I’m not particularly political but I don’t think of this Monsanto business as political. It’s an abuse of nature and a degradation of quality in otherwise natural products that we consume. 

On the internet, you always hear people arguing from both sides. I haven’t once seen an insightful article or post defending the nefarious machinations of Monsanto as beneficial for humanity. 

If all of these countries have banned Monsanto, then why haven’t we?

Monsanto sucks, pass it on. 


Most people I talk to are NOT educated about what GMOs are, so i’m just going to go ahead and assume that a good majority of bloggers on here are not aware as well. 

GMO -  Genetically modified organism. 

Monsanto - Corporation that manufactured Agent Orange (Most common use was in the Vietnam War to KILL jungles) and is CURRENTLY manufacturing Round-up etc. 

If you’re still confused about what GMOs are, let me help. 

Blue Sky  

Coca Cola  




Procter and Gamble  


Ocean Spray  


Nature Valley  





Pepperidge Farm  


Frito Lay  





Peter Pan  







Marie Callender  

Morningstar Farms  


Betty Crocker  


Aunt Jemima  

Duncan Hines  



Good Start  




Land O Lakes  


And Dannon

Are all companies that use GMOs in their products. 

"Hey thats not a lot.. I must be okay." 

Wrong. Most of these companies are parent companies, that expand and expand and expand.. if you look on the back of something you have in your house I can almost guarantee that it will trace back to one of these companies. 

"But I still don’t know what GMOs do to me? I don’t give a fuck."

Well start giving fucks, because the food we’re eating even if it is labeled “Organic” is literally killing us.

Our Bodily Toxicity Increases - We have reproductive problems - Cancer is highly likely - and we could die. 

Now if you don’t care, and you want to continue eating the garbage you’re eating now, and let these corporations keep poisoning you. Be my guest. 

But think about your kids. If you have them now, or if you want to be a parent some day. 

This is only GOING to get WORSE if somebody doesn’t stop it now.

The MAJORITY of the world has eliminated GMO’s from their foods and has KICKED out Monsanto.. The only reason why we (Americans) have not followed is because no one cares enough.

Start caring. 

Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately

By Kaye Spector

A Mexico judge has placed an indefinite ban on genetically engineered corn.

Effective immediately, companies like Monsanto and DuPont/Pioneer will no longer be allowed to plant or sell their corn within the country’s borders.

According to Environmental Food and Justice, Judge Jaime Eduardo Verdugo J. of the Twelfth Federal District Court for Civil Matters of Mexico City wrote that the genetically engineered corn posed ”the risk of imminent harm to the environment.”

He also ordered Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture and SEMARNAT (Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales), the equivalent to the U.S. EPA, to immediately “suspend all activities involving the planting of transgenic corn in the country and end the granting of permission for experimental and pilot commercial plantings.”

The ruling means Monsanto and other biotech companies will be required to halt all activities in the country, giving collective action lawsuits initiated by citizens, farmers, scientists and other concerned parties a chance to work their way through the judicial system.

According to a local press release, Acción Colectiva [Collective Action] aims to achieve absolute federal declaration of the suspension of the introduction of transgenic maize in all its various forms, including experimental and pilot commercial plantings, in Mexico, “which is the birthplace of corn in the world.”

The ruling provides at least temporary protection for the 20,000 varieties of corn grown in Mexico and Central America.

In a similar move, the Big Island County Council in Hawaii is considering a ban on GMOs.

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Connecticut Is First State to Mandate Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

In a huge step forward for consumers’ right to know, Connecticut has passed a historic bill requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Press release from Consumers Union 

Photo by Fotolia/Yu Lan

Farm Bill gives Monsanto unbelievable powers over US food supply
December 30, 2012

While you are distracted by the horror show of the Fiscal Cliff, Congress is trying to slip by another agricultural disaster -The Farm Bill. The greatest benefit of this bill goes to the Monsanto corporation -you know the chemical bio-ag company that has been charged with piracy in India, banned in South America and Europe and who have proven to be a criminal enterprise.

The large seed manipulator Monsanto spent $7 million on this bill alone to grant itself unheard of power and authority over GMO seed in the US food supply.

Monsanto has always had the intention of complete domination of the food supply over governments, over people and all over the globe.

That is a monopoly by a mega corporation on the very food that keeps humanity alive. They want power and they want it now.

GMO seed contains pesticides -right in the seed germ, and has caused major agricultural damage in many country’s around the world, so much damage that many countries have banned Monsanto from growing any seed on their land. In India, cotton farmers lost everything to Monsanto who promised higher yields, but when crops failed over 100,000 farmers committed suicide over their losses.

While the media is concentrating on just one aspect of the Farm Bill, which is the rise in milk prices, they are ignoring the very dangerous parts.

Who Wrote This Bill and Who Benefits 

The Chairman of the Farm Bill is none other than Frank D. Lucas of Oklahoma who received large cash donations to his election campaign.

”The power of Monsanto can be seen through its contributions to Rep. Frank D. Lucas, who’s received the most money so far from Monsanto. Lucas just happens to be chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, through which every farm-related piece of legislation must pass. But he’s certainly not the only one wheel getting greased by this biotech giant,” said Dr. Mercola.

Booby Trapped Farm Bill Gives Monsanto Unprecedented Powers

This bill is booby trapped with unheard of powers given to Monsanto the Genetically Modified Seed company, which deregulates their product.

a) The bill disregards any study on pesticide seeds made by Monsanto and accelerates their products to the marketplace.

b) Unrestricted GMO growing which will invade organic farms completely.

c) Monsanto will own the master seeds to the US food supply giving the corporation a complete monopoly and power over government officials.

d) The Farm Bill states that Environmental Laws do not apply to their products even though GMO plants contain pesticides in the seed germ, and require much more pesticide applied, that run off into the water table will be allowed.

e) The bill gives the US Dept of Agriculture a Nazi like power and authority on GMO crops  over any group or agency. In essence this gives the USDA more power and authority.

f) Deadlines on approvals are enforced and make it impossible to study any new Monsanto products or GMO seeds, if the USDA cannot approve the GMO product it will AUTOMATICALLY BE APPROVED.

Whomever wrote this bill was a big-ag corporate puppet for Monsanto and the deep cuts to Food Stamp recipients will leaving people starving in the street hitting the poor with a massive and deadly attack on the very poor. 

Passing this bill takes the authority out of the hands of the USDA and gives it to a very powerful and dangerous Corporation that is entirely built around selling pesticides. Like Dow Chemicals, Monsanto is attempting to insert pesticides into plant seeds claiming they need less pesticide spraying which is a lie. Studies have found GMO plants need “more” not less pesticide spray and Monsanto profits soar because they also own patents on Round Up.

The deregulating of Monsanto GMO seed means that no organic farmer can file a lawsuit against Monsanto ever again.

The deregulation of Monsanto GMO means the corporation will control the US food supply completely and totally.

The Farm Bill Deregulation of Monsanto and GMO plants means Americans will be swallowing more pesticides than every before making them sicker and more subjected to diseases.


^ Stories you won’t read in the MSM.