Game night

*slytherins are gathered in their common room trying to figure out what game to play.*
2nd year: “what about uno?”
Other 2nd year: “dude we played that last week”
3rd year: “Well what about Go fish?”
4th year: “What are we? Children? No let’s play Battleship ”
2nd year: “Oh and Go fish is a child’s game.”
1st year: *quietly from the edge of the couch* “what about Monopoly?”
Litterally the entire house: “NO!”
*1st year falls off the couch backward*
Other 1st year: “Wait why not? What’s wrong with monop-”
Prefect: “Don’t say it’s name…. we don’t talk about ‘the game that shall not be named’”
*house falls silent*
6th year: “So many friendships torn apart. So much violence.” *starts crying*
Yet another 1st year: “What the fuck is going on?”

“Protège-slip plat micro aéré voile doux enrichi à l’aloe vera. Il n’y a que les bras de votre homme qui vous protègent aussi bien.”

Merci du conseil, Monop ! La prochaine fois que j’ai une fuite de cyprine et que je suis en rade de protège-slips, je vais m'essuyer la foufoune sur l’avant-bras musclé de mon mec. Il sera pas déçu du voyage, le Jean-Bernard !


Hadn’t seen this posted yet. Was re-watching Soph’s behind the scenes TSN shoot vid and this one popped up. So enjoy Kaylyn, Jonelle, Steph, and Marie play monop deal curtesy of Soph

  • Abby: Alex Morgan... How do I begin to explain Alex Morgan?
  • Lauren: Alex Morgan is flawless.
  • ARod: I hear her pink prewrap is insured for $10,000.
  • Syd: I hear she does tampon commercials in Japan.
  • Tobin: Her favorite game is Monop Deal.
  • HAO: One time she met Taylor Swift on tour–
  • KO: -And she told her she was pretty.
  • Ash: One time she scored against me on a PK. It was awesome.