monstah goils


Two more promos I drew for the Munchkin Series! This time the Monstah Goils are invading the Munchkin world. Specifically the Slime Girl and Octomaid.

This is the first time the Octomaid has been in color too.

(I don’t know what set these 2 are in, but I do have a bunch of Slime girl cards that I can hand out at future conventions!)

KAPPA GOIL! I wanted to give her a proper drawing. I dunno if she’ll make it into any future Monstah zines though. I’m planning on making a third, but I want it to follow a certain theme and she may or may not fit in…

Ah well. Keep fishing, ya bum. (her tattoo says “kapp'n” btw)

(EDIT: I flipped her foot because I’m dumb and it was backwards.)