monopoly game board

Signs playing Monopoly

Aries: Gets all the best chance cards

Taurus: Is always the one stuck in pay-rent territory

Gemini: Manages their finances like a boss

Cancer: Manages to avoid being bankrupt at the last second

Leo: Buys almost every single property they land on

Virgo: Takes extremely long to finish a turn

Libra: Always wants to be the banker

Scorpio: Leaves the game in frustration

Sagittarius: Poker face 

Capricorn: Swears a lot 

Aquarius: Has their moves all planned out while waiting for the slow-ass people

Pisces: Multi-tasks while playing

  • Aries: is in jail like the entire time
  • Taurus: only buys freaking boardwalk and refuses to trade it
  • Gemini: tricks Cancer into making dumb property trades
  • Cancer: didn't know how tf to play the game two hours ago
  • Leo: refuses to play unless given the game token they want
  • Virgo: the no nonsense banker
  • Libra: tells Gemini to play fairly but is lowkey stealing money from the bank
  • Scorpio: will probably ruin a friendship/relationship by the end of the game
  • Sagittarius: overspends way too much and goes bankrupt first
  • Capricorn: acts like they are the Wolf of Wall Street
  • Aquarius: is all about the "secret" strategies
  • Pisces: is unknowingly in first but quits half way because the game is too long
Headcanon: How the Avengers would play Monopoly

Author’s note: Sorry this so long, I got carried away after playing a 7 hour game of monopoly ,anyway!

Warning: a few cuss words, not much 

 -So there hasn’t been a disaster in almost 3 months

-They’re bored out of their minds

-Clint especially 

-He’s begging everyone to do something with him 

-Like Anything

-He finally suggests a game of monopoly

-Steve is like “No, Clint, that takes hours” 

-Tony is all for it 

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Wanted a new Metroid game so bad, I couldn’t wait and made my own instead. Play as all your favorite Metroid characters including Samus, other Samus, the baby Metroid, Adam’s helmet, Teenage Ridley, and the car!

Bonus points, it’s the sequel to Fusion you’ve been waiting for 15 years to play!

Now where’s my DMCA award?*

*it’s worth noting this game is a parody.

Newsies Monopoly Headcannon

• One day, Kath decides to bring Crutchie, Jack, Les, Spot, Race, and Davey monopoly when they all are hanging out.
• While setting up, Kath and Jack start arguing about who is. Kath ends up banker, but only got that on the term that whenever Jack lands on her property he pays half the rent. Jack gives out the property cards/houses.
• Just as they are about to start Davey just says, “What’s Monopoly?” and everyone loses it.
After the uproar, Jack says Davey and him can play together.
• At first everyone thinks Crutchie is easy to manipulate/a horrible player but he is actually better then all of them
•Jack is a good player, but Davey is too polite/doesn’t listen to Jack at all.
• Kath isn’t bad but she isn’t good- she’s the fine line between the two
• Les is really good at striking a deal(maybe because no one can say no to him)
• Spot ends up becoming bankrupt by his seventh turn because whenever he lands on anything Crutchie and Race keep saying ‘You better not buy that… You’ll go bankrupt’ ‘That’s really expensive Spot. You sure you can pay for it?’ while Spot just looks at them defiantly and hands Kate the rest of his money.
• On Spot’s next turn he lands on Race’s property(which already has a house) and has to mortgage half his property just to pay the rent.
• He gets out on his next few turns because he lands on another property he just needs to buy.
• The only reason Race doesn’t get out of the game before Spot is because he’s in Jail half-the-time
• Every single time Jack and Davey land on someone else’s property unnoticed Davey will start to say something about it while Jack covers Davey mouth with his hand.
• At the end of day, it’s only Les and Crutchie playing until they decide neither one of them is going to win so they just do a draw
• They all decide to play monopoly every Friday after school and order pizza even though they all stay up until about midnight and then sleep over at whoever house they play at(usually Davey’s because their parents don’t want Les sleeping over at anyone else’s house yet)
• Sarah and Kath meet each other through the games of monopoly but Sarah refuses to play but instead becomes the banker
• No one notices that she passes extra money to Kath from time to time
• Jack and Davey always play together even though Dave is the reason Jack and he will lose more than half-the-time
• Everyone knows why Jack is still partners with Davey, but don’t say anything about it because no one wants to hear Jack rant for hours about how he isn’t in love with Davey Jacobs(again) • No one will let Jack forget, that he and Davey came out by Jack kissing Davey to make him shut up about landing on Crutchie’s property
• Of course it didn’t work because Crutchie already had an idea that they were dating
• The game always ends with Crutchie and Les drawing for winner, while everyone else is laying around waiting for them to finish

Signs as a Board Game
  • Aries: Cards Against Humanity
  • Taurus: Monopoly
  • Gemini: Imaginiff
  • Cancer: Game of Things
  • Leo: Taboo
  • Virgo: Ticket to Ride
  • Libra: Scattergories
  • Scorpio: Arkham Horror
  • Sagittarius: Apples to Apples
  • Capricorn: Settlers of Catan
  • Aquarius: Poker
  • Pisces: Betrayal at House on the Hill

Better luck next time,Zoro…

ROBIN-SAN YOU KILLED HIM !! Now hes dead like me,yohoho!

*everyone else losing their shit*

so i saw another one of those meme things going around and it had to be done

sequel to this

games i need dan and phil to play

- literally every silent hill idc that they’ve played them countless times on their own i need this
- monopoly (yes the board game)
- the last of us
- life is strange (haha i love pain)
- the original sims
- more quizzes
- guild wars 2 even tho most people wouldn’t understand shit i need this more than air
- really bad otome games
- nintendogs
- final fantasy vii purely for demon reasons