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Gem monster Steven?

i’m still wondering when we’ll get to see a canon comparison between gem and gem monster, so we can see how things get translated between the two, since so far we have no idea if/how a gem’s design, weapon, or personality factors into how they look as a monster, but i gave it a shot!


I, Seijurou Akashi, am going to lose? This cannot be. Such a thing must not happen. I must win… No matter who it is against… No matter what happens… Victory is everything in this world. The victor is acknowledged and the vanquished is disavowed. Because I am victorious over all, I am the just.


- Monster Hunter - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. ProJared -

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An idea popped up in my head that Jimmy or most wolves spend their time staring at a full moon. Plus Jimmy doesn't look like the outgoing type so I was thinking he'd be the type to go star gazing as a child and his grampa would accompany him most of the time.

accepted, you’ll regret this

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Jimmy - oh!… hey Iber

Iber - why are you here? It’s late and it’s getting cold

Jimmy - It’s ok, i was just gazing at the moon for a while

Iber - Mind if i join you?

Jimmy - Sure, you couldn’t sleep?

Iber - Nope, i  guess i wanted some fresh air too. So what’s so intriguing about the moon?

Jimmy- eh? nothing, it’s just…

Iber - uhm..?

Jimmy - heh, it’s just i used to do this with my grampa, sometimes we used to go for walks too..

Iber - Your grampa was a great man

Jimmy - he sure was… he just wanted to make me company, so i wasn’t alone back then

Iber - why is that?

Jimmy - uhm… when i was young i used to do this alone, i liked to think a lot of stuff while looking at the moon, it is soothing in some way

Iber -  did you feel lonely? 

Jimmy - Not exactly, don’t get me wrong, i loved my grandparents more than anything, i just wondered what kind… what kind of person would i have been if i was raised by my parents instead, of course, if my father had not left us.

Jimmy -But that’s in the past, i don’t let those thoughts get me now. Now i just like to remmenber the good times i had with papa and nana. Don’t you think that’s the best Iber?

Iber - … uhm… yeah

Jimmy - brrr, it’s getting really cold, i´ll get inside

Iber - yes, i´ll join you in a moment

Iber - (what kind of person would i be i wonder?)

Jimmy - ufff, it’s hot. here have some tea

Iber - uhm

Jimmy - I didn’t expect company, but got the habit to make more because of my grandpa

Iber - thank you Jimmy

Jimmy - No, thank you for joining me tonight


It’s incredibly humbling to accept an award on the same stage as some people I’ve looked up to my entire life. Iconic people such as Shahrukh Khan. To be gifted this award by one of my best friends, Naughty Boy, is also an amazing thing. So tonight’s about thanks. I wanna thank God for allowing me to live through what my dreams were. I’d like to thank my mum and dad for making me Asian. And I’d also like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys I’ve ever met, everything I’ve done with them will stay with me for the rest of my life.