We can have spaces to discuss our experiences as mixed raced people...but can we stop throwing mono-racial PoC under the bus?

Okay.  I know this isn’t exactly fandom related but its something that I wanted to talk about and say my peace on.  I would rather get it out than sit here stewing over it and getting infuriated every night.  And for context, yes I am a mixed black woman, so this whole issue feels wrong to me in so many ways.  

There are mixed individuals who benefit from colorism and privileges that other mixed (and mono-) individuals do not.  And there are mono-racial people who, because they are already racially privileged, benefit over mixed raced PoC. Both are true and you don’t need to invalidate one to acknowledge the other.  BUT mono-racial doesn’t give you privilege over mixed raced PoC by default.  That’s where our intersections come in and that’s when its time to listen and understand instead of throwing mono-racial PoC under the bus.  

So, can we not try to claim ownership of experiences that mono-racial PoC experience (you know, the same things we can experience too))? We’re not the only ones who deal with identity issues, we aren’t the only ones who get the “but what are you really” microagressions.  They do too, and that’s like Racism 101 stuff.  This Us vs. Them crap is getting ridiculous.  

*I’m not trying to speak for or devalue anyone’s individual experience, this is based off my own personal ones.  If anyone wants to read more of my opinion on this just hit the “read more”.  

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Why do couples borrow cultural elements for their wedding, and how can you do so respectfully?

Many Anglo-Americans have such a mishmash of culture that they have few or no traditions that hold significant meaning for them. Perhaps people are inclined to like culture, symbolism, rituals, and traditions. Maybe they seek these out in other cultures because they don’t have any of their own. Perhaps people seek to set themselves apart from a family or culture that they don’t wish to be a part of or celebrate.

The comment linked here is from a biracial woman in Scotland who has to deal with some woman who not apart of her culture assuming to tell her about how she’s appropriating her own culture. 

I’m so sick and tired of people who feel like because you don’t look enough like you’re apart of the culture and/or that they’ve done enough research on a culture you grew up in, they can question your identity and the things that you use to create a meaningful experience. 

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22, 33, 37 for the ME asks!!!

Citadel, Illium or Omega?
omega! im lowkey highkey in love with aria

What’s your favourite alien race and why?
the asari! 1. because i am so gay (i know they’re monorace but like– im so gay) and 2. they’re so cool!! they can have kids with all races by wooshing into their b r ain and they can live so long!!! only cons: no eyebrows

What do you wish for in ME: Andromeda?
GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY. also space exploring

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So I recently found out that my mother's white parents initially disapproved of my mother marrying my white/Hispanic father. I was shocked because for as long as I've known them my grandparents have always come off as very progressive, tolerant people. Anyone have any similar stories?

I realized, upon leaving home and interacting with people other than my community, that my neighborhood, and by extension, much of my family, were not the loving, caring folks towards all others, but racist and xenophobic bigots towards anyone deemed not black, including latinos. My father was most outward about his prejudices. And my mother’’s family is afrolatin. 

-Mod Yarri