ISPs' arguments against net neutrality are bullshit. Here's why

Paying more for using more bandwidth solves nothing.

It might sound like it makes sense to make people who use the most bandwidth pay more for that use, but the fact is that it accomplishes nothing and solves no problems. 

Imagine a toll road that charges by the month. The people running that road decide to pin an extra charge on people who use it more. But they don’t add any more lanes. Everything’s working just like it was before, with the only exception being some people are paying more.

This is what ISPs are doing by charging more for bandwidth. Unless you build a separate network for the high-data streams, you’re essentially charging more to do nothing – well, nothing but intentionally throttling that traffic and slowing it down. It doesn’t solve any problems.

The internet is not a big truck nor a series of tubes.

The internet is a cloud. When you point your browser to a website, it’s not like making a phone call where there’s a direct line between you and the site. That sort of network is called “peer-to-peer.” The internet is a cloud network, where the first server to respond to your request is connected. When you go to a website, that data is actually carried through a series of servers that all share the load. Your ISP is only doing a fraction of the work, yet they claim they’re doing all of it and demand to be compensated for it. Most of that Netflix movie is carried across servers that have nothing to do with your ISP.

Worse, if the ISP can charge for traffic on its server, then every other server can demand a cut of the action as well. With somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen or more servers negotiating each internet request, this could make the internet unusable – or, at least, unaffordable for all but the most wealthy users.

For some it’s not about bandwidth, it’s about eliminating competition.

Comcast got Netflix to raise its subscription rates through what’s essentially blackmail. They slowed down data coming from Netflix, then demanded Netflix pay a special fee for unhampered traffic. Netflix had to raise consumer’s rates to do so, which was the point all along. Netflix competes with Comcast’s cable subscription for viewers. Now the competition has been undercut.

Don’t believe cable company and ISP propaganda. Ending net neutrality is bad for consumers, bad for innovation, and completely unnecessary.

On ne se doute pas du nombre d'âmes qu'on a dû briser sur notre chemin nous aussi. On croit tous avoir le monopole de la souffrance… Cœurs fendus et égoïstes que nous sommes.
—  L'altruisme

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why are there so many illegal immigrants if they can immigrate legally?

That’s a loaded question- you assume legal immigration is necessarily an option. Political discussions tend to focus very heavily on undocumented immigration in America, and they do so at the expense of the actual underlying problem, which is our deeply broken system for legal immigration.

In order to, as the National Visa Center puts it in their report, “avoid the potential monopolization of virtually all the annual limitation by applicants from only a few countries,” the United States immigration system caps the available number of many of the family and employment-based visas that can offered to people in any given country out of the annual total at 7%. In other words, only 7% of these visas can be given to applicants from any given country every year, regardless of what percentage of applicants they constitute.

Applicants from Mexico make up 29.5% of all immigration applicants in 2016, and yet they can only receive a maximum of 7% of these visas. See the problem? To put that a different way, each country can receive a maximum of 25,620 visas for this year. There are 1,344,429 Mexicans on the waiting list right now. This means that at most only 1.9% of those trying to come here legally from Mexico will be able to do so this year. The cap for Mexicans is the same as the cap South Koreans, even though the wait list is 25 times longer for Mexicans. Same supply for all levels of demand. Even if you don’t think that the number of available visas should be expanded (I do), you have to recognize that a significant part of the way which we distribute the visas we do currently issue is completely arbitrary and makes very little sense.

You could, of course, wait 20 years or so and hope that the list eventually comes down to you, but if you’re looking to start a better life, you probably aren’t going to wait more than a quarter of your life for it. That long of a wait might sound like an exaggeration, right? Not really, no. 

According to this month’s visa bulletin, a Mexican citizen who wants to immigrate to the United States through an F4 family visa (having a sibling who is a citizen) right now would have had to applied before April 1st, 1997, almost 19 years ago. The only family-based visas of this type (there’s another type for certain relatives, called IR visas) with a wait less than a decade long are those for spouses and children under 21 (the same is true for the Philippines, America’s second largest applicant for legal immigration). Our employment-based visas are mostly open without any waiting period, but they’re pretty limited in availability in nations with lots of applicants thanks to the per-nation caps, and they’re mostly restricted to skilled workers anyway.

There are plenty of other problems with our legal immigration system, but suffice it to say, it’s very difficult to get here legally. So now you’re left with a much more obvious answer to why there are so many undocumented immigrants here: legal immigration is frequently not a serious option.

*drums laptop gently* fucking let Pyrrha have friendships and long interactions with friends other than Jaune jesus fuck RT you had a perfect moment for some good Ruby and Pyrrha talk after Ruby says it’s not your fault but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Jaune had to butt in even though it’s not his best friend laying in pieces and he’s not the one who saved Pyrrha from the Nevermore

His speech doesn’t have the same meaning as it would have coming from Ruby because he didn’t have as much of an emotional investment in her killing Penny. Like yeah, support is nice but Ruby’s support means more in this situation

Monopolize Me

by LemonSuccubus

Harry thought he could spend his simple life as a cow farmer, but Desmond had other plans. When Desmond uses blackmail, for reasons unbeknownst to Harry, he finds himself lost in the giant city of New York as next in line to run his father’s company… At least until he meets Louis.

Louis’ sole purpose in life has been to make his business succeed. Harry doesn’t think that’s an issue until he finds out Louis is CEO of a company much larger than Harry could ever imagine.

Louis struggles to balance his filthy business ways with an honest relationship with Harry while pushing his company to be the global leader. Between publicly humiliating Harry as his competitor during the day and dominating Harry as his lover behind closed doors; he might just monopolize Harry in the process.

Harry has to leave more than just past behind if he ever hopes to please both his father and Louis. Finding himself in a forbidden love with extreme tastes pays out better than staying lost in New York.

BDSM: Bondage/Discipline * Dominance/Submission * Sadism/Masochism

Explicit material intended for mature audiences only. Read at your own risk. Warnings will not be posted.


Words: 4314, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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The search for the unicorn’s other horn ….

In the dim and distant past, the days when I was a young scientist, I had a theoretical physicist friend who was trying to predict the behaviour of magnetic monopoles. He likened his project to the quest for the unicorn’s second horn. No one expected to see it any time soon.

With the passage of time it seems that the quest has moved from theoreticians to experimentalists. In 2013, a group of scientists reported the first results of their search for magnetic monopoles, which they suggest, should be concentrated in rocks derived from Earth’s deep mantle. Needless to say (sorry, my cynical side is coming out here), they have not yet found one. But they still think they might.

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ok so @everythingthatmatters and i were talking a foxes kindergarten au yesterday and i planned to make a post on it but as per usual this fandom is a gift and psychic and they did it SO MUCH BETTER (X) <— seriously guys check the link

@poze-laceen @ava-carlisle what have you done to me 

so if not a kindergarten au,


neil is a ray of fucking light, a natural with his kindergarten kids who terrorize everyone else in the school. but neil is shit with parents and adults because he has no idea how to read a room

so anyway, all his little students are DEVOTED TO HIM - allison likes to braid his hair during storytime, matt demands that mr. neil hold his hand while he naps, dan plays catch with mr. neil EVERY RECESS and everyone else is too afraid of her to complain about her monopolizing him, renee sits in his lap when they have presentations or show and tell, nicky literally climbs all over neil every moment of the day

and then aaron shows up

little aaron minyard takes SO MUCH OFFENSE to neil and neil is baffled because this? has never happened??? and aaron is just - so done with neil’s stupid art projects and alphabet crap because he’s been reading Harry Potter on his own for a year now and art just ends in messes and glitter all over him and he’s the most prickly little child

so neil is extra curious at parent-teacher conferences, he wants to talk to aaron’s parents and see if they know what he did to offend this kid? 

and then in walks andrew fucking minyard 

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I really love your Sabine as Gabriel AU thing and I was wondering; any more headcanons or ideas or doodles for it???? High fashion personality switch Mari is MY FAVE EVER OMG


MARI IS FEARED AND LOVED BY ALL HER CLASSMATES. basically goddess level. can’t monopolize the shit. adore her but sort of slink around her.

which makes her RATHER JEALOUS OF ADRIEN who is a complete goofball mess but gets along with everyone so well 



Ladybug goofs around and lets loose and wants to be likeable and Chat Noir wants to be cool and collected and leader-like. 

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SuperCat - If Lucy doesn't stop smiling at Kara like that, she may just be the next Lane on Cat's list

Cat Grant didn’t rock the world of media to its core without developing a healthy sense of suspicion about most human activity; she definitely didn’t take Lucy Lane’s explanation of ‘taking time to herself’ at face value when she ended things with James Olsen.

That she’s suddenly spending all her free time with Kara, who keeps giving pep talks about not needing men to be happy, has put Lucy firmly in Cat’s crosshairs.

But being marginally less terrible than her big sister is not going to be enough to save Lucy if she doesn’t stop monopolizing Kara’s attention; that attention should be firmly focused on Cat, and she is not above dirty tricks to get it back.

Important news regarding Patreon.

Over the past couple months I’ve been largely debating with the idea to close my Patreon. I’ve received numerous complaints about my art becoming monopolized as well as several friends receiving harassing messages about it. While this isn’t necessarily the sole reason for this decision, it’s a large portion and I do not want to deal with that stress during this portion of my life. I am not in a position where the money I’ve been receiving through patron is a necessity to me, and thus I’ve decided to close it.

Check below the break for much more information as well as several other announcements.

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// our zine talking about accommodating men in shared living spaces, patriarchal household roles, and how men monopolize the places women are supposed to feel safe in.

Business Meeting [Kris Gang!AU Angst-ish]

Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl

“So you’re refusing our deal?” Kris demanded, dumbfounded at the lack of respect the man across from him was showing. Under the table, his hand gripped yours tighter out of stress, and all you could do was run your thumb across his knuckles reassuringly. 

This deal between Kris’ gang and whoever’s gang that ran the south half of the country had been in the works for months, potentially years, and it was quite literally in the final moments before signing that the other gang was backing out. It was the last link Kris really needed before he could assume full control of South Korea and begin to monopolize the underground.

And here, this scum that was so low you couldn’t even be bothered to remember his name, was running away with his tail between his legs. You could see the fear in his eyes whenever he made eye contact with Kris, or his guards Chanyeol and Xiumin that hovered behind the two of you, even though he had six men standing behind him.

“Sorry to say it, Mr. Wu, but we are. Simply can’t have a merger like that. Wouldn’t be good for business, you understand?” Despite the breeziness of his tone, the older man’s eyes had something malicious swirling inside them that made it quite clear he had another motive. 

Kris’ jaw tensed, and you could tell he was fighting to restrain his temper. “This agreement has been planned for months and you’re just now going back on your word?” he gritted out. “You know I don’t take too kindly to those who don’t maintain their honor.”

Behind you, you heard Chanyeol and Xiumin shift slightly, likely revealing weapons that were supposed to have been left outside of the meeting room, a favorite scare tactic of Kris’. 

And for the first time you could remember, it didn’t work. The man across from you and Kris raised a brow, as if he were asking if that was all. 

Beside you, Kris tensed, but maintained contact with you as his free hand slipped to the waistband of his pants and slid out a handgun, which he cocked and raised at the man opposite him, who finally lifted his hands, as if in surrender. But as you had no weapon to withdraw, you were left to watch as the six men the asshole gang leader in front of you brought in pull out two guns each. 

Meaning about six of the twelve total guns were aimed at you as the weakest point of this conference. The rest of the weapons found aim on your husband and his guards. 

And that’s why you didn’t like to attend “business meetings” with Kris. 

Immediately, Chanyeol was pulling you out of your seat and away from harm, while Kris stood in front of you, raising his gun in both of his hands and beginning to let his temper reign supreme, Xiumin taking up a similar stance beside him.  

But even with two highly trained and highly infuriated men taking the first shots, you knew this would be a battle lost. The six men on the opposing side of the room spread out with a practiced ease, returning fire at double the rate. Xiumin and Kris moved back to back, managing to dodge most of the projectiles that were now whizzing about the room, embedding in the walls and cheap art. 

Chanyeol shielded your body with his own and began to propel you away from the conflict, where more of Kris’ men were waiting and could get you away from the bloodshed. Already, you could hear his backups storming closer to the location, no doubt alerted by the sounds of gunfire.

In front of you, the massive double doors parted, revealing the stoic faces of Kris’ most trusted men, who immediately took positions and began firing, and not a moment too soon, as behind you, a cry that sounded eerily like Kris rose above the chaos and reached your ears. 

Instinctively, you wrenched yourself away from Chanyeol’s firm grip and turned back towards the worst of the fighting, determined to make sure your husband was alright. 

Chanyeol shouted for you, but your eyes and movements were locked on Kris, who appeared to be out of bullets and was now engaged in physical combat. Upon hearing Chanyeol’s shout, however, his gaze was torn from his opponent to you. His attention returned to his rival only briefly, and that was just to knock him out before he was dashing through the turmoil of the gang war to you.

A relieved smile spread over your face for a half second, in which you caught a glimpse of the leader of the gang aim a gun at you as he was being pulled to a back exit by a guard. 

And in the next half second, there was a blinding burst of pain on your left side below your rib cage that rippled through your entire body. Shocked by this sensation, you looked down, seeing blood begin to gush out of your lower abdomen, right where the burning pain was, coating your clothes in the sticky substance. As if in slow motion, you realized you needed to put pressure on your wound, so your hands rose to press against the ragged flesh, sending enough pain through you that your vision dropped away for a moment.

But the respite of pain your loss of consciousness provided was ephemeral; it probably hadn’t even been two whole seconds when the world came flooding back to you in too-sharp detail, along with an even worse wave of pain. Yet you couldn’t move, your head was foggy and your limbs were leaden, leaving you trapped inside yourself while you drowned in agony.

Then Kris’ face appeared in your vision that was swimming in and out of focus. His eyes were widened in fear and shock while his mouth was urgently shaping words that sounded like they came from across a football field. 

Suddenly, all of your senses returned to you. “Kris,” you gasped, eyes bugging in pain as he shrugged off his coat and pressed it against your injury. Your hand clamped onto his, digging into his skin as you tried to make sense of what was happening. 

But then his lips were moving again and the sights and sounds were fading all around you, and your mind still wasn’t keeping up with you, aside from your personal hell. Dimly, you felt your hand release Kris’ and your breathing slow. 

Even in your weakening state, out of the corner of your eye you saw Suho, another of Kris’ men, dragging the rival gang leader by his arm, holding a gun to his head. Kris looked up from you, still applying pressure to your gash with one hand while the other lifted his gun and squeezed the trigger more times than your hazy mind could keep track of. Suho released the man, watching apathetically as he fell to the ground bleeding. 

You let out a ragged wheeze as you saw him drop, not sure if the sound you made was out of shock or pain or what, but both Kris and Suho refocused their gazes on you. Kris must have delivered a set of instructions to Suho, as he sprinted from your sight in a blur, returning what felt in less than a second with Lay, who had a box with a bright red cross on it.

A warm hand tilted your jaw away from where Lay was opening his kit and removing what looked like torture supplies, bringing your attention back to Kris. His lips shaped your name, but your lids were drooping far too fast for you to see what the rest of his words were. 

Annoyingly, you were shaken out of your rest, driving you back to the fire in your abdomen and bringing the world back to you. “Y/N, you need to stay awake,” Kris instructed, concern making his voice break and his eyes widen as they bore into yours. 

You were just so tired and hurt, why couldn’t he understand that? Your lips tried to make a response, to tell him just that, but the words died in your throat, as a sharp tugging on your wound and a fresh reminder of what pain really was threw unconsciousness over you like a blanket.

The last things you remembered were Kris’ eyes locking with yours as his lips formed your name and an ‘I love you’. 

And yet you could still make a mental note never to go with Kris on business meetings again.

I can’t write endings but I sure can use questionable searches to find out what a gunshot feels like  (งツ)ว

-Admin A

Annoyed that Finnick and Annie’s wedding scene was monopolized by Katniss.  First her dead-stare face during the vows, then her conversation with Johanna, and then she and Prim spinning for what felt like a billion years.  Like seriously, why were they spinning so much?!  I was pumped to see Finnick and Annie looking all cute while they danced but instead I got the depressed Katniss that I would have to be staring at for the rest of the film anyway.


Jimin hummed softly as he stood on his tip toes to reach above the window and tack up the banner he had spent a good half hour painstakingly working on. It was a thankfully free day for him as a few of the other embers were off working on their own things and Jimin going to be completely sure he monopolized the tv to watch (or rather re-watch… for the fourth time) prime time Kardashian reality tv (you bet he bought the box sets as soon as they hit the shelves.) 

It really didn’t take him long to burn through the first season and it wasn’t until he was well into the second that he finally decided to do something with his day. And that was when he set to work on his impeccable banner he was now admiring with hands on his hips and a little nod. Now– he only needed the guest of honor to come and admire it too. He knew Zumi would be on her way over, her schedules would be finished soon and they always made it a goal to see each other at least once a day– even just in passing. 

Shirking off his shirt, Jimin padded on his way to the bathroom for a quick shower after firing off a quick text to her. 

[txt; Satan Zumi] I’m gonna get in the shower really quick 
[txt; Satan Zumi] You still know the keycode, right?

hey guys. I know the last time i updated y'all I wasn’t doing so hot, but I’ve done a complete 180° since then and i’m doing super awesome now.

i will be more active on tumblr, since Twitter kind of monopolized the majority of my activity. and also I’ll be doing a lot more high quality stuff. I’ll post wips later today (•ω•)♡