1. Giddon and Queen Bitterblue. I’m imaging him wearing that in Monsea and I felt like drawing him with a pony tail.

2. no more lord Giddon. Now he’s a full time council man. He changed a lot since the first book.  Might be because of his council work. He did devote himself to it after all. Makes me curious about what happen during that 8 year gap.  Also ranger Giddon look

3. Ball of stress Bitterblue. Undoing Bitterblue’s braid has become their routine.


graceling realm meme: 3 kingdoms - [2/3] the dells

    Variations of the animals Larch had known in Monsea lived in the Dells - normal animals, with the appearances and behaviour Larch understand and recognised. But also in the Dells lived colourful, astonishing creatures that the Dellian people called monsters. It was their unusual colouration that identified them as monsters, because in every other physical particular they were like normal Dellian animals. The had the shape of Dellian horses, Dellian turtles, mountain lions, raptors, dragonflies, bears; but they were ranges of fuchsia, turquoise, bronze, iridescent green. A dappled grey horse in the dells was a horse. A sunset orange horse was a monster.


graceling realm meme: 7 characters - [2/7] queen bitterblue of monsea

    she couldn’t get enough of the stories. or these exchanges with teddy and saf, for they were the same as the stories, the same as the midnight streets and alleys and graveyards, the smell of smoke and cider, the crumbling buildings. the monstrous bridges, reaching up into the sky, that leck had built for no reason.
    the more i see and hear, the more i realize how much i don’t know.
    i want to know everything.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what's going to happen to the line of succession in the middluns when raffin becomes king? katsa would be next in line for the throne but she's never having children and she'd be a terrible queen anyway. she wouldn't do it. could one of po's brothers step in? they're ambitious, but that would cause some serious anger, especially as there's already such a close relationship between lienid and monsea. is there a distant cousin? wouldn't that cause disruption and maybe civil war in the middluns? is the council going to step in and implement a parliament of sorts like they did in nander? how difficult will it be for raffin to convince the higher-ups and lords to let him marry bann and make him king consort? could they adopt? would it be accidental or would they actively seek out children in need of parents? wouldn't that also cause issues in middluns succession debates? variant sexualities seem fairly normalized even among royal families, although ror for some reason throws a tantrum when skye (his SIXTH SON. SIXTH!!!!) comes out. have there really never been gay monarchs in the seven kingdoms before?

bitterblue | a mix for queen bitterblue of monsea and her journey

1.) numbers | daughter 2.) leaving a trace | chvrches 3.) castle | hasley 4.) out of our depth | lauren aquilina 5.) try | sophie lowe 6.) the mystery | idaho 7.) liar liar | avicii 8.) cold front | laura welsh 9.) steady | the staves 10.) throw it away | kina grannis 11.) standing in the way of the light | birdy


keelificent  asked:

what are some fictional tropes you're a sucker for????

god i dunno why i’m always so bad at this question. i really like found families, i think that’s why i got sucked into one direction, give me a story where a bunch of unrelated people formed a tight-knit group of friends so close they may as well be family and i’m sold.

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Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself and send to ten of your favorite followers!

Sometimes I’m like ‘man am I coming at people with too much enthusiasm’ and I still worry about it but I embrace my goofiness for the most part. And just having someone as beautifully ridiculous as Fox Mulder as my fictional son helps put things in perspective like Karisa have u said ‘this is a classic case of demon fetal harvest lately? no? ok you’re still good.’

Lol actually I should probably be worried for reasons other than that if that is something I ever have to say with seriousness. I sincerely hope this is a sentence I never have to utter in my life unless I’m specifically quoting/mocking Mulder bc n o p e

Anyway!!! Um, other nice things about myself. I have a beauty mark near my lip that I really love a lot. I like my eyes!!! (I used to hate them but like brown eyes are amazing fuck anyone who says otherwise ok.) Um, I like how my hair looks when I curl it and it’s all floofy and apparently civilian magical girl according to friend Linda lmao. And lastly music is subjective and shit but man my taste in music is really rad I think~


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idk if you watch disney movies BUT if you do which one is your fave and which is your least fave

as a youth i rather enjoyed the lion king i was nOT OVERLY FOND OF PRINCESS MOVIES like i liked them but i would rather watch the lion king a million times so i guess like snow white? i dont think i watched snow white much.


Monsea s r o. is a pharmaceutical company that distributes new drugs and tests to Slovak market. Company was after not too successful redesign of product packaging and logo so there was a need to fix it up and find a best possible way how to use their leitmotive (concentric half-circles) in company’s presentation and design manual. 

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what is ur least fave meme tumblr has produced

SO MANY OF THEM DROVE ME UP THE FUCKING WALL bitch i might be and do she got a booty stick in my mind but basically if its a tumblr meme assume i want to burn it to the ground, i have a very short fuse and tumblr beats anything even remotely funny into the ground with remarkable speed