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Star Wars Spotify - Rey’s playlist vs. other Disney characters’ playlists

Hello Reylo fandom,

due to the fact that many of us check Rey and Kylo’s official playlists on Spotify, wondering what-they-could-mean and why-they-seem-to-be-so-reylo-hinting, I’m posting something, what you may find interesting.

The important thing is that Star Wars is not the only Disney franchise, which has its own set of character playlists - some of the other ones are Disney Princesses, Marvel, Zootopia, live action Beauty and the Beast etc. 

It’s noticeable that some songs or musicians are shared by many of these lists - probably the main reason behind it is that many of these performers have contracts with Hollywood Records, owned by Disney, who wants to advertise them. It’s also clearly seen that some songs are thought by the creators of these lists (or their supervisors) to be the standard songs for f.e. young protagonists, tough female characters etc. Sometimes these playlists are meant simply to show the hypothetical music taste of the respectful characters (like in the case of The Descendants characters), or they should be treated in a humorous way (that’s definitely the case of f.e. Zootopia playlists). Songs for some other ones seem to be chosen more carefully. 

When we look at the Star Wars character playlists, it’s noticeable that the majority of them have pretty unique choice of songs, no matter if they were made for joke (f.e. Yoda’s list, which has relaxation music) or if they were made to suit the specific character’s personality/arc, featuring the songs from one or few similar genres (f.e. Han’s list, featuring mostly country and old rock songs). The sequels playlists (Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, BB8 and the First Order Stormtrooper) feature a significant amount of songs, which are featured on some other Disney character playlists (either the Star Wars ones, or from the other fandoms)

It’s highly noticeable especially in Rey’s case - from 53 songs featured on her list (I don’t count the OST tracks), only 18 don’t appear on any other Disney playlist. For a comparison: 40 from 53 songs on Kylo’s list (I don’t count OST and Star Wars Headspace tracks; I count Destruction by Joywave, which definitely was at his list at the beginning, but I can’t see it now, maybe because it can’t be seen in my country) don’t appear on any other Disney character playlist. 

Anyway, due to the fact that Rey shares many songs with other Disney playlists, I decided to write down, with how many characters she shares specific songs, and with which characters she shares the highest number of songs. It may be a helpful material, when it comes to analyzing her list.

I bolded down these ones, which may be interesting from a Reylo fan’s POV:

-the ones about love or romantic relationships (f.e. No One by Alicia Keys, Bloodstream by Transviolet), 

-the ones with romantic undertones at least in one part (f.e. That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings, Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani), 

-the ones with lyrics suitable for both friendship and romantic love (f.e. We’ll Be the Stars by Sabrina Carpenter, Army by Ellie Goulding), 

-the ones about gals not wanting to - simplyfying - deal with (mostly) guy’s awful attitude (f.e. yes girl by Bea Miller, Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé).

I bolded also Star Wars characters, who share songs with Rey.

Entire list - without any comments - is under the cut~

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