monsoon cloud


natgeo Video by @pedromcbride Pete McBride // The weather of the summer monsoons roll through the Grand Canyon providing precious moisture to this arid landscape. We welcomed storms for water but feared them because of flash flooding and lightning during our 800-mile hike through this remote landscape. 


Late afternoon rains roll over Grand Canyon National Park

The little things I love about the monsoon:

1) as soon as it rains, fifty colourful umbrellas will erupt on an otherwise bleak street.

2) the drab and tired-looking middle aged man who’s out for a smoke suddenly smiles and takes a picture of the sky on his phone.

3) a group of teenage girls walks past me saying, “but we have to drink something rainy, yaar. Cutting chai, let’s have cutting chai.”

4) the green on trees is never brighter than it is after a proper downpour.

5) there’s always that one person who stands in the rain, utterly unperturbed, almost defeated by the storm. That person always makes me laugh.

6) the breeze carries that smell of petrichor. I wish it were a perfume I could bottle up and use on my wrists.

7) the inevitable person with the cartoonish smile who opens up those giant rainbow umbrellas and almost blinds a passerby.

8) all the different colours of grey in the sky.

9) the sudden spurt of life on the roads, whether it’s the honking of angry cars in traffic jams, or the way people rush across the street, covering their hair with their hands.

10) the little kids dancing and playing football in the rain.