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MERRY CHRISTMAS i just have to ask what would you give the monsta x members???

hi hi you too omg!!! 

  • Shownu - a vacation away from these children 
  • Kihyun - bedazzled microphone w/ sparkles n glitter 
  • Hyungwon - a blanket with his face on it 
  • Minhyuk - the biggest bouquet of flowers !!! with lollipops in the shape of christmas trees and snow man stuck inside!!!! 
  • Wonho - big sweater that reaches down to his knees and warm socks 
  • Jooheon -  signed and framed photo of mad clown 
  • IM - naruto season 1 english dub 

Monsta - Cannibal Lunch

Goodnight Teacher Episode 5 (Hyungwon cut)

HW: Using electronic devices is prohibited. I can’t take photos and videos. I can’t even contact outside people
Boy: Oppa
HW: Don’t touch me
Boy: Oppa…who made my oppa like this? Oppa don’t be afraid. Whatever you say…we…we are your fans! We will always be with you and never leave you
HW: I…what can I do?