Submission call! Working It Spring 2016

Super open but if you need a start, tell me about and/or draw the first sex worker you ever met!

Otherwise, send me anything you want to share or get off your chest!
Running columns are:
Best/worst tips
Client hall of shame
Spread legal (educational column discussing either an aspect of government or legislation or law in your area)
Go to Health: sexual and reproductive health, we’ve done the new gonorrhea, syphilis, how to do a safer bbbj…
Tales From the SHIFT: your best or worst or funniest or most average shift. What’s it like where you work? Did that new girl seriously show up to work with pink eye AND a giant box of monostat and then pee all the way to the dressing room? (True story)
Ugly mugs/bad dates.

And all your art and stories and ideas!!!

You get $25 or a $25 Fred Meyer/Kroger gift card, and I still owe Brandi and @deebott I haven’t forgotten I’ve just been excruciatingly poor and will be until February but CAN pay you next week.

This is a silly time to post so I’ll reblogging it tomorrow but please do spread this around!! And if you have ordered the winter issue and back orders I will get to them as soon as possible, having an 8-5 job has sort of stunned me I’m not used to having to run errands in the tiny scraps of time left usable between work and sleep.