Commissioned by Siouxsie DeFacto of the now sadly defunct Apocalypse Hardwear for a fashion show in Spring 2003. The selections and order were all hers, I just did the intro and the mixing. I probably shouldn’t even take credit for this, I was ultimately nothing more than a vessel for her creativity on this item, but I have to say I mixed the shit out of these tracks. All songs from Sonicrime Therapy by Japanese hardcore legends, G.I.S.M.

sequencer fun!

Also a useful LFO set-up. This setting creates a pulsing resonance while in play, thanks to the intensity knob [INT] and has a nice decay at stop, thanks to the envelope generator [EG]

image created with angryoctopus / synth 13

*in case you are interested in the montribe check it out


Drum Mods all done!! Closing up the mTribe with its new guts and new cool drum sounds.

I did draw a schematic but won’t be publishing it, to keep my mTribe unique, but feel free to ask for advice or go through #mod posts.

So, i’ve had my monotribe for 2 years now! For its anniversary, i decided to mod and deck out the drum parts - if interested check out my tumblr as i will be posting the process, details and more!


Here are my final components, basically tinkering for a while and getting different result

1)PONG - added an industrial resistor to the 470Ohm to get more pong on Snare Decay. Other latch is the 330 which is a more discreet pong. [upper left]

2) Click Hat - a 1M0 resistor that makes a click, the 103 capacitor gave the click more volume, so i soldered the two together and got a decent click hat. Other latch is a long splashy hat with a 250v capacitor. [upper right]

3) Long Snare Decay - doubled up two 250v capacitors to get an extreme decay from snare, the other latch is just one 250v for a shorter decay. [bottom left]

4) xSnare - Connecting the SN NOISE OUT to HH OUT to this on/off switch gives an extreme snare, nice effect but the HH volume goes down when active, good for grooves.  [bottom right]