monopoly is a shit game

Monopoly With the Derps
  • Chilled: God...god if you're there give me a Four.
  • GaLm: Give him a Five God.
  • Smarty: *lowly* five, five , five
  • Dice: 4 & 1
  • GaLm Smarty and Ze: *Laughing at Chilled's pain*
  • Chilled: *Does not look pleased*
  • Game: Don't give up. Persistence is the key to success
  • GaLm and Smarty: *Still Laughing*

i just wanna be domestic with michael clifford. cheesy shit like cooking dinner together, watching movies together, going food shopping together, going to the beach together, meeting up with his or my family on weekends, hanging out with each other’s friends, beating each other up over video games and monopoly. holy shit i’m so sad, someone get me michael asap