I’m rifling through the game files tfor the BHAVs responsible for the weatherman’s messages, and found this unused STR# with two options:

You, Yes you behind the bikesheds! I Am your Headmaster, MR. MONSTER and your grades are a mess. Fix ‘em quick or you will grow up to be a hill of beans. And also, don’t think you can get off easy by not telling your parents I called. I will come to your house and I will trash your room and will eat all of your sugary cereal! Then I’ll buy some more cereal, or wait, I’LL BUY THE WHOLE STORE OUT, and will eat it all on your front lawn while you’re inside with your malt o'meal, super sorry you ever failed calculus. Also, I will forbid any student or teacher at the school to call you anything but Monsieur Marcel Duncechamp from now on. How do you like me now?

Hello, I am MR. MONSTER, your kiddo’s Princi-Pal. Something’s got to be done for reals. Your little darling is a failure and it is totally rubbing off on everyone. Just this morning I failed my field sobriety test on the way to school and had to waste two full hours explaining to the fuzz how poorly your kid is doing in its classes, which was particularly trying for me because my eyeballs were swimming in fine, oak aged scotch at the time.



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“There you are. Citizen Dorian.”

(Y/N) said, panting from climbing to the top of the highest peak of Paris – the Notre Dame – in order to find Arno. She knew too well that he must be here or some place, where he could be alone, for the night.

And there he was, sitting on the top of the bell tower.

“Monsieur Beaumont makes a speech again, doesn’t he?” He turned his head at her direction.

“Yes,” She replied and approached to him.  “And the wine doesn’t taste quite good enough. I thought it would be better if I spent time with someone who was still sober tonight.”

“How did you find me here? You don’t think that I might be drunk at somewhere down there?”

She sighed as she sat beside him. She laughed a little bit before answering;

“People who have known each other for years, Arno, how could they be such un idiot? And how come that they don’t know or can’t see something, which obviously, right in front of them like an open book?”

(Y/N) was right. He had not many places which he could retreat on a night like this – when people of République française was celebrating the anniversaries of their nation. Even at the Café Theatre; Madame Gouze and other members of the Brotherhood were celebrating as well. They invited orators and philosophers, and also musicians to perform their talents.

But for Arno, it seemed like he didn’t enjoy this annual occasion. She noticed it every time when the day came; two years ago, he volunteered to go out of Paris for a mission, and last year, he just disappeared without any words. That night she found him at the top of Les Invalides.

“Indeed,” Arno chuckled. “But I believe that there is nothing interesting for you up here.”

“Nothing?” She raised her eyebrows; a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“I think the firework show is going to begin soon.”

“I bet you, it is going to be late as usual.”

“It’s alright,” She shrugged, “Tonight, I have all the time in the world and I can wait.”

(Y/N) leaned her head against Arno’s shoulder. Again, she knew that Arno had something on his mind. She wanted to ask him about it, but she felt that he definitely didn’t want to tell her.

Arno looked at his lover, who surely had many things to ask him. She smiled at him when she was aware of his glance.

“If you have something on your mind, do ask me.”

“Certainly – I will – but not now.”

Amazement showed in his eyes. She sighed before continuing;

“The reason is I don’t want to put any pressure on you. Besides, I think you need some time to make up your mind with it.  But, if you insist, then pray tell me.”

“My though was wandering from my mind. I just only want to think about random matters. But I can’t help letting my though drifts away.” He said, looking down at the city below. Some kind of nostalgia was shown in his eyes.  

“There is nothing wrong with me, isn’t it?”

“No, there is something wrong with you, since we have met.”

Crétin…” She laughed as she shoved his arms lightly. It made him grinned as well.

“(Y/N),” He said, his voice softer. “No need to feel anxious and worry that you have done me wrong or anything likewise. Because you are much more far than all of sorrows and sadness. The truth is, you are my delight and you mean the most to me.”

(Y/N) tilted her head upon hearing his words. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. If Arno’s face wasn’t strongly filled with emotion, he might have been playing a prank on her for sure.

She was speechless for almost a minute. She though; she was drowning into the deepest of his eyes. Suddenly, a sound was whirring around, liked someone was firing guns. It woke her up from her own state – the fireworks show had already begun.

The sky of Paris was bathed with light and numerous colours, yet Arno still had the same solemn look in his face. He was waiting for her words. But she had no any single word to tell him, except for her feelings which had been overwhelming inside her bosom right now.

She leaned in to kiss Arno. As their lips met each other’s, his lips immediately captured her without hesitation until he could taste the wine from her tongue. His hands reached her waist and her face, while she gently stroked his cheek. They didn’t notice or hear the sound of fireworks anymore.

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Monsieur Fox Wool/Silk “Around the World” Scarf

Whenever summer reaches its mid-point and temperatures creep into the unbearably high triple-digits, I can’t help but look forward to fall. If not for the weather, then at least for the layering possibilities.

I was recently given a couple of items from Monsieur Fox’s “Around the World” collection, what I take to be a nod to the technological marvels of the modern age that propelled mankind through space at greater speeds, across vaster stretches, and into more sustained contact with peoples and cultures than ever before. The pocket square (about which more later) features some whimsical modes of conveyance such as a man riding an ostrich, but the scarf featured here thrums with an aesthetic beauty that channels well the grace and power of combustion as a form of transport. Hot air balloons and steam trains are rendered here in a form that calls to mind elements of both art nouveau (e.g., the steam engine wheels) and art deco (e.g., the hard lines and circles of the hot air balloons); fitting I suppose since modernity ultimately made possible this kind of mash-up of aesthetic forms.

One thing I really like about the offerings from Monsieur Fox is their price point relative to some other brands that feature similarly beautiful prints on nice wool/silk blended pocket squares and scarves. Readers of this blog know I’m a huge fan (who isn’t) of the accessories from Drake’s (I have been having nightmares recently about missing out on the insane prices on Drake’s scarves and squares during Carson Street Clothiers’ recent sale), and am slowly (on birthdays and at Christmas) beginning to build up a little collection of their pieces when the sale price is right. But I’d say the quality of the pocket squares and scarves from Monsieur Fox is at least as good as–if not better than–the same items from Drake’s. My pocket squares from Drake’s feature machine-stitched rolled edges (as do the ones I have from Etro), but the Monsieur Fox one has a beautiful fat hand-rolled and sewn edge. The springy (feel, not season) wool/silk from both companies is a great material for pocket squares because it resists wrinkles, is substantial enough to fill a pocket with a statement, has a nice soft hand, and can be worn (in my opinion at least) all four seasons. The wool/silk Monsieur Fox squares are all, like Drake’s squares, 42x42 cm (which, if you’re from the U.S., Myanmar, or Liberia, is about 16.5 inches square) and made in Italy, but they’re priced at $50, which is about half the cost of a full priced square from Drake’s. The linen squares (which are quite lovely) from Monsieur Fox are a little smaller at 30x30 cm, but also cost a little less at $35. They’re quite simple and elegant–white with a nice colored striped border–I’m thinking of getting one myself. 

The scarves are priced higher at $125, but again, relative to similar offerings from other companies this price is quite reasonable for the quality you’re getting. Though I’ve tried many times, a nice printed wool scarf for men is just not something one comes across thrifting very much. 

The colors in the scarf are perfect for the colder months, and contain a color palette that I can imagine going with almost anything in the more sombre hues of October-March. Though I staged this outfit here in the hopes of wooing cooler temperatures, I will likely wear this same combo when the mercury does finally fall and permit such a combination. The scarf is pictured here with a Barbour Beaufort I picked up off ebay (which was also a birthday gift), a now-fading denim button-down collared shirt from Luxire (believe it or not, it looked like this when I first got it), and a pair of Rancourt & Co. “Ranger Moccasins” that I wrote about some time back given to me by the folks over at MassDrop