monster boys and robots

Always hold onto that light in the dark. 

This is getting posted very late because @tinkerinks came to visit me and we’ve been up watching youtube and drawing various other things

It’s was only fitting that I designed his cyborg oc Korine, previous dream jailer for Subriden, and current (waifubot) lab resident.

My top characters all together roll call !!!! (( soon to be more added ))

Miles Tails Prower
Amy Rose
Bonnie the rabbit robot
Chica the chicken robot (( her cupcake ))
Mabel pines
Monster kid
Bendy the dancing demon
Alice angel
Robot boy
Poppy troll
Mini mouse
Alice angel

This took about five hours maybe more , I am done drawing for today . This would be a hell of a lot of tags . I hope you’re enjoying my drawing!!!

Lastly since these are my top favorite characters or a good hand of them, it will be my main focus in this Tumblr . (( Drawing request will be open for them , so come and ask for request ))



-Guidelines? I can draw humans, animals, anthro/furry, monsters, monster boys/girls, armor and robots. I also LOVE drawing gore and darker themes. I will not draw porn. Ask if you’re not sure about something!

-Do you charge for complex character designs? Yes, I charge an extra $5 to $10 on average for really complex characters. This may fluctuate lower or higher depending on the design in question as well as the type of commission you’re looking for!

-Pay what you can? I DO take pay what you can commissions for bust sketches only.

-Sketch colors? I am happy to sketch your character in any color you like. I am also happy to fill them in free of charge like in the fullbody example above using the same color. I occasionally do this anyway if I like how it looks!

-Backgrounds on none Fullbody+BG images? I do simple single color backings on any sketches or flat commissions if you don’t care for plain white. I will happily do abstract/patterned background for colored busts and simple fullbody images on request, and may include them anyway if I think it makes the image pop more.

-Why are painted commissions cheaper? Painted commissions are cheaper because I can complete them faster than illustrations where I do clean line art. I like to be meticulous with my lines so they often take a while to complete. The same goes for the different shading techniques I apply between the two styles.

I can be contacted here on my art blog, my dA, or via email at! I take all payments via paypal, and donations/tips through Ko-fi!