Before you say “Hello No” the active ingredient in these product is micronazole nitrate , an anti fugal agent. Well the chemical structure in these creams is similar to that of Ketoconazole which has been known to block a hair killing hormone that’s responsible for most hair loss in men as well as women.
I’m posting it now because a friend of mine has been using it to regrow her edges and in less than 2 weeks, her edges grow back fuller than before. She said that she mixes it with her regular moisturizer as well as coconut oil.

she said that she got headaches when she used it by itself, but they went away when she diluted it and used it while wearing braids, she saw a sprout in growth when she took the braids out.

So don’t use it alone if you do decide to try it. There also youtube video testimonies about theses creams. Please do check them out before you try. Be very careful & try at your own risk.

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