monster cells

An interesting observation has been on my mind ever since Sonic’s reappearance in the manga (ch78).

First of all, Sonic was nowhere to be seen at this point in the webcomic, so his inclusion was a pleasant surprise! Especially since there’s still much we don’t know about his character or background, anything that further fleshes him out (and his past’s mysterious ties to Flash) is damn welcome indeed. Him falling to temptation by eating the monster cell came as a shock to many, because at this point, Sonic’s sense of pride in his skills and craft seemed too high for him to ever accept such a lowly deal – aka a cheapened shortcut to power. Thankfully he outright refused to join the other two ninjas’ monster scheme, but when it came to himself and his personal feelings concerning Saitama, we got THIS:

Like, damn. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. D: Apparently all his training to overcome his psychological trauma in ova3 wasn’t even enough progress to get out of his funk. He’s STILL been brooding all alone in his decrepit hide-out, festering in this dark mindset ever since. It seems his defeat to Saitama, the ultimate blow to his pride, was THAT much more severe than previously thought. If, after all this time, he considers all his progress, pride, and state of living essentially DEAD because of Saitama (holy shit). Sonic’s been absolutely shattered, thinking he has nothing else left to lose. Willing to give up even his humanity, willing to do anything to gain the power necessary to defeat Saitama once and for all.

…Wait a sec, now where have we seen that kind of drive/mindset before?

…I simply cannot imagine…ever approaching Master’s strength.” Yup, Genos. :’) Willing and prepared to do anything to become stronger. But! There are some important distinctions between him and Sonic.

Sonic has worked as an assassin and mercenary, who’s not above killing people, so his moral alignment is essentially gray. Therefore his susceptibility to be swayed to accept a monster cell (at his lowest and most vulnerable state of mind) is not completely out of left field. Meanwhile, Genos has been working on the path of justice, revenge, and ultimately, on the path towards becoming an earnest and honorable hero. Who has already chosen to give up a huge portion of his ‘humanity’ once he became a cyborg.

However, the most important distinction and contrast between them is how both of them have changed mentally after meeting Saitama:

  • Sonic, once prideful and spirited, has become dark, brooding, lost and self-destructive after meeting Saitama.    
  • Genos, once dark, brooding, and literally self-destructive before meeting Saitama, has become brighter with newfound hope and a better path worth living for now.

Narratively, I find THAT contrast in how these two characters have been inversely affected and changed by Saitama’s influence to be completely fascinating. The way Saitama continues to affect the people he meets in the story, both negatively and positively, remains an interesting draw to the series as a whole. :)  



Ça doit faire genre 10 ans que je rêve de dessiner mes progénitures faites sur le jeu Spore (au stade cellule parce que c’est le meilleur <3) donc c’est pas trop tôt ! J’avais envie de travailler la lumière et l’aquarelle, et je me suis essayé au style des “petits traits” :)
PS : c’est pas un pénis, c’est que la tige qui porte sa lanterne est très épaisse.. Bon ok ça a fini par ressembler quand même


I’m thinking to open a Iron artist or even just commissions for shaded Sketchs.

Dont know if there will be anyone interested but I’ll upload some sketchs there.. starting with that one. Tailmons are too cute.. then two cute tails was sketched by me.


“Your boring lives are about to get a lot more interesting thanks to me. I have enjoyed terrorizing Earth, but now I have something far more entertaining planned for this pathetic planet.”

-Perfect Cell, “Dragon Ball Z”

this is the thing no one tells you about monsters
about real monsters
they don’t lurk in your closet
or hide under your bed
but they still manage to come out of the shadows when you least expect them to
they don’t live in darkness
they don’t thrive in the nighttime
real monsters walk around in broad daylight
unaffected by the burn of the sun
they don’t need to hide in the shadows
they stalk
and they prey
while it’s still light out
so they can see you better

no one tells you that real monsters don’t look like monsters
because their fangs are hidden behind soft smiles
and their claws are hidden behind warm touches
real monsters hide behind bright eyes
and dimples
and messy hair
real monsters look like the boy you’ve known since second grade
real monsters look like your neighbor who greets you on your way to school every morning
real monsters look like your babysitter
real monsters look like police officers
real monsters look like someone you should have been able to trust
they look like someone you did trust once
they look like someone who broke that trust the same way they broke you

real monsters will rip you to shreds with the same hand that once held yours
real monsters will smother you with the same arms that once hugged you
real monsters will sink their teeth into you and suck all of your blood out of your body until there is nothing left
until you are nothing
and they will leave you rotting on the floor
knowing that no one will come to help
they will watch you die
watch as they slowly kill you
they will cover your corpse with traces of them that only you can see
so you can never prove that they killed you in the first place
real monsters are not convicted
real monsters are never convicted
real monsters will convince a jury that they did nothing wrong
real monsters will smile as the judge says “not guilty”
knowing that those two words killed you even more than they ever could
real monsters roam the streets knowing that they have won
knowing that they will see the inside of you once again before they ever see the inside of a jail cell
real monsters are so scary that they make you wish the boogeyman really did live under your bed
instead of right down the hall
—  m o n s t e r s
(cc, 2017)


I need some extra money to help pay for my new apartment so I am taking commissions. They’re a little on the cheaper side right now and they will probably go up in a few months so get your commissions now! (open images in a new tab to see them better)

- The prices on the image are pretty straight forward, but each extra character will cost extra ($5-10 per extra character depending on the style)

- I will draw pretty much anything but mechas
- I’m willing to negotiate for nsfw commissions but they will cost more than average.
- I’m accepting paypal commissions only
- I require payment after the basic sketch is finished.
- Completed works take 1-2 weeks to finish

-Backgrounds are either transparent or simple, just state which one (theres no extra cost for a simple background)

If youre interested please email me, or PM/DM me the following information:
Type of commission (shading, type of image, background type):
Character reference:
Anything else you’d like me to know (about the character, pose ideas, ect):
Paypal email (so i can send you an invoice):

Logo Commission Important Information

Each logo commission comes with 9 sketches of possible logos based on what you think you want and you get to choose the design that you want me to finalize for your logo.Iit’s only $30 for a logo so if youre interested just email with the subject “logo commission” and a description of what you want the logo for and the words you’d like on it. You can also feel free to PM/DM me your logo commission information