monster brick

things that i dont think anyone else has noticed in the prologue video

  • taehyung calls someone and says “i want to see you” but im not sure if he’s calling the person he killed to leave a final message or jin. 
  • taehyung is seen with an old photo. possibly of his younger self and his mother with no father figure, could possibly be the man he murdered.
  • jin enters the scene with his camera filming, but the film is botched/old so this is probably all old memories. when jin joined the gang, he only hugged tae
  • i think taehyung has the sense to come in and out of his subconscious because there are times where he separates himself from the group while jin continues to be in the group
  • jungkook is by himself near the short and makes a a telescope out of his hand, looking for something. in ‘i need u’ he’s a runaway so he’s possibly looking for ‘home’ (homeless/runaway in ‘i need u’)
  • tae gives one last look before he jumps off the structure. im guessing because the guilt of murdering someone became too much and he’ll be happier if he’s with his friends who have passed on
  • earlier in the prologue when they were playing in the dried up pool, a bottle was put down with a toy car on top. rapmon hits the car with a club and it lands in the water. at the end, jin is seen by himself and is suddenly hit with reality when he only sees himself in the photo. his car is facing the ocean and is dangerously close to the waters edge.