎃 Inktober Day 16! 🎃 Here’s a Smiling Werewolf~ 🐺 She’s so cute I love her!

She’s into super into bondage and if she’s not all tied up on the full moon, she goes beserk. Sooooo right after she takes this pic I assume she fully transforms… lol

Hopefully I won’t be perpetually a week behind on these!!