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Yakushi High School Monster Batter, Todoroki Raichi

Why Me? (An Underfell skelepreg fic)

This was bad; very bad. On so many levels this was bad!

Sans could feel beads of sweat falling from his skull as he stared at the bathroom mirror and his reflection. What he was looking at was giving him a panic attack the size of his brother’s ego and he was thankful it was still early, even for Papyrus, because Sans sure as hell didn’t want his brother to come in here and see him like this. If the taller skeleton came in here and saw him, that would all but sign him a death sentence.

His image from the ribcage up looked normal, shark-tooth grin turn upside at the moment and his red pinprick pupil glowed as bright as ever in his socket, but when Sans allowed his gaze to go farther south that was where things got more… different. The area between the last of his ribs and down to his hips was encased in a small dome of bright red ectoplasmic magic and nestled in the dead center of his phantom abdomen floated a tiny new soul.

“Shit.” Was all Sans could think to say as he continued to stare at the new soul. “ShitShitShitShitShit!”

It would be Sans luck that after a one night stand with a drifter from Grillby’s that he would end up pregnant. Oh No, it couldn’t have happened to the other guy and not Sans. Life was seriously out to get the shorter skeleton and Sans wanted nothing more than to have a good time and rip life to shreds.

“… shit.” Sans said softly as sat down on the rim of the bathtub and ran his hand over his skull; sweat wetting his palm. “What am I going to do?”

Easy, just terminate it. Sans’ mind told him but all that did was make him shiver.

Sans was a lot of things, he was lazy (so said his brother countless times), and he was dangerously strong in magic, but there was one thing that Sans would never be no matter how he tried. As tough and mean as he liked to make himself look, Sans wasn’t a killer.  Not once in his life had he ever killed someone. Sure he had beaten and battered monsters in the past but they usually ran away before he was ever forced to deal the final blow. Papyrus always yelled at him about this, calling him weak and telling him he had to do it sooner or later before someone overpowered him.

But Sans never did. He didn’t know why, he honestly had no clue, but even if the way of life here was ‘kill or be killed’ Sans just… couldn’t.

And he wouldn’t let his first be an unborn child… his unborn child.

“I am so going to regret this.” Sans said as he stared down at his middle and the new soul. It was still too early for Sans to be able to feel anything from the soul but… pressing his hand against the red dome, Sans sent some of his magic to it with the feeling of his irritation but as well as the beginning form of love.

“Be grateful you little leach.” Sans said as he continued to stare down at the new soul. “Consider yourself lucky that you’re mine or I wouldn’t be doing this.” 

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Sport!Au Shizaya.

…Does a Sport!AU without sports count?

Word limit: 700 words

Word count: 699 words

“What a lovely day! The sun is shining, and my two friends are getting along all thanks to my efforts for Celty!”

“What a lovely day. The sun is shining, my humans are all looking at me - ah, perhaps they’re looking at this beast.”


“What a terrible day. It’s our first match and we’re going to become a laughing stock because these two can’t get along at all.”

Kadota the team captain sighed.

“Oi, Kadota! Why must I work with this shitty flea?!”

“Because he’s one of the best high school catchers in Japan, and he can catch your pitches when no one else can.”

“Tch! If he’s so great why the hell did he come to our lousy school?!”

“…Yeah, why Izaya?”

The baseball team turned to their ace catcher who declared cheerfully –

“Because I thought it would be fun!”

“……I forgot, he has a twisted personality.”

Kadota deadpanned like he had given up and Chikage patted his shoulder, “Relax, Kadota! We’re just competing for fun, eh? For me, as long as I have my girlfriends, I don’t need anything else!”

“Rocchi! Do your best!”

“We love you, Rocchi!”

“Are you some famous baseball star?” Kadota said with a wry smile as the girls cheered on the boy from the unknown team.

“Dotachin is a great leader.”

The atmosphere had changed. Izaya was smiling with sharp eyes.

“Rocchi’s a competent batter with his great instincts, and he excels in the outfield.”

“Not that I don’t appreciate the compliment, but only girls can call me Rocchi….”

Chikage had to say, but Izaya was moving on.

“Mikado-kun is a naturally talented all-rounder, Yumasaki-kun and Ran-kun make a surprisingly good middle infielder team, and Ran-kun is perfect as first batter with his running speed. Masaomi-kun’s strong shoulder for center fielder is second only to Shizu-chan’s.”

Mikado blinked, Yumasaki smiled, Ran smirked and Masaomi looked surprised.

“What Shizu-chan lacks in his pitches, Vorona makes up for it with his precision.”

Vorona frowned.

“…As for Shizu-chan…”


“He’s a monster.”

Shizuo gritted his teeth.

“A monster pitcher, a monster batter, and a monster outfielder if he weren’t already our pitcher. A monster who could become a baseball legend.”

Shizuo stared in surprise at the words of the baseball player everyone wanted.


“Even our manager Shinra is capable. He’s only doing it to impress Celty, but he does his job well.”

Izaya had turned to Shinra by now, who looked touched at the words.


“Better than his job as vice-president of the biology club at least.”

“As expected of you, Orihara-kun! You can’t even give your friend a compliment without an insult!”

Izaya smiled, as a look passed between him and his only friend.

Facing the team, he spread his arms out with a bright smile.

“With such a diverse team of great human potential, don’t you think it would be fun to make it to the nationals?”

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