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From Baalberith’s Archive

It is called Demon Sunday school, and in a way it is.  News of Lucifer, stories of his glory and power, we also learn from his mistakes.  It’s made sure we also learn from his mistakes.  From his fall, we learned to avoid angels if possible, from his creation of sins, to take, not create.  Few know of the sins, oh, they know of the act of disobeying God, and hunters know of the demons who have become the seven deadly sins, but the creature from which both took their name is barely seen.  

The Sin are a personal challenge and affront to God, created out of pride and Hell’s Power in the beginning.  Some question if the Sin have the lost Grace of Lucifer in their eyes.  This is one of the reasons they are feared, even if very few have met them.  Those who do, rarely, if ever, return.  

The story, as told, is this:

Lucifer has never had the love of humans as God wished for him to have.  This hate drove his rebellion, his pride.  As the first to fall, he never truly lost his grace.  They still contained some of God’s power, without the drive to obey and use his powers from God’s will.  

And in this state he commanded his fallen angels, he commanded Lilith to report to him on humans, and found them lacking.  They could have more beauty, intelligence, height.  There could be more in general.

In his wisdom, he had his top demons gather Earth and the bones of one of Adam’s children.  Putting these elements with the last of his grace and power from God, he created a people.  Their beauty and intelligence surpassed the humankind, without the need to obey God.  Their eyes flickered with the eyes of hell itself.  This was something that could distract people from with smiles and the silver tongue they inherited from their Father.

However, they were cruel.  They used their beauty and unnatural ability to lie to gain their power, advantage, and position.  They delighted in carnal pleasure and took whatever it was that they wished.  The worst, according to others, was their hunter.  Fruit and vegetables did not sate their hunger, only meat.  The bones and muscles, vessels and blood, under their skin was what they preferred, and it was always a high amount needed.  With long arms and fingers, they found they could reach and dig to reach the meat they wanted.  They sharpened their nails in order to eat, to fill their bellies, as well as other needs.  Things of such beauty and power were often red with their meal.

This angered God and the angels.  These creatures of Hell were superior and growing in number, putting the men and women of God as prey.

And thus God sent the angels to drive the creatures to hell.  The weaker angels who saw the fire of hell in the Sin’s eyes, found themselves falling to join the Father of these creatures.  The children of Lucifer had become too much of a threat soon enough, and God had to act.

They were never in his Grace, and as such had no soul to damn.

Hell was their original home, so banishment to the pit was returning to Father.

Heaven would only prove a danger to the angels.

He could not smite them as he could his own creations.

Purgatory was a playground for the Sin.

So he struck them where it hurt.  Pride.  

They could not return to hell under his command, and he took away their beauty. Their power had always come from their beauty and lying, and suddenly, this power was taken away, their position gone for this fact.

Their long luxurious hair fell out in locks, lingering in trails behind them.  Their muscles and fat shriveled, skin sticking to their now deformed bodies.  Having very few organs to account for, their newly destroyed skin lingered to their bones, ribs, spine.  Burned by holy fire, it was tough to the touch, thick and nearly impenetrable to anything but their own sharpened nails to prevent them driving others to kill them.  Their pride too high for suicide.  Blackened and thick, the loss of a most features…

Long legs were shortened and almost animalistic with wider curved thighs, and monkey like feet.  Their arms stayed the length they stayed the same length, fingers long and dragging on the floor if they were not careful.  Their claws and sharpened nails growing, diamond like and hard to break and able to extend four feet long, and slip under their skin, always painful.

Eyes wider, or at least seeming so from the change in their body, there was no way to hide their hell fire now.  The smile they were left with, but now with teeth sharp and long, unable to do anything but smile for eternity, only stopping when they opened their mouth to speak in odd ways.  They learned to speak though the issues over the years, yet it can still be difficult.

Suddenly, cold was an issue, and they fled into caves, both from terrified people and the frigid Earth’s surface.  They’ve lived deep in caves since then, as close to Hell as they can get, consuming those who come too close or wander down the wrong cave.

Over the years, they found, like their siblings, they could possess and turn into small bouts of smoke to do so.  However, they ended up within the host, consuming it from the inside, unable to help their hunger.  This is what drives them out of the caves in hot summers, in arid deserts and where ever calls to them to eat once more.  

They wish to have bodies once more, and will do anything to get them.  However, they underestimate their own hunger.