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Legit question where did the Gaara cookie meme come from?

Wouldn’t call it a ‘meme’ as such. Someone suggested it came from the whole ‘Cookiez Rawr!’ thing that was going around the internet back when the first dubbed Naruto episodes were on telly.

Regardless of where it came from, I personally really like it. It’s a cute little quirk: Gaara the cookie monster c:

+ Bonus! I remember Liam O’Brien, Gaara’s dreamy English voice, once referred to Shukaku as the giant ‘Cookie Dough Monster’. Actually I think it was the convention he came out to here in Australia (yes, I’ve actually met him 8D) But that was after all the other cookie stuff.


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A/N: Okay so I really liked this idea and was thinking about writing a fanfic based on it, what do you guys think?

“Sam, can I borrow your knife?” You yelled, anxiety filled your entire body as you wandered around the dark warehouse in the middle of New York.

You felt Sam press the hilt of the knife into your hand and you gripped it so tightly that your knuckles turned white. Though you’d never admit it, you were absolutely terrified. “Same you go left, Y/N you go forwards and I’ll go to the right.” Dean ordered, gun in hand.

“Y-You want to split up?” You stuttered out, flashbacks of watching horror movies that ended badly because of the team splitting up.

Dean turned to you, hearing the shakiness in your voice. “Why, you afraid of a little ghost?”

“Shuddup,” you grumbled, hating it when Dean and Sam teased you, “we don’t even know if it is a ghost.” You continued to huff as you stormed forward, disguising your fear as idiocy.

It seemed to become darker the further you explored. You thought it was your mind making up the sounds that you kept constantly hearing in the distance. That is, you did, until you turned around and saw the creature stood behind you. It didn’t even look human, definitely not a ghost. Before you could even think about defending yourself and then you became surrounded by a blinding light.

It felt like an eternity passed before you felt your body being shaken. You opened your eyes and saw a bleak grey sky… not the roof of the warehouse? You sat up swiftly, a hand moving to rest on your stomach, “steady.”

Looking to your left you see a man in a uniform, to be more precise, a man in an army uniform. This was a bad time for your ‘men in uniform’ kink to kick in. “Who are you?!” You asked, feeling the stranger danger alarm go off in your head.

“Bucky Barnes, pleasure to meet you.” He put his hand out for you to shake but you ignored it, your eyes scanning the surrounding buildings which towered over you as you laid on the dirty floor in an alleyway.

“Where am I?” You ask.

“New York.”

When am I?”

This question made him look at you with confusion, giving you this 'are you crazy’ look. “1941…”

You nodded your head, hearing him but not being able to take this information in. How were you suppose to get home? What were Sam and Dean even doing right now? Did they know where you were? Had they even noticed that you’d gone missing?

“So,” Bucky said, breaking your train of thought, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Looking at him, he had this stupidly cheesy grin n his face and you couldn’t help but laugh in retort. “God, and here I thought these were the times for chivalry.”

He laughed at your comment and then nodded towards the open street path, “come on.”

“Come on where?” You asked your fiftieth question, still though you were compliant and when he offered his hand to help you stand up you accepted it.

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I have been feeling down about myself lately and we don't actually know each other but we have mutual friends and you have always seemed like such a positive person. I was wondering what it is you do to keep your head up every day. I hope this isnt weird to send you but I have heard good things about you and I need a positive influence in my life :[

holy shit i TOTALLY thought i answered this the other day, i am so sorry!!! 
but this message at the same time made my day and made me sad, because i’m sorry you’re in a funk. 
honestly, i have shitty days just like everyone else, but what works for me personally is just taking care of myself by doing little things. 
when i take care of my body by doing little things here and there, i actually do feel my spirits lift a bit. 

i know sometimes it’s hard but try to do these things every single day, it will genuinely help you little by little:

- make your bed
- wash your face
- brush your teeth
- moisturize
- drink lots of water
- listen to a song that always makes you wanna dance
- eat some fruit
- stretch a bit 
- put on fresh clothes 

but if you want little things you can do every once in awhile to make you feel better:

- take a bubble bath

(here is a good source for a detox bath)
(here are some different aroma therapy blends)
(here are other remedies you can add to your bath)

- bake your favorite treat

(here is a recipe for monster cookie dough dip)
(here is a recipe for banana pudding pie)
(here is a recipe for snickerdoodle cupcakes)
(here is a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookie dough dip)
(here is a recipe for vegan cheesecake)
(here is a recipe for pineapple whip)

- learn to cook a new meal
(here is a recipe for cheesy chicken bacon and broccoli pasta. Carbs for days! and one of my personal favorites)
(here are some recipes for one pot pastas)
(here is a recipe for homemade pizza crust)
(here is a recipe for chicken caesar wraps)
(here is a recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes)

- plan a trip (even if you can’t afford it, it’s nice to dream) 
- invite a friend or two out for dinner
- take a nice walk when it’s twilight out, even if it’s just around the block

other things that make me feel good: 

- washing my sheets, then taking a shower right before bed. feeling squeaky clean in freshly washed sheets = heaven
- facetiming or skyping a friend (and if you want someone to skype with, i will gladly skype you)
- grabbing a bowl of popcorn and popping in my favorite movie
- a bike ride with a bunch of friends around town
- watching the sunset
- s’mores are always a nice pick me up

or here are some links that make me feel good:

- videos like THIS or THIS
- websites like THIS or THIS 
- silly games like THIS or THIS

or here are some playlists that make me feel good:

- Here is one with some indie pop
- Here is one with folky love songs
- Here is one for a nice Sunday morning
- Here is one that is “embarrassingly girly”
- Here is one to have a “kick ass morning”
- Here is one deemed “the happiest playlist ever”
- Here is one to “get drunk and sing poorly” to
- Here is one filled with Disney
- Here is one to “appreciate the little things”

These are some things that I personally enjoy that include both alone time and interaction with other people. 
And if by some chance, you feel you don’t have the strength to even get out of bed, you are always more than welcome to talk to me. I promise I am always here. 
I hope some of this helped you at least a little bit. 
I’m proud of you. <3


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It was your thirtieth birthday, a time of both mourning and celebration. Your friends had organised a little surprise get together and though you were happy so many friends had turned up, you couldn’t help but feel as though the party was missing someone.

You felt silly you knew how dumb it was to allow the lack of one certain persons promise ruin your whole night, and yet Steve Rogers and his obvious absence was all you could think about.

Ten years ago, before Steve became Captain America, when he was just your little friend from Brooklyn, the two of you had made a promise to one another that if the two of you reached thirty and you were still single then you’d marry one another. You didn’t know if Steve had been a serious as you had been when making the deal, you also didn’t know if he’d felt as passionately for you, as you did towards him.

Not that it mattered any more, he was Captain bloody America now, he had ladies lining up to become his wife. He didn’t need you any more.

You were sat in the corner with a bottle of whiskey, drowning your sorrows away, when one of your friends wanders over and pats you on the shoulder. “You’ll never guess who’s come to see you.” She splutters out with wide open eyes. 

Confused, you simply follow her into the lounge area where you overhear a particularly astounding conversation. “Captain America?! Why are you here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

As soon as you came around the corner your eyes connected with Steve’s and you have to do possibly everything to keep your heart in your chest. “I made a promise to a friend.” Without even saying hello to you he walks closer, more confidence in his longer steps. 

It was hard for you to even concentrate on his words, you already thought he was attractive before the serum and it was his personality that hooked you in anyway, but now he looked bigger and the face that he was dressed n his soldier uniform really didn’t help. Before you knew what was happening he was kneeling down in front of you. “Umm, I didn’t have enough time to get a proper ring so I just bought a ring pop, but uh-” he held up the ring towards you, a shy smile lifted at the corner of his lips, “will you marry me?”

You had this big goofy smile on your face as you swiftly nodded your head, “I would be honoured,” you managed to squeak out.

After you said yes he stood up, connecting his lips with yours in a passionate kiss that you know he did feel the same.

Best. Birthday. Ever.


How to make Chewy Cookies.

Ideally the butter should be at room temperature. Unlike most days, I planned to make these cookies the day before so I left my butter out overnight. If you don’t have time, simply chop the butter into small cubes and follow the recipe as normal. (It make take a few minutes longer.)

In a free-standing mixer with a paddle attachment, place 250g butter and beat on a medium speed for 10 minutes until light in colour, and almost double in size. It should have a similar consistency as mayonnaise. To this, add 300g soft light brown sugar. Dark brown sugar can also be used at this stage, or even use half and half- it will make the flavour richer. Beat the butter and sugar for another 3-5 minutes. (See pic. 3)

This recipe requires 1½ eggs- and to do this accurately you need to break 2 eggs and whisk gently, and then strain it through a sieve (I used a tea strainer) which makes it a smooth liquid. An average egg weighs 50g, therefore for this recipe you’ll require 75g. Add the egg slowly into the butter and sugar mix, whilst on a medium-low speed.

In a separate bowl, weigh out 375 plain flour, 10g corn flour, 10g bicarbonate of soda and 6g salt. Roughly mix all the dry ingredients and add this to the wet mix in 2 stages. Do not over-mix! Once the ingredients have incorporated stop the machine. 

Now the cookie dough is ready, any additional ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts or even dried fruit can be added. Roughly add 300g of any of these ingredients to the cookie dough. I added 100g roasted brazil nuts and 200g good quality dark chocolate. Roughly chop into small pieces and add to the cookie dough, pulsing it roughly 6-8 times. Cling film the dough and rest in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Once rested, roll the cookie dough into equal parts. Depending on what size you want your cookie to be, weigh them at roughly 20-40g. They do spread a lot so make sure to space them out on the baking tray. The cookie dough can be frozen at this stage, in individual balls. To bake them after freezing, place them onto a baking tray as normal and leave at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before baking.

Place in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 8-12 minutes, depending on the size of the cookie. They should feel soft when they come out of the oven- keeping the chewy texture.