monster eel

At this point it’s been pretty conclusively established that the ocean is weird, but one of weirder marine phenomena I’ve encountered is the sea monk or sea bishop, an animal that was sighted of the coast of Poland in 1531, washed up on Danish shores in the late 1540s and went the 16th century equivalent of viral.*

*This of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the Protestant Reformation or Henry the Eighth declaring himself head of the Church of England.  Scientific interest only.

Pretty much every major work on fish in the next 100 years included one:

Guillaume Rondelet (1554) [“human features, but with a coarse and rude outline […] the head was shaved and smooth; the shoulders were covered by a cape.”]

Pierre Belon (1551)

Conrad Gesner (1558)

Richard Breton (1562) [Breton was a Protestant, which may explain the increased levels of eldritch]

Caspar Schott (1662)

Johann Zahn (1696)

And a late entry: this abomination from Robert Chamber’s The Book of Days (1869)

Explanations for these include most of the usual contenders: monk seals, grey seals, hooded seals, walruses, angel sharks, deliberate fraud of the Jenny Haniver variety,  Steenstrup’s ever popular ‘squid doing victory arms’.

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6 - The Lovers - Tuna and Hina

For the Lovers card, I wanted a story where the monstrous lover was openly a monster, and one where the love of a person didn’t transform it into another creature.  Just two people who loved each other as is.  That was … surprisingly difficult.  But this tale from the Cook Islands came along.  I’ve seen descriptions of a couple other incarnations of it, maybe from various islands, where Tuna, the giant eel god, has similar names, and she cheats on him or betrays him or something, but the first one I saw wasn’t like that.  Just a girl in love with this giant eel, and likes to go swimming with him at night.  It also fits into the Personal Values meaning since she’s going off and doing her own thing.



H.P. Lovecraft inspired faux taxidermy : Sea Monster Head! Please REBLOG!

Sea Monster is all hand made and original and was inspired by the Lovecraftian cannon of monsters and beasts!

This monstrosity extends about 11" from the wall when it’s hanging. The piece is just under 19" in length from the end of its body to the top
Of its head. The round base measures 7" X 7". Sea Monster is ready to hang.

Sea Monster has a full wire armature construction. The face was sculpted using polymer clay, and it was hand painted using acrylic paints.

Please ask any questions that you may have, and be sure to check out the rest of my shop!