Monster Reunion full episode in HD.

What we learned from “Monster Reunion”

-Steven’s healing spit works on inanimate objects, which makes since since he can heal gemstones
-His healing spit is back
-Steven is able to win a battle of will against Garnet, and the other Crystal gems
-Steven seems to have his floating ability under control now
-Stevens healing powers can only partially heal corrupted gems, and for a limited time, which is the best they have ever seen it work
-The gems were 100% okay with poofing Centi, even though she had regained consciousness and was able to take a humanoid form
-Gem corruption is confirmed to be from the Diamonds
-Cracked and corrupted are two different things: cracked is physical damage and can be healed, while corrupted is mental damage and at this moment cannot be healed
-I hope Steven makes it a thing to keep housing wayward gems in his bedroom
-Some gems are beyond the Crystal Gem’s help
-Centi’s name is Gurgle Click Click
-Centi has all of her old memories, and the memories she accumulated during her corruption
-Centi can partially communicate through her squawks
-Gems have their own language, which may be just a written language since no gems in the series has been shown speaking it
-Centi is an artist, like she’s so good man
-Centi came to Earth in the abandoned ships we saw in “Friend Ship” where she was the captain of her crew
-Centi knows and uses the Diamond Salute, which Peridot still uses today, which could mean that she was fighting against the crystal gems in the war
-Centi had a commander that is yellow and has a chest gem
-Centi’s crew were possibly the first gems to “colonize” Earth
-Centi was left behind during the gem retreat, which led to her being corrupted by a white light (which also might have been accompanied by a sound/song)
-Centi draws the Diamond insignia without Pink Diamond, but before the new insignia was in place. This means that Pink was kicked out before/during the war as Centi is aware she is no longer a diamond.
-We know what the corruption process looks like and its terrifying
-Corrupted gems can’t activate warp pads
-Gem monsters can communicate with each other
-Centi’s crew stayed behind to wait for her and man that’s so sweet, and they were even corrupted because of it like she had to have been such a good leader
-Gem monsters have memories and are not the feral beasts we have thought they were. Reverted centipeedle fully recognizes Steven and even tries to thank him for bringing her back to her crew
-Centi is in a happier place now
-Pearl says that Steven won’t have much use learning to write in Gem, which could mean that it is an ancient outdated language, or its only used on Homeworld

anonymous asked:

Do you think Monster Reunion will give us more insight into how corruption works? I still wanna know so much. Do you think corruption results from a cracked gem or regenerating too quickly too often? Like Amethyst did in Reformed

yea, I think it will give us more on what corruption is, thought probably not everything yet. I think it may give us some info on the difference between physical damage to a gem and whatever corruption does to it.

I don’t think corruption is caused by a cracked gem nor regenerating too quickly. I think corruption is something done to Gems by an outside source. My long-running theory on it is that the corrupted Gems we see around got that way due to some kind of, like, Gem “bio” weapon shot by Homeworld to eliminate the rebels (and any Gem who happened to still be on Earth at the time). I feel like this theory is supported by that big flash of light we saw in Lapis’ flashback

Additionally, Greg’s description of the war he says “In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends. If it weren’t for her shield… man, I don’t know” and this is what prompts Steven to go back and help the Gems, to protect them with the shield (which he does). 

This tells me that whatever happened at the end of the war, the reason Rose, Garnet, and Pearl survived was because Rose was able to block it with her shield. But only for a small number of Gems, everyone else couldn’t be defended.

We know from Peridot that Homeworld’s records show that all Gems were ‘wiped out’ on Earth. and Homeworld hadn’t bothered to go back to Earth for 5000 years, until the Cluster was about to emerge, so Homeworld believed that all the Gems on Earth were either dead or ‘out of the way’, which I imagine corrupted Gems would be since they can’t lead a rebellion. Even the Crystal Gems don’t really regard corrupted Gems as Gems, so I doubt Homeworld does.

Now its possible the attack just killed/shattered all the Gems who couldn’t block it, but considering the presence of corrupted Gems and the fact that there’s SO many (judging from how many bubbles Gems there are), I’m inclined to believe that what the attack did was corrupt Gems

this is my current theory on corruption. We’ll see how today’s episode expands on or disproves it



  • Steven’s healing spit only partially healed Centipeetle and only temporarily.
  • Centipeetle was likely a captain, but she got seperated from her crew during the War.
  • The “nuke” that the diamonds launched was most likely some kind of sound or song. This nuke corrupted the gems that were exposed to it, including Centi.
  • Centipeetle, at some point, was probably trying to say “Emerald”/”Apatite”.
Important Steven Universe Theory

Important Steven Universe theory. Monster Reunion spoilers !!

When Centi draws the bright light in her backstory, Steven says:
“You stopped. You heard something. A sound. A song?”
She then draws the Diamond authority.
So… If a song from the Diamonds is what corrupted gems, then could a song heal?
What if Love Like You saves the gems?

I have more to add, so keep an eye out for my next video for a more in depth theory!

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