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Marilyn Monroe photographed by George Barris on July 13, 1962.

“…I recall the time where she - it was getting dark practically, very little light, and she was on the sand there - the beach was practically deserted, and I gave her this blanket to cover her - her legs with to try to keep warm, and she was freezing, and she said to me, “George,” she says, “George, I’m really frozen.” And I said, “Marilyn, I only have one film left in the camera. Let me just make that one picture of you and let’s call it a day, we’ll start again tomorrow.” And she says, “Okay,” and she puckered up her lips as if she’s ready to throw me a kiss and she said, “George, this is just for you.” And it was a beautiful picture. Unfortunately, it was the last picture I ever took of Marilyn.“ - photographer George Barris talking about the last photo he ever took of Marilyn, which was also her last professional photograph.