The tortured Internet undoing of YouTuber Marina Joyce
“It’s a common thing for misinformation to be spread on the Internet,” one of her friends said.

So, as someone who has no stake in this mess - I didn’t know this girl’s name until it started monopolizing my Twitter timeline yesterday - I’ve been watching it unfold with an almost forensic socioanthropological interest. And this article goes a long way toward summarizing my observations.

For what it’s worth, her fans have a point. Weird shit is/was clearly going down. And now, her own responses seem to point to her taking a certain amount of pleasure in the fact that she garnered so much publicity that she could turn into revenue from this incident - which, at best, indicates a blatant disregard for fans who were giving themselves coronaries about her welfare, and at worst indicates that this was the sickest kind of publicity stunt. So yeah, there’s clearly a lot at play there.


That hashtag was a royal mess.

And this is symptomatic of a much larger problem in fan communities in general, one that’s become particularly acute in YouTube fandoms. The porous, fourth-wall-free space on YouTube affords us a deeper connection with the content creators we follow. We feel we’ve bonded with them. And in some ways, we’re right.

But we need to, as a fandom - not as Marina Joyce’s fandom, but as fans of YouTube creators - sharpen the shit out of our understanding of boundaries.

Look, I don’t know Marina Joyce from a hole in the ground. Her behavior seems strange as hell to me, as it does to the people who actually follow her. I’m not willing to discount any possibility, from drugs to mental illness to criminal activity to a shitty partner. But both she and law enforcement have both attested to her welfare. And that needs to be adequate.

There are many, many explanations for what’s actually going on here, and seeing her fans work themselves up into a tizzy over sleuthing out the root cause really hurts to see, because I know firsthand how painful that level of anxiety for someone you love can be. But the bottom line is this: 

She says she’s okay. And even if that’s a lie, it’s hers to tell.

I know that’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth, and there is no respectful alternative than to accept it.

Whatever is going on with her may be (indeed, probably is) extremely private. I would certainly be reticent to discuss the nitty gritty of my private life with hundreds of thousands of people, and I’d become that much less so as people inundated me with actual demands that I “prove” my okay-ness to them.

If this were a bigger YouTuber - if this were Grace Helbig or Shane Dawson or the Vlogbrothers or Lilly Singh or Joey Graceffa - if it was their mentions on Twitter or their Tumblr tags that were full to bursting with this kind of desperate, pained analysis, we’d be on that shit like white on rice about respecting the privacy of content creators. That Marina Joyce is younger, that she has a smaller channel, the demographical composition of her audience - none of those should vacate her right to keep whatever is going on to herself. Her behavioral changes are certainly cause for concern, but they do not negate her right to privacy. And in this case, lines between simple concern and parasocial interaction-driven obsessional behavior have been pole-vaulted over.

And that shit needs to come to an end. Now.

I actually don’t like having a co-counselor very much. I’m not really a natural leader or anything, but I have my way of doing things and if you interfere with that, it irritates me. Last night I felt my co (not my regular one; the ‘extra’ who works in a different role and sometimes helps out with my cabin) kind of derailed the really great conversation we were having at the end of the night by complaining about “the expectation for everything to be sexual”. When he phrased it like that, I agreed, but he went on to elaborate that he’s annoyed by all the discussion about whether there are going to be any LGBTQ characters in Star Wars. “I don’t think kids should have to watch a movie and see a character they look up to and think, ‘oh, I like that character, this means I should be that sexuality also’.” I wasn’t able to roll my eyes and interrupt him because I’d started the discussion by saying we weren’t going to respond directly to comments to argue with them, as per the standard rules, but… I think I want to confront him about that when I see him again.

Fuck you, I’m trying to be positive representation here and preach acceptance, your 'what-if-Star-Wars-turns-kids-gay’ homophobia disguised as equality is just cramping my style.


quick facts:

  • dedicated to marine conservation, a ceo of his own (yet undecided) company. life goal is to monopolize the fishing industry so he can ensure that humane fishing standards are upheld.
  • 90% of his mansion home is aquarium, which houses not only him but “homeless” sea creatures who keep it clean in return for food and board. humans who call it a collection may or may not be fed to the sharks.
  • only wears his glasses out of the water; underwater he doesn’t need them
  • seems stern as hell but he’s really just stressed half to death
WiMax, Wi-Fi and 3G will stand like the legs of a tripod There is not one to win finally

The foreign media reports, the organization In-Stat of research pointed out a few days ago, WiMax, Wi-Fi and three kinds of wireless broadband technology of 3G would coexist for a long time, no single technology can corner the market.

According to British media, In-Stat claims: “Each technology has one’s own advantage and inferior position, so these three items of technology will coexist for a long time, vie each other. ”

Wi-Fi is regarded as “ The focus ” ,Mainly the extensive arrangement of developed country, such as U.S.A. and Europe. As the wide area Mesh system, are mainly adopted by local governments and schools.

And WiMax is mainly wireless and moving and inserting the solution to dispose as being fixed, take shape and compete with 3G. In some super developed countries, WiMax application in the mobile field is even more important. (have a match and guide the network)

Microsoft rejects or gets into and monopolizes the dispute again black

If you the intersection of speciality edition and pirate user, Windows XP of Microsoft, computer of you know, “ reject while being wicked ” right away every other hour probably today then Once, this is “ reminded with good intention ” from Microsoft’s anti-pirate action .

But Microsoft this piece remind, while indicating to be determined to attack the pirate, aggravate it copy endure “ monopolizes ” that query to the fullest extent already Its name.

Office includes in proving for the first time

From today, Microsoft launches the value-added plan of the new round of legal copy, this plan including Windows legal appreciation plans the notice (“ WGA notice ” )And Office legal appreciation plans the notice (“ OGA notice ” ).

According to this plan, if Windows XP users have not proved, the desk-top background will turn into pure black after users get up to enter in starting up through WGA, though users can reset the background, will reject black once again every other hour; Users will cut off the communication frame while logging on, a communication frame notified permanently and reminded continuously appears in the screen right lower side, reveal “ you may be a victim of the software pirate ”

This is that Microsoft includes Office in the legal copy to verify in the plan for the first time, shown as Office users in the first to 14 days after proving that fails, will receive relevantly and remind. Prove that will be added the visual mark in Word of Office software, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook menu column after failing for 30 days.

Skill that has already been analysed and explained now on net

“Introducing WGA and OGA is legal copies for helping users to screen Microsoft XP system and Office software that install in the computer, help those to install and use the users of the pirate software to avoid encroaching on in ignorant cases. ” Microsoft the intersection of Chinese and the intersection of customer end and products commercial forest, director of market, clever to realize, claim.

However, “ well-meaning warning ” as to Microsoft ,Consumers seem not to buy it.

Since Microsoft is from releasing the new round of legal appreciation of it to plan the notice on the 15th, more than half consumers have taken a stand, can’t understand the method of Microsoft and show repugnantly. Meanwhile, numerous net friends send the card one after another, “ teach ” Reply “ reject black ” Way to analyse and explain.

Or strengthen and monopolize the crisis

The most severe in this history of Microsoft “ The anti-pirate ” The measure, except causing numerous consumers’ dissatisfaction, analysts think too, Microsoft will initiate its monopoly crisis in China this time or.

Gather together the intellectual property right lawyer of lawyer’s office to visit the cloud front yard to show in Shanghai, what Microsoft planned to implement recently proves the regular black measure that rejects to the pirate software, Microsoft can revise the computer that installs pirate software to set up through automatic updating, obviously, just possess and abuse the ascendancy of market through the pirate software, for example change the operating system to set up, ability to attack rival’s software.

Visit the cloud front yard to show, according to these situations, the computer that installs pirate software should be charged to the market share of Microsoft too.

It is reported Beijing the intersection of Bank of China and the intersection of lawyer’s office and Dong big lawyer investigate the application about anti-momopoly of Microsoft, pass on Department of Commerce national development and reform committee, deal with already August, development and reform committee price supervise department take place already inform by letter accept formally.

The attcking/defending history of Microsoft’s anti-pirate is recorded

1995, Microsoft introduce sequence number in Windows series software for the first time, hereafter until 2001, Windows 95/98 / Me, Windows 2000 follows measure of this anti-pirate.

From the year 2001 till now, put out Windows products and activate the mechanism in Windows XP, it requires you to input one and early edition and are made up of 25 characters the samely.

In 2004 - 2006, Windows legal appreciation tried the plan.

2007, Windows Vista: WGA assembly and products are activated and regarded as Windows software protection platform integration in Windows Vista. Will lose some characteristics through verifying, will return to and “ simplify the functional mode ” finally if unable ,Most Windows characteristics will totally bring to rest at this moment.

On August 15, 2008, beautify the author of the revised edition Windows XP, tomato garden of software download websites ( in the tomato garden Head Hong Lei is detained for criminal act by the police in Suzhou.

On October 20, 2008, the value-added plan of the new round of legal copy, is mainly shown as “ rejects black ” .

this started as a response to that anon but then i realized it was getting hella long, so here’s a separate post about 


seminar personalities are based on a variety of factors, including class size, teaching style, comfort level, preexisting interpersonal dynamics, level of investment (in seminar and grad school as a whole), and mood. there are a few constants, though, and i will characterize them by harry potter characters because that’s how my brain is working right now.

  • HERMIONE. has somehow managed to get to every single assigned reading, as well as the entire bibliography of every author on the syllabus. has she slept? probably not. will she monopolize conversation? probably yes, often by bringing in critics or works you’ve never heard of. she is an invaluable resource and is always happy to direct you to useful sources. befriend her and your inbox will never run dry (of JSTOR articles that made her think of you).
  • RON. did he finish any of the readings? probably not. why is he in graduate school? unclear. he spent the summer hiking and is probably the most normal dude in your whole program. a source of good cheer, off-topic questions, and reminders that there is life outside of work.
  • HARRY. caught in the perpetual, resentful paradox of obsessing over the job market but wanting to retain some semblance of happiness. deals with his crushing fear of failure by employing gallows humor and writing increasingly bizarre papers on increasingly obscure topics because time isn’t real and none of us are getting jobs anyway. prefers seminars that allow autonomy and/or provide professionalization training.  
  • LUNA. every seminar has at least one (1) theory bro. if you are not this bro, then at least half of what she* says sounds like abstract nonsense. however! her insights are often extremely wise and meaningful, so you need to either learn to speak the language or become proficient at translating. U Chicago has a generator, in case you need practice. you could also open literally any book by judith butler and try to decode a random paragraph. (*most theory bros are male, in my experience, but my roommate is one and she is a #blessing). 
  • REMUS LUPIN. mild-mannered mediator. does a lot to facilitate discussions, especially if the professor favors a laissez faire approach, and can translate between the theory bro and the rest of the world. generous and helpful in a very lowkey way. can respond to any totally incoherent question you ask with an answer that makes you sound like a genius.
  • OLIVER WOOD. one-track mind, god bless him. complete expert on a very specific topic, little to no interest in anything else. he’s on a mission and if the content of the discussion doesn’t fit, he will make it fit. missions range from “bring up foucault’s discipline and punish in every class” to “apply all secondary texts to works authored by dh lawrence.” 

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Mace Tyrell as a political operator? I think sometimes fans get a little carried away with the portrayal of him as an oaf when he seems to make some fairly good moves in ACOK and ASOS. Given he is no genius and probably not a great commander, but closing the rose road, preserving his strength, and monopolizing the royal patronage seems to work fairly well for him.

Mace is a politician of his age, looking to increase his power at the expense of his rivals. He knows when his people are over a barrel and can exact his price accordingly. Mace’s problem is that he expanded too fast and is starting to run into the same problem that the Lannisters are, rival banding together for mutual protection. He avoids the Lannister pomposity to help his PR, but as I’ve said from the beginning, Westeros is too large to rule by yourself, even with dragons.

Where Mace fails is in appreciating other opponent’s moves of genius, which is where your outliers like Davos and Robb Stark lie, much like Tywin himself does. And Olenna Redwyne does have a point, his eyes on the prize ahead can lead him blind to the pitfalls at his feet.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


Olen, Olivia, and Andrew were also there but the latter two were getting frustrated with Olen monopolizing the fruit cart. 

“Olen, baby, you’re taking too long.” 

“Just a couple more minutes, I told you I was going to find the best damn kiwi for you and I fucking will okay?”

“C’mon man my wife is pregnant too and she’s been texting me for like the last ten minutes asking where my ass is with her fucking pineapple.” 



“Well I’m sorry but I didn’t ask for that and you’re holding up the fucking line. Shoulda just picked it out for myself.” 

We speak of the co-operative movement, especially the co-operative factories raised by the unassisted efforts of a few bold ‘hands.’ The value of these great social experiments cannot be overrated. By deed instead of by argument, they have shown that production on a large scale, and in accord with the behests of modern science, may be carried on without the existence of a class of masters employing a class of hands; that to bear fruit, the means of labor need not be monopolized as a means of dominion over, and of extortion against, the laboring man himself; and that, like slave labor, like serf labor, hired labor is but a transitory and inferior form, destined to disappear before associated labor plying its toil with a willing hand, a ready mind, and a joyous heart.

It’s Lee Soo Ash and Pikakai, one of Soo Ash’s strongest pokephon! (Pikakai will have a separate post)

Lee Soo Ash is a 64 year old Pokephon slave master  trainer that wants to catch all the Pokephon! He has had pretty decent luck so far but with all the new technology buzz nowadays he has some competition. It has been a pretty clean swipe sweep so far but now he’s having trouble and make it double hint .

Now he might be a bit older than most but he’s still got strong pokeballs flair and is confident  he can monopolize  make a safe haven, for all Pokephon! Don’t worry though, not everyone he’ll meet along the way will be against him- maybe even want to team up with him c: Do you think he has what it takes?


Guess what, y'all?

The first draft of chapter 19 of In The Library is in the capable (and brutal) hands of team beta–and get this:

We are on track for an actual, honest to goodness, I shit you not THURSDAY post.

You’ve been so patient while real life monopolized all my free time–but the wait is nearly over. The muse is whispering and the end is finally nigh!

Further bulletins as events warrant. See you soon!

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Sometimes I think about the fact that it wasn’t until like a month ago that @haurchefantgreystone and I started talking on a frequent constant basis because prior to that all of my time was getting monopolized by someone who got really cagey any time Jay and I started getting chatty and enthusiastic about things, including in-game, where said person demanded that all of my first dungeon runs (which, at the time, tended to be my only runs) include her which, because she played BLM, meant cutting Jay out (and another friend, who stopped playing because he never got to run anything with me)

And I realize that if we hadn’t cut ties, if I still talked to her, I wouldn’t be here on this blog

I wouldn’t have spent the past few weeks headcanoning about this sunbeam with Jay and having a blast running around with MCH instead of waiting for the weekends when the other person was free to run dungeons

My mood has been better this week than it has been in months and I love this RP fandom so far and I’m having a blast with Stephanivien and just

I’m in a good place now. Guys, don’t keep friends who make you feel bad about yourselves, okay? Keep friends who pick you up and encourage you to be happy and healthy. …Also I adore @haurchefantgreystone lots, that too.