monstah goils


Two more promos I drew for the Munchkin Series! This time the Monstah Goils are invading the Munchkin world. Specifically the Slime Girl and Octomaid.

This is the first time the Octomaid has been in color too.

(I don’t know what set these 2 are in, but I do have a bunch of Slime girl cards that I can hand out at future conventions!)

Colored up another “Monstah Goil”. This time it’s the Bat-Thief.

I’m pretty certain I’d like to make a full artbook now. Including all the black and white drawings, sketches, more full-color ones, and some new illustrations. I’ll probably have to kickstart it though. The biggest challenge will be finding an affordable printer so that I can sell copies at a reasonable price.

Monstah Goil(s) #28, Magma/Slime Furies!

They’re stuck together, but that’s okay. They like to surprise and trap lost travelers who wander too close to their volcano.

This one’s kind of a hodgepodge of ideas/hairstyles I wasn’t sure where to use elsewhere. Also greliz did a magma girl and it was cool(ha) so I thought I’d try it too.

Monstah Goil #31, an Orc soldier. She’s takin’ a break between hordes.

Orcs are kind of like throwaway grunts right? I always thought it’d be cool to see an army of them dressed in WWII gear and fighting a war in a fantasy world that went through industrial revolutions.

(just one more!! But what will it be!? no really I don’t know.)

Monstah Goil #29, A Shark Mafia Boss! (only 3 more of these left!)

She runs the underwater underground crime world with an iron fist.. or tail. Basically if it’s illegal and underwater, she’s got her fin in it. She’s not afraid to get her hands wet either. Don’t cross her or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes!

(I remember seeing a bunch of Sharkmaid OCs floating around tumblr a while ago and I wanted to make one too! Also you can’t really tell here, but she’s only got one arm.)

KAPPA GOIL! I wanted to give her a proper drawing. I dunno if she’ll make it into any future Monstah zines though. I’m planning on making a third, but I want it to follow a certain theme and she may or may not fit in…

Ah well. Keep fishing, ya bum. (her tattoo says “kapp'n” btw)

(EDIT: I flipped her foot because I’m dumb and it was backwards.)