at first i was really attracted to namjoon then i saw kook in the back

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[#오늘의방탄] 울산에서 만난 #방탄소년단! 아미들의 응원 열기 정말 불타오르네🔥_🔥조심히 들어가세요! 지민과 정국이 스페셜 엠씨로 함께한 음악중심 넘나 기다려지는 것😄


[#Today'sBulletproof] It’s nice to meet #BTS in Ulsan, Korea! ARMY really burned up the cheering🔥_🔥Get home safely! We are looking forward to the music show with Jimin and Jungkook Special MC together😄

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Bts Reaction to You Calling Them “Baby Boy”

Request: Could I get a BTS gif reaction to their partner calling them babyboy please? Thank you sm!!

A/N: Fore warning, this could get a bit smutty, so if you’re not down for that I suggest you click away~


You had asked him to help you with a recipe, and him being himself, he gladly accepted. You two were happily cooking along to some music when you suddenly asked, “Could you pass me the garlic, baby boy?” causing him to cover his mouth to hide his blush.

“I don’t know why you said that, but I wouldn’t mind if you did it again.”

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He had called you at ass o’clock to come over and listen to his latest song. He knew you would give him an honest opinion on it and that he could trust you. But when you said, “It sounds amazing, baby boy.” He couldn’t stop the tent that built in his pants.

“How about you save that nickname for the bedroom, eh?”

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You two were messing around with each other when he suddenly tackled you on the couch. It was all light-hearted until the words, “Baby boy I can’t breathe!” left your lips. He would stare at you for a minute, slightly stunned at the new nickname and mind wandering to places it probably shouldn’t go. 110% one of his kinks tbvvvvvvh

“I wanna see what you sound like calling me that while I’m teasing you.”

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He was busy cleaning up the shattered plate on the ground when you walked in. His expression was covered with remorse as he apologized multiple times. “It’s okay, baby boy.” His eyes shot open as wide as the now shattered plate on the floor once was, and the broken dish was crowded out of his mind by other thoughts.

“Say that again.”

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You two were cuddling on a rainy day. He watched your face as you stared at the falling drops on your window and mumbled cute words and compliments to you under his breath. “What was that, baby boy? I didn’t hear you,” you cooed, causing him to blush furiously and hide his face.

“D-did you just call me that?”

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ft. jin lmao


As you focused on the game on the screen, your mind was far from reality. So when Taehyung was about to beat you for the tenth time that night, you knew you needed to pull out your secret weapon. The words, “baby boy,” spilled from your lips, causing Tae to completely freeze in his place and let you pass him to win first place.

“You’re one dirty little cheater, Y/n…”

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You two would be lying in bed late at night, sharing your thoughts with each other as the hours ticked by. The thought of calling him ‘baby boy’ had crossed your mind before, but you figured it might hurt his ego considering he’s always called baby by his fans, but you decided now would be the best time to try it. “How would you feel if I called you baby boy?” His eyes would shoot open before he nuzzled his face into your neck to plant a kiss there.

“I would prefer you keep that nickname for my ears only, baby girl.”

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