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What would be BTS reaction when they prepared a valentine's day surprise for you but you found out about it?

Jin: Well I guess it’s not a surprise now…

Suga: *playfully angry* I told you it was a surprise. That means you don’t go looking for it

J-Hope: *eats all the chocolate he got you* Nope nope. Since you found them too early you don’t get any of them

Rap Monster: No no no. That’s not your Valentine’s present. It’s just… uhh.. a thing I forgot to give you for Christmas

You: Namjoon These are chocolates. In a heart shaped box

Him: Ummmmm…

Jimin: *makes up quick excuse because he didn’t want to ruin your surprise* Umm… those are actually gifts for Jungkook?

V: *playfully scolds you* How did you get a Valentine’s gift before Valentine’s Day? It must have been from some other guy because I remember telling you that you were going to get my present next week

Jungkook: Is that… uh… the present for the holiday that’s… umm not for two weeks

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