it is my headcanon that the signless could seriously kick your ass. he just wouldn’t bother until you hurt his friends.

Signless | Disciple | Photographer

I wanted to take a moment to thank monosketch, whose design for the Signless was my inspiration for making this cosplay.  I knew I wanted to do a design that wasn’t the Righteous Leggings, and we worked out a very nice design that I want to use in the future, but for an amount of detail work appropriate to this shoot I needed a different design.

Then monosketch’s version popped up on my dash and I just shat my pants.  It was my headcanon come to life - the Signless, being badass, looking awesome and tough, and I just had to make it.

While I changed some design aspects because (a)I’m not a big buff man, and (b)I wanted to avoid references to the Signless’ post-mortem sign, it was a huge inspiration and I just wanted to say thank you.

so thank you, monosketch, for drawing the Signless as I imagine him!  Your art is wonderful.