Watching HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone with Monotasker. For Christmas he got me all 8 HP movies…with the intention that we could watch them together. Because he has NEVER SEEN A SINGLE ONE OF THEM (or read the books.)

I realize when you’ve been married four years and together 9, relationship tests don’t really happen much anymore…but um…he better like them and he better like them in the RIGHT WAY. Specifically if he doesn’t worship Hermione by the end of…oh….movie three, is that grounds for divorce?

All you need to know about Monotasker (and what his name denotes) is that he is using his Sunday morning to scan all of our “important documents” onto Dropbox so he can throw them out (or I don’t know, shred them) so there will be less clutter.


lucynola answered your question “So, Sleepnumber mattress promises (or at least strongly implies) that…”

I don’t know about the mattress but has he done a sleep study?

Monotasker’s resistance to doing a sleep study is probably one of the biggest disagreements in our marriage (which, I think, reflects how relatively conflict-free our relationship is.) He doesn’t believe it’d help, doesn’t think the snoring is that big a deal, yada yada yada. Even though everyone who EVER hears him snore (like his parents or my parents when we stay that their places) comment on just how unusually loud he is. I think he’s a pretty textbook case of sleep apnea but unfortunately, this isn’t up to me.

Monotasker has many amazing characteristics, but stubbornness is definitely up there too and its really hard to get my dear recalcitrent husband to do anything he doesn’t want to. 

I think eventually he’ll do it; I’m just waiting for it to come around and be his idea and in his own time. And until then, I’m just going to have to deal with it. (I’d say my biggest problem with the snoring isn’t just that it is loud and disturbs my sleep, but also that I think he’s choking hundreds of times per night! I’m sure he’d sleep so much better if he just got this treated. But again, not my call.) 

Followers, do any of you have positive stories about doing sleep studies and it helping with snoring?

Someone in Monotasker’s family posted a picture of them all at Niagra Falls from his childhood this week on Facebook.  He was in tears.  I asked him why and he said he was really scared.

“I thought the tour went over the falls.  I really didn’t want to go over the falls.”

Good thing he grew up to be a bit smarter.

whosaidbeingnormalwasavirtue asked:

How did you meet your husband?

Yay!  People follow directions!!

I met my husband on a tubing trip in the middle of nowhere Virginia (sort of near Charlottesville but not really.)  A friend of his from college was planning it and that friend knew a friend of mine from Ultimate Frisbee. The night before they were leaving, I went out for happy hour/drinks with my Frisbee friend and this other friend who were discussing the trip and I said “I WANT TO TUBE” and they said “YOU SHOULD COME” in the excited way only slightly drunk people can be. I then asked what was a logical question “Are there going to be any GIRLS on this tubing trip?” and the friend says “Yeah…totally…three girls are driving over from Virginia Beach…”

Now, I don’t know if these girls were figments of his imagination or merely mythological creatures or perhaps he thought if he hoped enough they would appear, but there were no girls coming from Virginia Beach. So it was me, my friend from Ultimate, and 14 guys who all graduated from UVA together, none of whom I knew.  All of whom were shit-faced by about an hour after we got there (except the DD). People were building bon-fires and walking through them. People were peeing on each other. I felt vaguely responsible for making sure all these guys made it through the night and too the river the next day.  

Once on the river however, I decided to float with one of the nicest seeming young men from the night before - who also was one of the DDs that day (and was driving me back to Northern Virginia after we were done). So we spent several hours floating down the lazy river together getting to know each other (while his friends got shit faced again and chewed tobacco and spit it on their chests and then one of them got pants accidentally in front of the cops.)  After the river, we went out to pizza in Charlottesville, talked about sports - found out we shared a love of “the Sport’s Guy” on ESPN (even though at that point he was a fan of the Yankees which was a SERIOUS problem), and then he drove me back to Northern Virginia. When he dropped me off at the Metro station, he asked for my number - he called a couple days later - and well, the rest is history. He is now Mr. TCFKAG (or Monotasker if you prefer) and I generally avoid being the only girl at guys weekend with his friends…you know….if I can. :-)

I forgot to report back!

The cheesy rolls came out wonderfully.  Also, Monotasker has declared his culinary goal for the to “perfect homemade bread and rolls.”  This is his thing - he takes on one culinary task at a time to perfect. First it was steaks (and other grilled meats.)  Then it was hamburgers.  For awhile it was risotto.  Then there was apple pie (and other pies sometimes).  

Now it is BREAD.  He is the best.  I love him so much.