Grimm fic recs - Monroe/Nick - part 2

First one here. Favorites starred. No order because I’m lazy. 

This is Called ‘Avoidance’ by Baibaba | General Audience

Monroe’s back is killing him. Takes place right after “Last Grimm Standing” episode.

Incautious by entangled_now | PG-13

Being friends is always going to be complicated for them.

Red by anon | NC-17 or rather holy hotness yes

Prompt: I absofrickinglutely love it when Monroe’s got his human face on, but his eyes go red. Love it. It’s twenty times more intimidating than when he’s going full-on wolf.

In that vein, give me Nick SCORCHINGLY turned on by Monroe in this state. He finds it mildly terrifying and undeniably thrilling, and it works its way into their bedroom. (Bonus cookies for the inclusion of sex in a darkened room with those eyes gleaming down at Nick. And wow, I just gave myself shivers.)

There are different ways of getting there (but we’re about to crash) by anon | uh, NC-17? 

Prompt: Monroe works at a music store in the mall, trying to persuade customers to choose classical over rap. Nick is the cute department store salesmen across the hall. Bonus for Roddy working with Monroe, making fun of his crush.

Don’t miss twice (when you’re shaving with a knife) by anon | PG-13

Prompt: Eddie gets ridiculously turned on when Nick does Grimm work. Maybe it’s the focus. Maybe it’s the skill. Maybe it’s the violence. He’s not really sure; he just knows he loves watching it.

Bonus points for Nick being a badass and not really realizing it.