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so so so so so excited because this time next week I’ll be in Norway!

Dooooooooooooooooone! That Monopoly Draw the Squad meme with the Five Night’s at Freddy’s guards plus Purps and the Violet guy. 

All of these designs all of them are © @blasticheart (I am very sorry for using them for such a goofy thing ><)

I changed some expressions from the original meme to be in character as well

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punkahoy  asked:

You're playing God. You're playing Old Testament God. Never mind fanfics about one half of a ship dying in a plane crash--having them play Monopoly is a the shortest way to hell. Monopoly is out of bounds even in BDSM marriages. Monopoly is Greek for "I have too many friends." The Duffers explicitly said in the writers' room, "DO YOUR WORST--BUT NO MONOPOLY PLOTLINES."

Honestly dude I just played monopoly and I think my marriage is crumbling. Also my best friend left the house after flipping the board 😂😂

Joah (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: i’m so excited, can you please write a scenario were the reader is with jay, and as a gift for their anniversary he makes a new video clip for solo or another of his few love songs with clips of her and them together, please!!!!!! Im begging (+ details given later through message)

    When you awoke, your apartment smelled different. The usual fresh smell of laundry was replaced by vanilla, toast, and what seemed like bacon, though it was disguised slightly by the other smells. Then you heard footsteps in your kitchen, and you almost reached for the bat next to your bed, your heart jumping, before you remembered what day it was, which explained who it would be. It was your one year anniversary of dating Jay, and it seemed like he had come over to cook you breakfast.

    You climbed out of bed, taking a moment to fix your hair in the mirror before pulling on a hoodie over your pajamas and walking out of your room. Jay looked back at you with a sweet smile, the sunlight reflecting on him off the metal of the sink making him look almost angelic. “Good morning, babe.”

    “Morning, Jay!” you replied, walking into his arms for a hug. He kissed your forehead and then said,

    “Happy anniversary.”

    “Happy anniversary!” you repeated, and then he slipped out of your arms to go and flip the French toast that was cooking on the stove.

    “Thanks for this,” you said as he set two plates on the table five minutes later and sat down across from you. “It looks amazing.”

     “Thank you!” he said, “Hyukwoo taught me how to do it.”

     You laughed. “That makes sense. I was wondering how you suddenly knew how to cook.”

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I notice that there are still people who don't believe this is actually me running this blog ...

Hi! I’m Bex Taylor-Klaus. I’m a Leo, I’m not totally sure what that means, but I’m sure it’s Astrology for “awesome.”

Seriously though. This is Bex. I act a little. You might know me from things. Or you might not. I don’t know your brain. You might just follow me cause you saw the dog in my picture and thought that was me. If that’s what happened, I’m so sorry. This must have been a sad realization … Go find the puppy. You need it.

I know internet trolls and fake accounts exist all over the place, but this is not one of them. Although you should be warned – it probably gets weirder here than it would if this were a fake!

So the point is I’m real. And to the lovely followers who put up with me, I love you all. Seriously. You guys are the sweetest and I really am grateful to every one of you!

To the non-believers who unfollowed me, you’re never gonna see this so there is zero point to me continuing to type. Right. Awesome.

It is currently 3am and I have to go shoot a television show in a few hours. I feel like this whole post went off the tracks a while back … Hope you enjoyed -_-

Bex T-K
Supreme Ruler of Bexico, Batman’s number one competitor, and total freaking nutball.