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Something angsty in that way you do so well with Changkyun and his on/off girl? ♡


“are you happy now?” you seethe, words spilling from the depths of your soul in the kind of way dark fire would spill from a dragon’s veins. the night is numb and frosted with white stars, but the the blood red streak caressing the corners of changkyun’s lips in another girl’s kiss burns hot enough to melt even the most frozen of midnights. “you’ve managed to devour yet another heart. congratulations.”

you turn towards the dark glass door behind you, gateway between the silent nightmare of your reality and the drowning dream of the party bouncing on the other side, but stop as you hear his broken laughter cut through the night, dark and sarcastic: “yeah… she was so delicious.”

you look up at him; at the silver chains catching the starlight beneath the open chest of his thin silk fit, at the dark red hair curling so carelessly into his black eyes, at the scarlet stain at the side of his lips, broken-heart shaped and bruised in the kind of way only love can.

“…or she might have been, anyway.” he continues, taking a step into your light so you have to take one away from his shadow, “i wouldn’t know, ‘cause there’s this other girl who won’t leave my head or my heart alone, and i was too busy thinking about her lips instead.”

you want to plead his name, to make him stop with this most beautiful of tortures, but within a breathless sigh and a broken heartbeat the dark glass is biting your spine and changkyun’s hands are either side of your head, pinning you inside the prison of his deep scent and darkest fantasies. “her lips, her moans, her tight and needy little pussy…” he whispers with alcohol fueled addiction, and you burn with the ghost of him between your legs. “…for months. and you know what? it fucking hurts.”

you reach out and smear the lipstick staining his skin with the back of your hand, like if you were to press hard enough the night would wash it away, but changkyun grabs your wrist and pins it against the glass, kissing you hard into the window for all the party to watch. you moan from somewhere deep in your stomach, deep in your soul, and his lips break from your only long enough for him to breathe:she hurts, so fucking good.”

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if i can't be your lover, i will love you as a friend vs. if i can't be your lover, i can still get into your bed vs. if i can't be your lover, i don't want you at all

if i can’t have your love, i’ll still live in your heart;

shownu, minhyuk

if i can’t have your love, i’ll still live in your bed;

wonho, changkyun

if i can’t have your love, i can’t live anywhere;

kihyun, hyungwon, jooheon