monster figure


the boy mayor of second life

what’s happened to my kingdom?  what’s happened to my fiefdom?  this used to be a beautiful place - a safe place for children to come play and grow up and get old and work and get older and now my kingdom -

i leave it for a few months and it’s all gone rotten - it’s all gone fallow.


The mirror monster. 

It takes a form similar to a man and wraps themselves in clothes to hide the dark matter they really are, walking among the humans in their good disguise. If ever needing to ‘disappear’ they just return back in the mirror.


Book II: The Sea of Monsters, Ch. 12 / pg. 183


SiblingTale: During the War

Before and After Photoshopping =3= comparison

Why haven’t I been uploading any art recently?

It’s because of THIS art!

Originally it was just a random sketch of Neve. Then BAM! This appeared. So I spent like a month colouring this QwQ

Of course I ain’t really pleased with the colours because I have limited colour pencils and I kinda rush some parts.

So Ya~

Anywayz here are the Characters:~

•Undyne’s Dad
•Undyne’s Mom
•Unnamed Monster
•Unnamed Human

For the monster boyfriends, and the ones they worship

>> l i s t e n

[ 01. Creep | Radiohead ][ 02. Rev 22:20 | Puscifer ][ 03. Nightcall | Kavinsky ][ 04. I Know I’m a Wolf | Young Heretics ][ 05. You Don’t Want Me Around | The Federal ][ 06. The Wolf | Phildel ][ 07. Howl | Florence + the Machine ][ 08. Wicked Game | HIM ][ 09. Will Do | TV on the Radio ][ 10. Love in Cold Blood | HIM ][ 11. Star Crossed Lovers | De/Vision ][ 12. The Horror of Our Love | Ludo ][ 13. Tip of My Tongue | Civil Wars ][ 14. Take Me to Church | Hozier ][ 15. Flesh | Simon Curtis ][ Bonus Track ]

day 26 of the monster girl challenge, favorite monster girl character! 

after thinking reeeeeal long and hard about it, I realized Cteno was the obvious option for this prompt. Also, after drawing her, I have a heightened sense of respect for her creator bc wOWZA CTENO IS A COMPLICATED MONSTER LADY. HOW DO U DO IT.

Cteno belongz 2 Slugbox, who makes sum super pretty arts