Monotropa uniflora

Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe, Corpse Plant

I love Monotropa uniflora. Why? Because it doesn’t fit in. While classified as a type of flowering plant, it displays mico-heterotrophy, in which a plant gets all of its energy through parasitism of a fungi. As you can obviously tell, it has no chlorophyll. It commonly grows among the roots of beech trees.

Indian pipes (monotropa uniflora)

Indian pipes, ghost pipes, corpse plant, or ghost plant? Whatever you know this plant as, it remains to be a curious specimen. This herbaceous plant is often mistaken for some kind of fungi, but is in fact a flowering plant. As its name implies, each stem has a single flower head with semi-transparent petals. This plant never ceases to amaze me! 👻👻👻

I found some.

Monotropa uniflora, often known as “Ghost Flower” or “Indian Pipe”, a flowering plant which behaves like a mushroom. It lives only in shadowy forest under-stories, taking it’s nutrients parasitically from the mycelium of mushrooms which are in turn feeding off of trees; it therefore requires a very specific set of circumstances to grow, and is often associated with Beech trees.

Because of it’s parasitic nature, it has no need to photosynthesize, and lacks any chlorophyll at all, giving it this ghostly, colorless look.


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the Pines family (including Soos&Wendy) with by flowers that represent them!! haha, this piece took me forever to finish, but i’m really happy with how it came out!!

and if anyone’s wondering how i chose the flowers, they were all suggestions that i took from people here on tumblr. so any patterns you notice in the flower arrangements is a complete coincidence. but it ended up creating interesting parallels, like Dipper and Ford both having predominantly purple/white flowers, Stan and Mabel both having really colorful flowers and Soos and Wendy both having a lot of yellow/orange flowers.

also notice, each character is interacting with at least one of the flowers. Mabel and Dipper are both holding one (with Dipper having an extra flower crown), Stan and Ford both are holding it indirectly, with Stan pinning it to his suit and Ford using his as a bookmark, and Soos and Wendy both have one tucked behind their ears.

(if you’re curious as to what flowers i used for each character, they’re listed on each piece!! just click the images)

(don’t tag ships, please!!)


Monotropa uniflora by Chaerea
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Monotropa uniflora by Chaerea
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It was such a thrill spotting a ghost plant in the wild! These ethereal looking plants are parasites. They steal nutrients from surrounding root systems, meaning they don’t need to photosynthesize.