monster a beat

Bae. I missed you so much..
—  Every Otaku when rewatching their favorite anime

things I want:
-trans Marco
-cool pal star

things I really, really want:
- Marco starting to realize she’s a girl and getting really scared. Star asking her what’s wrong and Marco telling her she kind of thinks she’s a girl, but she’s thinking, she was at st o’s and hated what they put her through and hated everything the brainwashing machine said. And if st o’s is what being a girl is like, maybe she’s not really a girl? she has no idea what’s going on and is just really confused.
- Star laughs, ‘oh silly that’s not what being a girl is about!! there is so much more to it than that’
-Star takes Marco, Janna, ponyhead on cool kickbutt adventure to show her there is no wrong way to be a girl. and girls can be cool and badass and be a red belt in karate AND also be sweet or charming or like hairstyles or pretty dresses or parties
- Marco says 'woah nice’ and helps beat up a monster

every chapter of berserk ever
  • demonic monster thing: *beating up guts*
  • demonic monster thing: you're done for! no human could possibly survive getting all of his organs ripped out of his body, eaten, and then shit back inside of him! >:)
  • guts, who has had all of the previous things done to him in the last 10 minutes: bitch u t h o u g h t
A Lands player describes "the purest joy in life"
  • <p> <b>Blake:</b> If you have exploration, glacial chasm plus thespian's stage you can do that [loop glacial chasm] every turn and reassemble the same board to basically go to square 1 every turn...I played a game at a side event against a 10-year old kid playing...I enjoy tormenting small children when I'm playing magic but that's a different he was playing burn so what I did was I got the glacial chasm lock against him and I started looping it and he was groaning and moaning as you'd expect but y'know I don't know whether or not he knows that he can win in response to me dropping my glacial chasm so I was very careful about it; because if I try to sacrifice the chasm to attack with a Marit Lage, then I may just lose to fireblast or lightning bolt or what have against burn instead of trying to make a 20/20, sac the glacial chasm and attack, which gives them time to kill me with instant speed burn spells so what I did instead is what I did to this 10 year old child, which is while establishing the lock I had an extra land drop every turn that I wasn't using. Because again if you have Remeber if you have exploration, thespian's stage, thespian's stage you have one stage copy the other which is already targeting a glacial chasm you don't need to sacrifice a land every turn if you loop them repeatably. So once you're looping those two repeatably and you've done away with the drawback of sacrificing a land, the exploration allows you to play an extra land and advance your board every turn so everytime I would dredge, I'd get back a thespian's stage and also a ghost quarter and then I ghost quartered every single mountain out of the burn opponents deck<p/><b>Jerry:</b> Oh, you're a monster!<p/><b>Blake:</b> The sort of moments of realization were really kind of crucial. At first he was just like, "This is really weird, why are you ghost quatering my fetch lands?" "Why are you ghost quartering my mountains?" He was just, "This really weird" and then he started to see more and more. "Wait a minute are you trying to get rid of all my mountains?!" and then once he found his last one he said, "Oh God, oh god that was my last one" I was like, "Yep, I thought so"<p/><b>Jerry:</b> You shouldn't have done that! He was just a boy<p/><b>Blake:</b> So, really the purest joy in life is putting people on zero mana. It's why I play the deck.<p/></p>
Watching Anime
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Alright, time to do this homework!<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh, shoot...Fairy Tail is on. Well, I guess one episode wouldn't hurt<p/><b></b> *2 seasons later and it's 3am*<p/><b>Me:</b> What...just happened?<p/></p>


RM & Wale - Change


Oh, tell me that dark can never win the light
Oh, tell me that wrong can never win the right
Baby tell me that we gon’ someday stop the fight
And tell me that every-everything gon’ be alright
Oh tell me who’s stupid baby, is it me or them?
Just tell me who’s insane baby, is it me or them?
In this crazy world, after patience could we get the pearl
But this world always teaches me, preaches me how to curl

Oh fuck the school
All we got is mad teachers and some visible classes
Divided spaces and forever lasting stresses
Everybody’s mad, kill people with fingers in Twitter
More than a gun, more than another tip of your tongue just glitter
Would the pain always bring you gain? (Nuh)
How could you bet, it’s a damn chicken game
We’re losin’ again, homie we losin’ too many things
What should we tell our sons?
You know that they will be the man like you and me

If hope is a taste
What is yours, what you eat all day (what you eat all day)
And if your love is a game
Are we losin’, losin’, oh

World is gonna change [x4]

[WALE] Yeah, tell me what is really real
I’m tryin’ buying a new Ferrari for my newest deal
Baby girl, say, the world really hate us, huh?
Pray a lot and maybe god give you Saint Laurent
Wish that I could change the world, but they hold back
When it’s time to go, the people - they be mad again
And what if I could change the world with a pen and pad
When it’s time to vote, the people turn to mannequins
Challenge that

Namjoon, I’m the man too
I’m out like Chevy Chase, they teach us use the lampoon
I sing songs, haikus over rap tunes
High IQ, looking for a song like you
Hey cutie girl
I’m trying to keep it a hundred
Got no faith in the government, that’s why we need each other
Hey, laughing to keep from crying
For long as a Rap Monster BTS is the ARMY~
Now it’s on me

Imma keep the peace until I see some more peace
Imma keep it G, forever keep it low key
Take a trip to South Korea with some DC OG’s
Chief and OG
I’m chief and OG
Hated by alt rights and racist police
Say whoop whoop
Means we all comin’
And makin’ kids really freeze when they say freeze, freeze

World is gonna change (ah, ah, ah)
World is gonna change, world is gonna change
[repeats x4]

Moonz [*name of Wale’s fans]
I’m prayin’ for better days for you and I
I see progress via my daughter’s eyes
I think I think too much now and drink too much now
I numb it cuz I don’t wannt cry

Prayin’ for better places for you and I
I see some grass growing in winter’s eyes
I think I think too much now and drink too much now
To numb it cuz I don’t wanna die

And I believe that real friends love you to no limit
I believe that real change lies in the mirror
Since I was a little one wasn’t supposed to get much status
Got they hands up for me like a sticker

Said hands up, hands up, like a sticker
Hands up, hands up, like a sticker
Since I was a little one wasn’t supposed to get much status
Got they hands up for me like a sticker

Check it
Day by day, night by night
It’s on you and me
If I’m gon’ shine
I’m talkin’ day by day, night by night
It’s on you and I
Moonz and the ARMY, right

CREDIT: danae m (a Youtube commenter)

Although the lyrics sound right to my ears, I’m not a 100% certain of their accuracy so feel free to send edits my way!

i. tired eyes with bags that carry her poetry, that leak words in her tears from time to time. they’re bloodshot today because she stayed up all night on three cans of monster and her heart is beating sick and fast, but at least she knows it’s beating. last week she had to cut herself open and watch the blood seep out to be sure she was alive.

ii. shaking hands with broken nails and dry skin. now they only steady when she holds the pen. the ink seeps out like poison – it’s unbearable letting it fester under her skin and it’s unbearable letting it all out to stain the air. it’s torture not writing and it’s torture to write. but it’s also sweet – oh so sweet.

iii. cracked lips bitten to the point of blood – chapsticks live and die within a week and still her mouth stings. how to stop it – how to stand straight and let her hands dangle at her sides instead of getting tangled together, how to occupy her teeth so they don’t gnaw her lips off. she hasn’t found a solution.

iv. and always, her brain – the beautiful, terrible contraption in her head. there’s no escaping it, and isn’t that a damn shame. she sedates it as best she can, but still it whispers. at night it screams.

v. all this in one catastrophe of a girl.

—  anatomy of a poet // abby, day 123