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Hi I’m iguanodont and I don’t know how to draw monsters
They eat sea garbage and smell like 10 million rotting fish
The oldest ones are completely infested with giant parasitic hagfish that are kinda just eating them alive
Nobody remembers if they’re manmade or natural but some of em still hang around the few remaining coastal cities and slurp up their pollution (and the occasional ship)
They don’t come out of the sea anymore but rumor has it they used to trash entire cities back when they were spry young kaiju

“Could you describe what Tumblr’s like?”

We made a child eating clown monster into a LGBTQ icon, shipped two Hard Boiled Heavies because they’re the only girls in the group, and also shipped Peach and Pauline because they’re also girls even though they never even met in a single mainstream Mario game. Oh, and we also host the worst out of the Steven Universe fandom enough for the creators to be scared of.

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do u have an idea about what happend to jungkook, its all over twitter about him being in a variety show and then when everyone left to have dinner they left him alone so he had to eat dinner at a convinience store or somthing?

Jin and Jungkook were seen filming for “let’s eat dinner together” (as you can see HERE and HERE)


The rules of the show are visiting houses/families and eating dinner with them. If the people they visit have already eaten then can’t ask them for food. So apparently jungkook and Kang Ho Dong (one of the MCs) couldn’t get a meal because the family they visited eat dinner early during the weekends. That’s why they ended up going to the convenience store.

According to fans who were there, everyone in the neighborhood tried to offer food and cook for them but the staff stopped them because of the rules of the show. You can visit this post HERE and you will understand more about the situation. 

This is a photo of a girl that bumped into them while they were at the convenience store



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