monstah goils

KAPPA GOIL! I wanted to give her a proper drawing. I dunno if she’ll make it into any future Monstah zines though. I’m planning on making a third, but I want it to follow a certain theme and she may or may not fit in…

Ah well. Keep fishing, ya bum. (her tattoo says “kapp'n” btw)

(EDIT: I flipped her foot because I’m dumb and it was backwards.)

Colored up another “Monstah Goil”. This time it’s the Bat-Thief.

I’m pretty certain I’d like to make a full artbook now. Including all the black and white drawings, sketches, more full-color ones, and some new illustrations. I’ll probably have to kickstart it though. The biggest challenge will be finding an affordable printer so that I can sell copies at a reasonable price.