monsoon storm


Monsoon storms and rainbow, Tucson Arizona


Monsoon season begins in Arizona today. Here’s a dust storm (haboob) moving across the airport in timelapse view from the 2016 monsoon season.

If the signs were natural phenomena


A Volcano: unpredictable, violent and explosive.


An Earthquake: destabilizing, powerful and full of energy.


A Tornado: short but intense and stunning.


A Tsunami: imperious and capable of destroying everything.


A Fire: fast and difficult to stop.


The Fog: imposing, misty and conditional.


The Monsoon: unpredictable and unbalanced.


A Storm: powerful, dark and destructive.


A Tempest (does it exist ?): transient but full of energy.


The Blizzard: cold and relentless.


An Aurora Borealis: mystical, rare and phenomenal.


The Sunrise: symbol of a new beginning.

Summertime Moons

Aries Moon= Fireworks of the mind and emotions.

Taurus Moon=  The subtle heat pine trees give off on a cooler summer night.

Gemini Moon=  Fireflies dancing. The swiftness of summer is their mind and energy.

Cancer Moon=  Nurturing, warm waters of the pacific during summer time.

Leo Moon= The sunshine. Sands in the desert or at the beach. They are the HEAT of summer. 

Virgo Moon= The sound of insects at work in the summer time. Plants in full bloom.

Libra Moon= The few cool summer breezes.

Scorpio Moon=  Sunglasses, leather seats that burn, a strong current in the ocean, a deep water hole to explore and jump in.

Sagittarius Moon=  The dangerous wild fires of summer, mind of summer optimism, emotions like sparks from a campfire.

Capricorn Moon=  Shade under the tree in summer. Dry earth. Top down in convertibles.

Aquarius Moon=  The monsoons, hurricanes, and tropical storms of summer.

Pisces Moon=  Your favorite ice cream flavor in summer. Water parks, river tubing, pools. Also that more powerful wave you weren’t expecting. 


natgeo Video by @pedromcbride Pete McBride // The weather of the summer monsoons roll through the Grand Canyon providing precious moisture to this arid landscape. We welcomed storms for water but feared them because of flash flooding and lightning during our 800-mile hike through this remote landscape. 

Have you ever seen lightning make such crazy shapes? This bolt looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex getting ready to chomp a formation at Blue Mesa in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park. Monsoons usher in summer lightning, so explore safely and be sure to check the weather. Photo by Hallie Larsen, National Park Service.


Filmmaker and storm Chaser Mike Olbinski presents his latest work - a video tour of storm chasing in the western US in 2017. Side note - while teaching field camp up in Montana last summer, I actually managed to figure out the days we’d have severe weather by following this storm chaser and when he arrived in that state! Original caption to this video is below:

Early on this summer when I found myself down by Santa Rosa, AZ watching a gorgeous hail core fall on the stunning desert landscape, and then later that day staring at a haboob with a stacked shelf cloud above it near the border of Mexico, I had a feeling it would be a unique monsoon. It’s funny how every year is different. That’s the beauty of chasing the summer storm season out here in the desert southwest. You never know what’s going to happen or what you might see.

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I’d pick a storm over sunshine
And a windy day over a pleasant one.
Because on days like these, I can finally feel at home.
Rain isn’t a metaphor for the tears I hide or the storm in my mind.
It is happiness from an unconventional source,
It is the joy from instability, a deviation from the known.
When all others run in doors to warm themselves and feel safe,
Like always, I do the opposite.
To me it’s not just water but something magical falling from the sky.
A message from above - there’s something more than what already exists on earth.
So even if someday you feel desparetly low on love, magic or adventure, remember there’s more than what you see on earth.
And it always finds a way to come to you if you want it bad enough.

Last month there was an enormous wildfire in Sonoita that left it covered in black charred earth….and then the rains came. Now its nothing but green, green,  g r e e n  as far as the eye can see. With no old grass to compete with all the new growth is sprouting up like a phoenix from the ashes, in shades of green so incredible they’re almost hard to look at. Nature knows what it’s doing.

Forgive or Forget III

Forgive or Forget III
[Mutually putting forth and effort. Simon D & Christian]

◇ Forgive or Forget I  ◇ Forgive or Forget II

You shuffled around with your paperwork on your desk, trying to gather the new contract for your last client of the day. On one end you liked being able to leave work early for a meeting, on the other end sometimes these new client meetings could last longer than your actual shift. But anything to solidify a new partnership.

Looking at your watch you groaned. If you could wrap up this meeting in about an hour then you’d have plenty of time to stop at the grocery store and pick up Kiseok’s favorites for dinner.

But something told you that this client was going to be a pain in the ass. He already had so many demands, one of which being that you had to meet him at his restaurant of choice.

Walking out of your building, you hailed a taxi and gave Kiseok another call just to check in, to your surprise he actually answered.

“Kiseok!” you grinned brightly. “I missed you”

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