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30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Fourteen: When things go wrong

Note: Violence, choking, 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1140

He didn’t know what happened, but the night didn’t end well for neither Bucky nor (Y/N). He let Mazey sleep out in the living room, knowing he shouldn’t have, but deciding to do it anyway. “Good night Bucky.” (Y/N) smiles her warm smile that makes Bucky feel safe. “Good night (Y/N).” He said softly when she kissed him before laying down as she flipped off the light. Bucky laid down as he was engulfed into the darkness, but he knew (Y/N) was there so he was going to be fine. He wrapped an arm around her waist before pulling her closer as her warm back met his chest while he felt the steady rise and fall of her chest. Telling him that she was okay, that he was okay and it helped him to slowly fall asleep with her in his arms safe from the world, safe from Hydra.

It was a few hours into the night when (Y/N) felt something grip her waist harshly making her body jolt in pain as her eyes fluttered open. She looked over to Bucky to see his facial features scrunched up like when he was having a bad nightmare. “Bucky. Bucky, wake up.” She said shaking him lightly as she gritted her teeth when the grip tightened, feeling like her hip was going to break. She tried to get up, but it was his metal arm that had been wrapped around her when she looked back to Bucky. “Bucky!” She tried again, but he wasn’t waking up and it was starting to scare her. She finally broke free and stood up feeling this throbbing pain that shot down through her leg as she looked at Bucky who gripped the sheets tearing them a little.

“Bucky, wake up!” She said when his eyes snapped open as she looked at him in worry. “Bucky? Love, what happened?” She asked as he sat up looking at her in confusion. He slowly stood up as she forced herself not to back away to make sure he didn’t think she felt threatened. Her blood ran cold the moment he murmured something in Russian when she finally took a step back only to felt metal finger wrap around her trachea. She let out a gasp of shock when she tried to dig her nails into his metal arm to remove it from her throat as his grip tightened. She choked on her own breathe feeling tears burning in her eyes as she tried to gasp for any breathe she could get into her lung when she gritted her teeth from the intense pain burning in her body.

She held fear in her irises as she clawed desperately at his arm to get him off her when she looked into his dull, cold, steel blue eyes. She wasn’t looking into Bucky’s eyes, no she was looking into the Soldier’s eyes, the Hydra agent’s eyes. He held no emotions, chanting to kill her in Russian as her eyes started to flutter when she choked out a sob. “B-Bucky.” She whispered weakly when he lifted off the ground her feet barely grazing the floor. She didn’t want to her him, but she didn’t want to die when she suddenly kicked him in the stomach. He released his grip on her throat as she dropped heavily to the floor coughing for breath. “Jarvis, get Steve!” She exclaims trying to force her trembling body to stand as the Soldier glared at her angrily.

He gripped her ankle as she gasps before he drug her down in front of him when he sat on her stomach. She gritted her teeth because he was heavy when her eyes widened seeing his fist come down. She jerked her head away just in time as he embedded into the floor when she flipped him off her. She was grabbed when he held her against his chest and once again held her life in his metal grip. She felt tears pouring down her face as the life was slowly bleeding away from her when the door finally opened and the others poured in. She felt sluggish, felt like everything was going in slow motion when Steve stopped Bucky while Natasha pulled (Y/N) away from him. Bucky’s eyes fluttered for a moment when he finally came to himself.

“S-Steve?” He asked in shock trembling as (Y/N) panted leaning against Natasha. She wasn’t doing good at all when Bucky looked over to (Y/N) as his eyes widened. “D-Did I?” He asked his voice breaking. “Yeah Buck… You went into Winter Soldier mode.” He whispered as Bucky froze. “Come on, we need to get her down to the medical bay. See if anything is damaged.” Natasha said as Thor walked over picking her limp body up. Bucky’s heart shattered at the bruises forming around her throat and the dullness of her eyes. “(Y-Y/N).” He started to stand up when Steve stopped him. “You shouldn’t. She needs to be on her own for a bit.” He said as Bucky tears up when Thor took her out of the room when he looked at Steve.

“Oh… Oh God I’m a monster.” He whispered covering his face when Steve wrapped his arms around Bucky’s head and pulled him into a hug. Steve was on his knees while Bucky sat on the floor as gripping tightly to Steve’s shirt when he let out a sob. He was trembling, because he hurt the only person in this world that he never ever wanted to lay a finger on. “You’re not a monster Buck. It’ll be okay.” Steve whispered as Bucky buried his face into Steve’s chest when he gritted his teeth feeling the world crashing down around him. Natasha walked over sitting down beside him rubbing his arm while she whispered words of comfort in Russian. “I hurt her.. She’ll never trust me, or love me again.” He whispered into Steve’s shirt as they look at each other.

Thor was taking (Y/N) down to the medical bay as he looked down to her. “Do not fear, you shall be alright.” Thor’s voice was quiet and soothing. (Y/N) didn’t care that her throat was burning with each intake of breath, didn’t care that she had a few ribs broken. She had tears flooding down her face as she looks up at Thor who nods like he was reassuring her. She felt numb despite how much her body ached, felt like everything was busted open and she was bleeding out. She knew Bucky would be at square one again and it upset her because everything they went was now for nothing. She didn’t care about herself in this moment she was worried about Bucky and his mental state. “B-Bucky…” She whispered before suddenly her world went pitch black.

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Someone Like You (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! So I have nothing much to say about this one except enjoy!!😊

Request: Would you do an imagine with Bucky from his POV where he fell in love with a Girl who works at the compound but he thinks she sees him as a Monster so everytime he sees her he gives her a shy smile before hurrying away. What he doesnt know that she also likes him. So one day she surprises him with self-made Muffins after his Training and they finally talk and are totally comfortable around each other. Then Buck asks her out on a proper date where they also have their first kiss? Hope it’s ok :)

Bucky walked past the training room twice in an hour, purposely walking slower as he passed the entrance, looking in to find you. He had been doing this for the past two months and he felt stupid every time he did it, but yet he couldn’t help it.

Ever since the first time he saw you, he couldn’t seem to look away, you were beautiful and the way he saw you interact with others, you looked kind and attentive to what they said. However, Bucky didn’t dare to go up to you, knowing that you’ll see him how everyone else sees him. A man who can’t control himself. A monster.

As he walked past this time, you happened to look up, noticing him. Bucky gave you a small smile before quickly walking away, unconsciously pulling his sleeve down to cover his metal arm.

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Number Five, Category D2


Summary: Bucky has a bad dream and needs the tickle monster to help him make it more bearable.

A/N: Based on this prompt. My title makes sense once you’ve read the fic, I swear.

Words: 884

Bucky woke up soaked, quivering, and with a lump in his throat big enough to almost suffocate him. He’d definitely had better wake up calls.

The room was still dark, but winters in New York were generally dark, so he couldn’t be sure if it was morning or still night. Steve looked wide awake beside him though, and he tried to ignore the fact that he had probably been the cause of that. Him, his thrashing, his screams. Whatever he’d done, it was all on him.

It was always on him.

“You okay?” Steve asked, despite the fact that he could most likely tell that Bucky wasn’t okay. Bucky had always appreciated him asking and giving him the chance to deny it, for now.

“Yeah,” he replied, his voice hoarse. “Bad dream.”

Steve sat up more properly. “You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”


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