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Hey Brian! Loved the new SVTFOE episodes! I wanted to know who the singer of the new ending song was?

Agnes Shin, singer/songwriter/producer with the K-pop outfit Monotree! She mainly writes and produces for Monotree’s artists, but she has a KILLER voice of her own.

She’s on the far right of this pic. (I’m like 80% sure. She’s not super public, and I’ve only seen her over Skype.)


JJ Project “Verse 2” Track Card 7 “그날” Jinyoung Solo | CD Only

Lyrics by Jinyoung, 적재, 추대관 (MonoTree)
Composed by 적재, 추대관 (MonoTree)
Arranged by 적재, 추대관 (MonoTree)

ONF’s LAUN “Trained with BTS…My Dream Grew While Looking at My Seniors”

[Herald POP- Reporter Park Soojung] A member of rookie boy group ONF, LAUN, shared his connection with BTS.

ONF revealed their showcase for their debut mini album “ON/OFF” on the morning of August 2nd at the YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin Ward, Seoul.

On this day, LAUN shared his special predebut experience. LAUN said, “I’ve trained with BTS before. I was 14 at the time. I was really young, and inexperienced in a lot of ways. I was able to dream of becoming a great singer while looking up to BTS.”

He continued with a smile, “I’m a fan even now. I want to have cool stages and sing lots of different songs just like BTS. As a trainee who practiced with them, I’m proud that they’ve done so well.”

ONF is a seven membered boy group, consisting of Hyojin, E Tion, J-US, WYATT, MK, U, and LAUN. WM Entertainment, the agency that created B1A4 and Oh My Girl, is attracting attention with the debut of their first boy group in 6 years.

The genre of the title track “ON/OFF,” carrying the same name as the group, is chill out house, a style that differentiates from the typical K-POP sound. MonoTree, a production team that has been recognized for their musicality, produced all the tracks.

ONF released their debut album today, and will begin promotions for “ON/OFF.”

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get to know me meme: [2/5] underrated groups i love → Stellar (2011)

“Following an unsuccessful debut with the single "Rocket Girl” in August 2011, Stellar underwent a line-up change and released “UFO” in February 2012, which fared similarly. The group began working with production team MonoTree in July 2013 and released “Study”, which experienced modest success and became their first single to chart in the top 100 of the Gaon Digital Chart. Stellar gained notoriety in February 2014, when they adopted a more “provocative” image for the release of their first extended play Marionette. The album’s title track peaked at number thirty-five on the Gaon Digital Chart, making it their most commercially successful single thus far. This stylistic change in direction would be maintained in Stellar’s subsequent releases “Vibrato” in 2015 and their second extended play “Sting” in 2016.“


‘Fall, Once Again’ official tracklist:

  1. 밀리언조각 (A Million Pieces)
    Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by Kenzie 

  2. 좋은사람 (Remember Me)
    Composed & Lyrics by Jung Joon-il
    Arranged by Kang Hwa-seong

  3. 긴 팔 (Autumn Sleeves)
    Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 북극곰 (buk guk gom) 

  4. 피아노 숲 (Piano Forest)
    Composed, Lyrics & Arranged by 4Beontaja

  5. 그냥 보고 싶어 그래 (Because I Miss You)
    Composed & Lyrics by 4Beontaja, Kim Seong-jong
    Arranged by 4Beontaja

  6. 바람 (Wind)
    Composed & Arranged by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)
    Lyrics by Hwang Hyun, Agnes Shin (MonoTree) 

  7. 안녕의 방식 (Ways to Say Goodbye)
    Composed by Cho Kyuhyun
    Lyrics by Yang Jae-seon
    Arranged by Hwang Seong-je (BJJMUSIC Hwang group) 

‘INFINITE ONLY’ Tracklist:

1. Eternity
Composed: BEE of Rphabet
Arranged: BEE of Rphabet

2. 태풍 (The Eye) - Title
Lyrics: 전간디
Composed: BEE of Rphabet
Arranged: BEE of Rphabet

3. AIR
Lyrics: 1Take, TRINITY
Composed: 1Take, TAK, TRINITY
Arranged: TAK

4. One Day
Lyrics: Razer of Rphabet, Hoya, Dongwoo
Composed: Razer of Rphabet, Hoya
Arranged: Razer of Rphabet

5. True Love
Lyrics: 이주형 (MonoTree), GDLO (MonoTree)
Composed: 이주형 (MonoTree), GDLO (MonoTree)
Arranged: 이주형 (MonoTree), GDLO (MonoTree)
Rap Making: Dongwoo, Hoya

6. 고마워
Lyrics: Razer of Rphabet, Strike
Composed: Razer of Rphabet, Strike
Arranged: Razer of Rphabet, Strike

7. Zero
Lyrics: 오레오
Composed: 오레오
Arranged: 오레오
Rap Making: Dongwoo, Hoya


They did it. Stellar released the best kpop track of 2016. every other kpop group should just go home, disband and retire. There’s no way another song could top this for me. Stellar are the true queens of kpop. pure art. Stellart.