monroe is the cutest

You just know Simon is one of those people who is SO anti-Valentine’s Day like he spends the whole lead up to it grumbling about it being just another ploy to sell meaningless, over-sentimental junk and he scowls at window displays with fluffy bears holding satin hearts. 

But he also knows how much it means to Rick and Kieren that they can celebrate Valentine’s Day out in the open like everyone else so he goes and gets supplies from Amy and sets about making the world’s worst home-made Valentine’s Day cards because they mean so much to him and he wants them to feel happy and loved but damned if he’s going to become another mindless victim of consumerist culture thank you very much. 

(He thinks he’s been really sneaky about it but there has been glitter in his hair for days and Rick and Kieren can’t stop smiling at him looking all disgruntled and glittery) 


((he knits his jumpers himself and he’s really proud of this one in particular. kieren doesn’t want to hurt his feelings but he gets intense waves of second-hand embarrassment every time simon wears it. sue and steve think it’s adorable. jem encourages him to wear it as often as possible and has at least 20 different pictures of kieren’s mortified expression.))