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Hard to believe this was almost 7 years ago (will be in June). One of the best moments of high school even though I was a sophomore. I remember having an end of year party in my French class and having some leftover tortilla chips (why I had a Mexican staple in a French class is a mystery). Anyway, just as I was sitting down to lunch a senior came up to me and asked for some chips. I said, “Sure, what for?” and then he told me “Oh, there’s going to be a food fight.”

Sure enough, a loud chant started a few minutes later and a massive food fight broke out (on Taco Boat day no less!) and it got pretty out of control to the point where the school was put in lockdown. You’ll see in the video why. This got international coverage in the news, I kid you not.

Oh MW. Times like these are one of the few reasons I miss you.