monsoon cloud


Late afternoon rains roll over Grand Canyon National Park

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Timelapse video of a summer monsoon storm spitting out a rainbow in the desert near Tucson, Arizona


I’ve always found clouds in miniature paintings interesting hence decided to do a compilation. They’re not in any order or style. Below are the names of the paintings they’re from

1. "Bakasura, the Crane Demon, Disgorges Krishna,“ Folio from a dispersed Bhagavata Purana (The Ancient Story of God) - 1690 - Bikaner

2. "Todi Ragini: A Lady with a Vina Attracts Two Deers,” Folio from a dispersed Ragamala (Garland of Melodies) - 1700 - Aurangabad

3. Maharaja Takhat Singh with a companion taking delight in the rains, Shivdas, c. 1843-1873, Jodhpur

4. Bishen Singh as a Young Man - 1780 - Uniara

5. Bundi, 1760

6.Aurangabad, 1720

7.Maharao Ram Singh II Rides on his Roof. Kota, 1851

here i procrastinate near lake tsomoriri;
with notions of cold mountain to
drown thoughts, memories of paddy
fields—an emerging aftertaste of kheer…
all of a sudden grey clouds sweep
over the firmament, some mystic plays
melody on his flute.

rain comes—away, sprigs of sallow
tuberoses in your lavish boudoir;
if the view from your window is relentless?
i hide in change, in these wetlands,
on a crude stone path, that leads
back to your tenderness.

“ruminating beyond fluff grey clouds”