The Boss! ;P

Ahahaa! Feelin’ like a Magician eh?! But not really :D

It’s just basically the “Monopoly Season” just come back.. Urghh, and it’s pretty funny at my work coz’ some of us were wearing this kinda Hat and some of us just wearing the regular hats/visors while working.. While I’m wearing it, it’s so gay coz’ it falls off from my head and maybe the Hat is too big for me, that’s why! LOWLLL! :))

Anyways, hahaa! Can’t wait for tomorrow, we’re goin to have a Fall Crew Meeting 2011 and all the Branches of McDonalds-Vacnouver are gonna be there too, on the said event.. Gotta meet new people and more raffle prizes will be given away.. Rather than that there’s a Movie follow after the Meeting and take note, it’s a Paid Meeting so it’s a good one.. Just go there and sit there for 2 hours.. You can have a chance to win some Prizes(iPods, iPad/iPad2, PsP3 and many more) Free Movie after and they’ll Paid you for it..

Wheiwww! It’s gotta be more FUUUUUN! Hahahaa!