kate-lusive asked:

Tell us six random facts about yourself and when you're done send it to ten favorite followers!

Ooooh! Uh okay!

1. I have three tattoos: a quill on my left wrist, an anatomical heart on my right wrist, and “XIX” (the number 19) on the back of my neck.

2. You know how at 3D movies they give you the glasses so you can see the 3D? My eyes can’t do that. I have naturally monoscopic vision, meaning I don’t perceive depth very well. My brain corrects the issue for the most part, but with 3D glasses, it’s just like “fuck this.”

3. I keep a note in my phone of good names for bad indie bands. Wig Bastard Funeral. Glittermeat. Chrysanthemum George.

4. My favorite book has been Wicked by Gregory Maguire since I was eight.

5. My toes are cold right now and it’s THE WORST THING RARRRRGH I really hate being cold.

6. Once I was changing the outfit on a mannequin at the store I worked at and his magnetized arm came off and backhanded me across the face. I got backhanded by a mannequin.

YouTube Confirms Stereo 3D 360 Video Support Coming ‘Soon’

After recently adding support for 360 degree videos to YouTube, the company now says that 360 + stereoscopic 3D video support is on the way. The streaming service currently supports 360 or 3D videos, but not both together.

Now, a tweet via Google’s YouTube Creator network indicates we can expect further movements towards ‘full’ virtual reality support. The tweet suggests that we can expect stereoscopic 3D support to be added to 360 videos ‘soon’, adding a much needed element of immersion to YouTube’s VR video platform. Although 360 degree content when done right can be extremely compelling in monoscopic form, stereo 3D is widely accepted as a presence enabler for immersive content like VR video.

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