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Wait what happened with the gay uprising in your school???

Okay, story time.

My high school was a public school with only 3 people out of the closet. A couple of girls we all vaguely saw holding hands and kissing a few times but nobody knew them, and myself. 

When I started dating my girlfriend during my second year, I was pretty chill about it, I didn’t really care and her either, so we just did what every other couples did. She was still very private in her own way so people didn’t come to her that much, but I had the reputation to be a little too chill about it all. After a week or so, every two days someone would come to me to tell me they were bi or gay, a lot of my own friends did. One of my dude friends even wanted to talk to me in private so badly, I thought he was gonna ask me out and I freaked out… I only stopped screaming “PLEASE NO” when he yelled “I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU, I AM GAY TOO YOU DUMBASS” at me. All those people ended up befriending each other so in the end, we were a group of approximately 40 friends, with only like 5 totally straight people among us.

Our group of friends was very large so we were rarely all together, but when we were, well, we were kinda noticeable. So the other students started noticing too how girls and boys were holding hands and kissing, so other people started coming out in other groups and asked me about coming out stuff too. And it went on and on for a year. We started at 3 queer people and at the end of the year, the private High School of the same city was calling us The Gay High School.

Long story short, I was gay Moses in my second year of High School.

Game night

*slytherins are gathered in their common room trying to figure out what game to play.*
2nd year: “what about uno?”
Other 2nd year: “dude we played that last week”
3rd year: “Well what about Go fish?”
4th year: “What are we? Children? No let’s play Battleship ”
2nd year: “Oh and Go fish is a child’s game.”
1st year: *quietly from the edge of the couch* “what about Monopoly?”
Litterally the entire house: “NO!”
*1st year falls off the couch backward*
Other 1st year: “Wait why not? What’s wrong with monop-”
Prefect: “Don’t say it’s name…. we don’t talk about ‘the game that shall not be named’”
*house falls silent*
6th year: “So many friendships torn apart. So much violence.” *starts crying*
Yet another 1st year: “What the fuck is going on?”


Hadn’t seen this posted yet. Was re-watching Soph’s behind the scenes TSN shoot vid and this one popped up. So enjoy Kaylyn, Jonelle, Steph, and Marie play monop deal curtesy of Soph

“Protège-slip plat micro aéré voile doux enrichi à l’aloe vera. Il n’y a que les bras de votre homme qui vous protègent aussi bien.”

Merci du conseil, Monop ! La prochaine fois que j’ai une fuite de cyprine et que je suis en rade de protège-slips, je vais m'essuyer la foufoune sur l’avant-bras musclé de mon mec. Il sera pas déçu du voyage, le Jean-Bernard !

  • Abby: Alex Morgan... How do I begin to explain Alex Morgan?
  • Lauren: Alex Morgan is flawless.
  • ARod: I hear her pink prewrap is insured for $10,000.
  • Syd: I hear she does tampon commercials in Japan.
  • Tobin: Her favorite game is Monop Deal.
  • HAO: One time she met Taylor Swift on tour–
  • KO: -And she told her she was pretty.
  • Ash: One time she scored against me on a PK. It was awesome.