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[#오늘의방탄] 다시 만난 시카고 아미들! 엄청 큰 응원 덕분에 정말 최고의 공연이었습니다! THE WINGS TOUR IN CHICAGO success! #THEWINGSTOUR🇺🇸

[#Today’sBangtan] Chicago ARMYs that we have met once again! Because of your incredibly loud cheers, it was really the best concert! THE WINGS TOUR IN CHICAGO success! #THEWINGSTOUR🇺🇸

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170330 Ch+ Chat Translations - Rap Monster

– I was just going to sleep but I saw Jungkook’s chats and couldn’t just ignore it 
– During today’s ending ment
– We live far far away but we will be always together
– This one ment…he kept asking me if he was expressing it correctly, saying it correctly, and kept practicing it
– that’s why he’s really amazing..really those who do well, do well. If Kkookie puts passion into it, he can do anything
– anyways, him doing english like that is pretty cool

[TRANS] Jungkook+RapMonster in the Chatroom:

- hey
- guess who?
- this is jk☺
- noooooo i havent eaten
- chicken or pizza 🍕
- pick a side
- or run and hide
- … for diet
- g2g guys 😂😂😂
- I’m hungry but
- I’m now going to sleep
- Bye~~~

- he practiced the sentence like a hundred times
- askin me whether that sentence makes sense or net
- impressive. he does everything so well

Note; Words beginning in lowercase are words that he said in English.
Trans cr; @tamimou / @ btschannel