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Hey beautiful I thought about this the other day and forgot to ask. I finally remembered rn. Okay okay. If chankyun were to have a sex dream while you sleep next to him, what do you believe the dream consists of? (I guess more simply put, what would the dream be like)? Do I make sense lol I feel like I don’t 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

You make perfect sense, sugarpuff.

Warning: Very 18+

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MONSTA X / Vacation with their S/O

ANON REQUEST: MONSTA X MONSTA X MONSTA X please let me request one where their girlfriend has never been out of the country before, so they suprise her and take her on a weekend getaway?



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Hyunwoo had spent the past three months planning this so, naturally, he was extremely frustrated when Hoseok spoiled the surprise by bursting into the dorm room – when you were visiting – and asking you if you were excited for your upcoming weekend trip to Thailand.

“I’m not going to Thailand,” you replied. Bless your sweet, difficult-to-catch-up self. “I’ve never even been out of the country before. What are you talking about?”

“But Hyunwoo is—” Hoseok started to say but then stopped after catching the older member’s glare. “Oh. Well. Yeah, you know, maybe you’ll go one day! I’ll leave now.”

As soon as the door slammed shut with Hoseok’s hasty exit, you gave your boyfriend a look. He looked utterly disappointed and that confused you even more.

“W-what was Hoseok—”

“I planned a trip for us,” Hyunwoo admitted, sighing. “It was supposed to be a surprise. I know you have a few days off next month, so I figured I’d take you somewhere you could rest. A-and Hoseok just—”

You jumped to your feet so suddenly, he lost his train of thought. For a moment, you weren’t sure what you were so eager to say to him, so you just watched his disappointed expression for a while. He was truly disheartened that his surprise didn’t work out and yet every fiber of your being insisted that it did. You were absolutely not expecting this.

“You planned a trip for us,” you said, your voice soft and full of admiration. “I-I love you. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know,” Hyunwoo said, sighing. “But I wanted to.”

There wasn’t much you could have said to him – and even less you could have done, with Hoseok somewhere nearby – so you chose to close the distance by wrapping your arms around his neck and resting your head against his shoulder as you whispered, “the surprise wasn’t ruined. Thank you so much.”

You couldn’t see the wide smile on Hyunwoo’s face as he responded to your hug and already began to plan the itinerary for your first trip together, feeling a little more confident after listening to your assurances. If Hoseok couldn’t ruin this, then no one could.


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Hoseok had forgotten to consider sleep as a part of your itinerary when he was coming up with the details of your trip to Switzerland. He’d heard you mention always having a dream of going skiing in Europe when you were on the phone with a friend – he was only eavesdropping with the intention of overhearing what you might have wanted to get for Christmas – and he couldn’t have been happier to make this dream come true.

You were overjoyed when he took you to the airport and announced where you were going, but Hoseok might have been even more cheerful than you were. Each of your smiles sent him into a giggly frenzy. He was so happy to see you happy.

However, all of that sort of dissolved when your plane landed in Zurich, and both of you realized that, not only did you survive one of the longest connecting flights of your life, but you also only had two hours before you had to meet your ski instructors for your first session.

“I’m not a great planner, apparently,” Hoseok admitted sheepishly. “It’s just a five-day trip so I wanted to include as many activities as possible and, well—”

“It’s fine,” you told him. His wish to make your dream come true was worth the lack of sleep you were about to experience here. “I’m sure we can handle five days with little to no sleep. The excitement of being here will be worth it.”

“Are you sure?” he questioned. “I don’t want you falling asleep on the slopes. Maybe we can miss today’s session and just get some rest before—”

“What, are you kidding? We’re not missing anything!” you disagreed, not letting him finish. “We’re experiencing as much as we can here.”

Your enthusiasm finally got him to smile and he took your hand into his. This trip was already great for him because you were here with him. The genuine joy in your voice calmed his worries down, though. He was going to do everything to make this holiday the best one for you as well.

“Well, let’s go then,” Hoseok said, nodding his head towards the bus that was meant to take you to the cottage you’d be staying at. “I can’t wait to beat you at a snowboard race.”


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You watched the scenery outside the airplane window, shaking your head in disbelief. It was early spring and you had arrived at the airport in Seoul all wet because of the pouring rain outside, but there you were now, about to land in the Philippines, sunshine and warmth all around you.

“Do you like the view?” Minhyuk asked from the airplane seat next to you. He must have noticed that you were unable to tear your eyes away from the window.

“Yes. It’s beautiful,” you nodded, a wide smile not leaving your face. “I can’t believe we’re actually here.”

The trip to Manila wasn’t exactly a surprise since Minhyuk had talked about wanting to travel here ever since your first Valentine’s Day date when you commented how “cute” you found the fact that one of your friend’s fiance drove them for five hours so they could celebrate this day on the beach. You didn’t mean to drop any sort of hints and yet a metaphorical lightbulb lit up above Minhyuk’s head immediately.

“I’ll take you somewhere, too,” he’d said then, ignoring all twenty-five of your gentle protests. “No, no, really. I want to. It’s about time we traveled somewhere together.”

Minhyuk usually kept his word and this time, obviously, wasn’t an exception. He did manage to surprise you by choosing a foreign country as your travel destination instead of just a different city, though. But, then again, you should have seen it coming. He always went all out when it came to you.

“I can’t wait to hit the beach,” Minhyuk said to you as the plane prepared to land in Manila. “Oh! And did you know there are bamboo bikes here? We’re trying those. There’s also a dessert museum. Oh, right, and we’re definitely getting massages at the hotel. I hear there are ones for couples.”

You laughed as you finally turned away from your window. “You really thought this through, haven’t you?”

“Absolutely,” he nodded, proud. “But don’t think I came to Manila to sightsee. I’m here to spend all of my time with you.”


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Dating Kihyun was already an adventure and a dream-come-true in one and yet he did everything he could to turn your life into an even bigger fairytale than it already was. The biggest proof of this was your scenery right now as the two of you walked past the Trevi fountain in Rome, the sun slowly setting behind the buildings around you two.

The sightseeing didn’t work out very well because you had come to Italy at the same time as seemingly millions of other people, so whenever you went, you were stuck in a perpetual crowd. Eventually, you and Kihyun decided to sightsee on your own and, this way, you ended up visiting so many underappreciated cafés and other spots that weren’t as popular, but were just as memorable.

In the end, the feeling of Kihyun holding your hand as you strolled down the streets – even if there were people walking and taking pictures all around you – was what made this trip so magical.

“I’ve had the best time here,” you said to him, watching a smile spread across his face as soon as you did. “Thank you so much for making this trip happen.”

“Oh, it should be me thanking you for coming here with me,” he said. “I’d have been bored in Italy all by myself.”

Raising your eyebrows, you asked in an amused tone, “ah, so you planned this trip for yourself and just allowed me to tag along?”

“Yes,” Kihyun answered without missing a beat – a wide smile on his face – and then looked at you to check your reaction.

“Oh, how nice of you,” you said and he couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

Within seconds, both of you were giggling as you crossed the street to grab few last cups of coffee at a café that had become your favorite after ten days here. You were flying home tomorrow morning and you couldn’t help but feel melancholic as the Italian waitresses greeted you with their usual polite smiles.

“I’ll miss this,” you commented then, your blissful voice returning the bittersweet mood from before.

“I won’t,” Kihyun countered and proceeded to explain after you gave him a questionable look, “I enjoyed this trip so much because you were with me. And, because I know this isn’t the last time we’re traveling together, I won’t waste my time missing this. I’ll spend it planning our next destination instead.”


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You didn’t really know where you wanted to go on a holiday when Hyungwon offered traveling, so, technically, going to Egypt was his choice. Although, you were sure that if you hadn’t accidentally stayed up late watching a documentary about the Pyramids with him the night before, his choice might have been different.

But no matter the reasons for this trip, you were already in your hotel in downtown Cairo, choosing your outfits for tomorrow’s day trip to see the Pyramids. Your tour guide had given you loose instructions and you chose the first simple – yet comfortable – clothes you’d found in your suitcase. But not your boyfriend. Oh, no, Hyungwon was preparing three different outfits for himself as if he was planning to meet Cleopatra herself.

“Don’t wear black,” you told him as you plopped down on the bed next to his laid-out clothes, a water bottle in your hand. “It’ll be hot—”

“Oh, but I had just bought that black shirt before we left, remember?” Hyungwon sighed as he dug into his suitcase again. “I think it would have looked great with those gray shorts if also paired with—”

“It’s not a fashion show, Won,” you said carefully. “Wear something you’ll be comfortable in. You’ll look good no matter what.”

“No, no,” he stopped to look up at you. “You’ll look good no matter what. I have to try to make an impression so no one ends up stealing you away from me. They have camels here! They could just offer you a ride and whisk you away from me.”

“Is that what you’re worried about?” you asked. “Seriously, I promise you, no amount of camels can replace you to me.”

Hyungwon – always pleased to hear your words of affection – grinned after you said this. “Really? You love me more?”

“Yes. More than anything,” you confirmed and watched his grin widen. “So, please, don’t put on a model show tomorrow. That will just pressure me to dress well, too.”

“You always dress well,” he said, walking around the bed to reach you. You had assumed he had come here to kiss you – or that’s what “normal” boyfriends would have done anyway – but he just threw himself on top of you, nearly squeezing you with his body. “I love you.”

Struggling to breathe under his weight as he cuddled into you, you mumbled an annoyed, “I’m s-suffocating from your love, Won,” but he still didn’t bother pulling away from you.


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You and Jooheon had planned your trip to England together, each making your additions to the itinerary – as long as the other one was okay with them – and slowly, coming up with your perfect travel plan.

It didn’t even feel real at first; it felt more like the two of you were just daydreaming about seeing the Westminster Abbey and randomly running into David Beckham on the street. But then, a month later, when your plane actually landed at Heathrow and the two of you hailed a cab to get to your hotel, both of you understood just how real this was.

“We forgot to add so many things to our schedule,” Jooheon commented, worried. “Somehow, I didn’t think it would have been fun to see a Shakespeare play, but now that we’re here, I feel like I’ve changed my mind.”

You laughed. “I offered to go to the Globe theater, remember? You said no.”

“I’m not good at making serious decisions in advance,” he said. “Can we still make time for it? For example, right after we visit the Emirates Stadium tomorrow?”

“We—did you change the itinerary without my consent?”

“I just added a few things,” he shrugged. “We can’t skip on the stadium. Arsenal plays there, maybe we’ll run into them.”

You groaned. “You can’t make changes without talking to me first! We’ll never have enough time to visit the stadium and the theater both. You’ll have to make a choice: football or Shakespeare.”

Jooheon didn’t even hesitate. “I choose you.”

“You choose me?” you frowned, feeling your heartbeat speed up, but not quite understanding him. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means exactly what I said,” he explained poorly. “I’m doing whatever you want to do. At the end of the day, I came here to get a chance to spend more time with you, so I guess I don’t care what we’re doing as long as we’re together.”

Blinking your eyes at the unexpected softness in his words – it wasn’t often that Jooheon was this sappy – you asked, “did you rehearse this speech?”

“No, it just came naturally to me,” he answered, grinning. “Good, wasn’t it? I should write it down somewhere so I could put it in a song. Can you quote me word-for-word so I could—”

“Ugh, you’re too much,” you groaned, cutting him off and hitting his shoulder with your palm. You should have known he would make a joke out of it since he kept on laughing as he pulled away from you to avoid your punches. “You’re lucky I love you.”


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“If you could go anywhere in the world,” Changkyun had asked you during your first date, “where would you go?”

“I’ve never been anywhere,” you’d admitted to him then. “But I’ve always wanted to visit a country with a rich and diverse culture. Like India, for example.”

Changkyun smiled at the memory as he watched the printer in the studio print the tickets to New Delhi ahead of your second anniversary. It was still two weeks away but he wanted to plan in advance, especially since he’d wanted to take you to India last year but then, right before your anniversary, you caught a nasty flu and he had to cancel the tickets, never having told you about the trip.

He wasn’t going to let the opportunity of making your dream come true slip this year, though. You thought he was going to take you out to get dinner at some sort of overly expensive restaurant that both of you lowkey hated – and you were right about that part; Changkyun had a reservation already – but you would have never guessed that he’d remember something seemingly so irrelevant that you’d said exactly two years ago.

And that – you, underestimating Changkyun’s love for you – was exactly why you almost burst into tears when he pulled out a New Delhi travel guide mid-dinner, announcing that the two of you were leaving in three days so you had to start packing tonight.

“How did you—why is—oh my God,” you had a hard time finding what to say as you stared at the travel guide. “You remembered what I said?”

“Of course,” he replied, his heart fluttering in joy, following the awe in your voice. “Are you excited?”

“I’m… I’m a lot of things,” you replied, chuckling. “Most of all, I think I’m just in love with you. N-not because you planned this trip, but because you didn’t forget. It means so much to me.”

Changkyun was hoping for your happiness but he must have miscalculated just how important this was to you as he saw tears glitter in your eyes.

“I want to make you happy,” he said. “And in order to do that, I have to listen to everything you say to me.”

“You make me happy just by being with me.”

“Yeah, well, I want you to be twice as happy by being with me in India,” Changkyun countered. “And after this holiday ends, I want you to be happy with me in every other part of the world, too.”

masterlist / ask (requests are closed)

monsta x reaction to their crush receiving confessions

[requested] i seen requests were open but i don’t know if they’re still open.. if it is, can i request a reaction where monsta x constantly gets jealous cause of their crush receiving confessions? and they want just their attention? :c

————————— ❛


He hated seeing you give your attention to other guys while he was standing right beside you. He’s liked you since freshman year and he wasn’t gonna let some random guy take his place. So, he’d pull you closer to him, draping his arm around your shoulders.

“Y/N already has a boyfriend.”

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He’d be furious; constant confession made him want to grab you and pull you into a room where no one could see you and he didn’t have to worry about you slipping out of his fingers. He was so much better than those guys, why couldn’t you see that?

“Y/N, why do you give them your attention?”

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He’d act like it doesn’t bother him but he made sure to stay by your side, analyzing everyone’s confession, only to laugh about it later. While he did that, the only thing he wanted to achieve was seeing you smile and hearing that you didn’t like the other guys.

“That one was ridiculous.”

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He’d smile through the pain, trying to be a good best friend to you. He knew it wasn’t your fault for being so lovable, so why should he be an ass to you? He would make an effort to show you how much he likes you, trying to plan a better confession than you’ve ever received.

“I’m going to confess to Y/N tonight, guys.”

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The usual unbothered expression would rest on his face, not daring to let his lips curve down at seeing you laughing at something one guy, that had just confessed to you, said. He would stand by the side with a stony expression, but inside, he could feel his heart break.

“What is this feeling?”

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He’d stand beside you, already sensing that one guy was about to make his way towards you, getting ready for his confession. Before the other guy could say something though, Jooheon was quick to turn you around, sneakily letting his hand rest on your waist, before walking away.

“Let’s get some food.”

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He wouldn’t know what to do. Having to watch you receive so many confessions and seeing guys that had the guts to do the thing that he wanted to do so desperately, but never did, made him feel like he wasn’t good enough for you.

“Y/N deserves someone who actually is manly enough to talk about his feelings.”

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13 Days of Halloween (Autumn/October series)

Do I have requests? Many, i’m trying to get through them, I promise, I just struggle to get inspired sometimes but I was thinking of trying to do an October series, 13 days of Halloween.

So how it would work is you guys would send me an idol and a number and that idol will be assigned to that specific prompt. If this works out, there’ll be about 3 scenarios a week in October.

The groups I mainly want to write for right now are (try and pick from this list, but if you want someone else, still feel free to ask based on my Masterlist): Stray Kids, Got7, Pentagon, iKON, Monsta X, Astro, DPR and BAP

I also want to keep it as no doubles, so if you guys keep asking for the same idol with different prompts, I’m only going to take the first prompt request with that idol. Hopefully that made sense lol, if it didn’t then please ask! 

And last but not least, if you have a different kind of halloween/autumn prompt that isn’t already on this list, let me know and maybe I can squeeze it onto the list of the already existing list☺️☺️

1. Carving pumpkins

2. Walk in the park

3. Horror movies // Mark Tuan

4. Costume party

5. Decorating for halloween

6. Halloween cookies // Bang Chan

7. Haunted house

8. Scare prank

9. Theme park maze

10. Pumpkin patch

11. Apple picking; baking a pie

12. Bonfire

13. Adopting a black cat

14. Halloween at Disney; Dressing up as characters // Bobby

Pitter Patter (Shownu of MONSTA X)

Inspired by:  ‘Suga (First Love)’ Orchestral Cover

Genre: Another angst, of course.


Shownu heard the faint echoing of pitter-patter coming down the hall as he was finishing the day’s breakfast. Flipping the last pancake, he turned around and crouched down, waiting for the little human bound to appear any second from the around the corner. As expected, the young child poked his head out from around the corner. Catching sight of his father, he smiled widely before running into his father’s arms.

“Daddy!” he cheered excitedly. Shownu picked up the child with a huge smile and greeted him with a kiss on the temple. “Did you sleep well last night?” he asked, referring to the thunderstorm that had occurred just the night before. The child nodded enthusiastically as he hung onto his father like a koala. “Daddy protected me the entire night!” he happily beamed. Shownu let out a deep chuckle before setting him down into the high chair.

Placing the plate of freshly made pancakes in front of the child, he began slicing them into smaller pieces for the child to consume. After he was done slicing the pancakes, he grabbed the strawberries from the refrigerator and began rinsing a handful. Placing them into a small bowl covered with paintings of teddy bears, he carried it over to the table. The child happily clapped his hands upon seeing the sight of his favorite snack.

After setting down the child’s breakfast in front of him, Shownu sat down and dug into his own plate. The rays of the sun shone brightly through the window as the two spent a quiet morning stuffing their faces.

When he was done, the child demanded to be taken off the high chair. His father did as requested and the boy ran away into another part of the house. Perhaps he was too focused on his phone afterwards that when Shownu reached out to grab his coffee, he didn’t realize that it wasn’t there. When he did, he let out a hefty sigh and fetched for it from the counter.


It took a while but he was finally done with cleaning the kitchen. Placing the kitchen towel on the racket, Shownu called out for his son.


A little voice answered him from the furthest room down the hallway. “Come into the room and get dressed. We’re gonna go out!” Shownu ordered. Once again, the pitter-patter sound filled the hallway as Hyunsoo ran to his father. After changing Hyunsoo out of his pajamas and washing him up, Shownu placed him on the bed to fix his shoes. “Where are you going, daddy?” the boy asked. “We’re going to visit mommy,” Shownu replied without looking up. Hyunsoo’s face lit up. He hadn’t seen his mother in a while and was beyond excited to visit her.

Shownu closed the door behind him and handed Hyunsoo the small lunchbox to hold. “Don’t drop it, okay? Daddy’s going to lock the door first and then we’ll go.” Hyunsoo nodded innocently and waited patiently for his father. The ride was long and it felt like forever but after some time, they finally made it to their destination. Shownu took Hyunsoo out of his car seat and the boy immediately ran away to find his mother. Shownu shouted for the boy to wait for him. Grabbing the lunchbox in a rush, Shownu made sure to go after his son before the child was out of sight.

Hyunsoo ran with the wind. He ran as fast as his short legs could carry him with a smile on his face while holding onto his favorite teddy bear. He couldn’t wait to see his mother. He was so excited that nothing else in the world mattered to him at the moment. Finally, he saw his mother’s smiling face and ran even faster to reach her sooner.

When Shownu finally caught up with his son, he found the boy talking about the storm from the night before. He then switched subjects to talk about the teddy bear that he brought along with him. Shownu smiled and crouched down next to the boy. He listened attentively as Hyunsoo rambled about whatever came to his little mind. His mother smiled brightly at him. Suddenly, the boy grew quiet.

“I miss you so much, mommy. I want to wake up in your arms again, mommy.”

The pain in his tiny voice brought tears to Shownu’s eyes. He pulled his son into his embrace and they both sat on the freshly trimmed grass. Giving the lunchbox to Hyunsoo, Shownu told him to offer the food to his mother. The boy carefully opened the container and set out the food. “Eat well, mommy. Daddy made all of these food for you.” he sang. Moving to sit on his knees, Shownu brushed away the dirt from the cold block of marble.

손 Y/N
August 18, 1994 - August 18, 2018

  • Carat: It’s time to wake up, mon.
  • Monbebe: 5 more minutes…
  • Carat, smiling softly: 5 more minutes *snuggles up to Monbebe*
  • * * *
  • Exo-l: It’s time to wake up.
  • Army: 5 more minutes…
  • Exo-l: *Sharpening knife* Maybe you misheard me
Monsta X Pre-debut

So we’ve got:

“I’ll have your daughter home by 8:30 pm“ Hyunwoo

“Where’s my hug?” Hoseok

“I’m defiantly boyfriend Material, so why don’t you go out with me” Minhyuk

“Come sit with me while I read you some poetry” Kihyun

“Why are you talking to me? Only pretty people can talk to me“ Hyungwon

“Sure, I’ll help you with your homework” Jooheon

and last but not least. my favorite:

“Hottopic Reject” Changkyun

I love them all so much

  • Monbebe: Looks like we’re on to Plan B.
  • Carat: Technically, this would be Plan G.
  • igot7: How many plans do we have? Is there like, a Plan M?
  • nctzen: Yeah, but Army dies in Plan M.
  • Exo-l: I like Plan M.