monster baseball


More absurd monster guys! I’ve got so many concepts! Help me I cant stop!

Pinhead / Threadhunter- pincusion meets voodoo doll meets shrunken head on a pike. He steals peoples heads, i guess? and shrinks them? they’ll probably be fine once you beet him, tho. has various needle/sewing based attacks.

Sharybdis / Tornaparto- yes its a sharknado monster. she makes sharknados. she also has control over whirlpools, waterspouts, and various infamously carnivorous fish like piranha and barracuda. She’s very melodramatic.

Vumpire / Baseball Brat- obnoxious little prick who took over the baseball stadium. Can throw, catch, and deflect projectiles with ease, especially his fanged parasitic Chase Balls. can only be defeated by a home run struck right through his heart. the baseball bat may be the true seat of his consciousness.

Skates N’ Rays / Shooting Star- Skates around at obnoxious speed leaving a glittery rainbow trail behind him. Shoots his Sting Beam at anything that catches his attention. talks like an obnoxious movie producer (”Hey Babe, We’’ll do lunch, Chau!”)


 BTS ICONS *part.1*

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anonymous asked:

I loved your imagine about Jeff being a dad! If you have time please could you do one where he finds out the reader is pregnant but they're still in school and how supportive he is? 😊



  • You find out before he does, after thinking that you had the flu during winter break
  • When you find out, you freak to your parents. But they reassure you that you can do it.
  • When you tell Jeff, he’s nervous too, but also supportive and excited.
  • He accidentally told Clay during a tutoring session.
  • and Clay told Hannah.
  • They were both excited for you.
  • Eventually you tell the rest of your friend group, who basically protect you from everything and everyone
  • They looked after you in class when Jeff couldn’t.
  • He often touched and talked to your stomach
  • You hide your growing bump by wearing some of Jeff’s clothes.
    • “Is that my shirt?”
    • “Maybe. Maybe not. I’d hope you’d know what’s in your closet.”
  • Jeff would move to the couch some nights so you could sleep comfortably
  • He’d even stock up on the things you’re craving so that way he can sleep through the night.
    • “Jeff, can you run to get me mint chocolate chip ice cream?”
    • “There’s 3 tubs of it in the freezer.”
  • tbh he wouldn’t even lift his head from the pillow.
  • When the baby kicks, you’re at Jess’ party.
  • You were sitting with Jeff when you first felt it.
  • Then everyone felt it.
  • You walked home that night. (gotta protect jeffy at all costs)
  • You’re out of school, relaxing at Jeff’s house when you go into labor.
  • Jeff’s mom helps you get up while Jeff is loading everything in the car.
  • You’re surprised how calm he is.
  • He holds your hand the entire time.
  • He’s so excited when his son enters the world.
  • He holds the baby while you sleep.
  • And talks to him about baseball and monster trucks and other guy stuff (idk i’m not a guy lmao)
  • He also gets up during the night whenever he cries
  • He’d teach your son to play sports
  • You sit on the porch watching them
  • You’re so happy and content with how everything turned out