Where to Publish Your eBook – Some Under-appreciated Options.

When self-publishing an eBook, there are millions of things to consider – how to begin self-publishing, how to format your ebook, how to create a cover, how to market it… All that jazz. But what happens when your eBook is finalized and it’s time for the actual publishing? What digital distributor should you choose?

Amazon’s self-publishing program has all but monopolized the business. Author TC O'Reilly, like many authors, chose Amazon’s Kindle Publishing when publishing The 8th Round – a Sci Fi zombie thriller with an interesting dose of time travel. While Amazon is absolutely a top-notch choice, there are many other untapped audiences that Amazon simply isn’t reaching; and as an author looking to share your book with the masses, why leave a stone unturned?

Why Use Anything Other Than Amazon?

Well, the first answer is, “Because you can.” And the second answer is, “Because it broadens your audience.”

While KDP requires you to pledge the full loyalty and exclusive use of your book to them, this blood oath only lasts for 90 days. If you’re not currently enrolled in KDP, you can broadcast your ebook to Amazon readers and a collection of other readers.

Here are eBook vendors/distributors to consider, and what makes them worth choosing:

  • Barnes and Noble. For a considerable amount of time, Barnes and Nobles’ Nook was rivaling even the Kindle – and there still are many readers with stone-cold loyalty to this alternative eBook reader. By publishing your book on Barnes and Noble’s eBook site, you can connect to all those Nook readers who wouldn’t read your Kindle eBook out of principle – or simply because they didn’t know it existed, since the Nook won’t read Kindle eBooks.
  • Smashwords. A fan favorite among authors, Smashword is all about eBooks. What makes this site appealing is the way it allows authors to give free coupons to readers of their choosing, so they can get a book for free rather than being forced to pay. This works great for friends, family, and potential reviewers – who definitely play a vital role in an eBook’s success. It’s known for having a strict set of formatting requirements, but this also means its published material is pretty top-notch, collecting a trusted group of readers.
  • iBooks. Apple’s bookstore is another untapped well of potential, since those who never caught the Kindle or Nook wave likely own an iPad or a similar Apple device. By having your book on the Nook, Amazon, and iBooks, your chances of finding that perfect niche of readers for your eBook increase. You can visit here to get more specific information on the publishing process.

You can follow the path of debut author TC O'Reilly, and many other authors, by publishing on Amazon, by why limit yourself? By broadening your range, you have the chance to reach a completely different group of readers who might otherwise never enjoy your book – and readers are really what it’s all about.

Hope you found this helpful. Happy writing!

one of my favorite things about the les mis fandom is how everyone refers to the book as the brick and it’s so universal that nothing else (from any fandom) is referred to as the brick and the book is never referred to as anything except the brick. it’s not even a joke anymore. it’s not like “les mis is like a brick am I right lmao” it’s just. the brick. we’ve monopolized a noun. the brick has transcended inside joke territory and has become a universal term.

Am i kekinian enough now?

Here’s the songs that monopolize my ear lately. Some songs brings never dead memories, some songs brings good viber on my whole body. Enjoy!

1. Alesso Ft. Tove Lo - Heroes
2. Krewella - Alive
3. Meghan Trainor Ft. John Legend - Like I’m Gonna Lose You
4. Skylar Grey - I Know You
5. The Weeknd - Earned It
6. Avril Lavigne -Give What You Like
7. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets
8. Calvin Harris - Feel So Close
9. Photograph - Ed Sheeran
10. P!nk - God Is A DJ
11. Late Night Alumni - You Can Be The One
12. Timeflies Ft. Katie Sky - Monster
13. Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life
14. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere - Falling Back
15. Gareth Emery & Alastor Ft. London Thor - Hands

This is the random lists. Each of this is my favourite.


C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “IP Czar Admits Hamiltonian Nature of ‘Intellectual Property’” read by Mike Godzina and edited by Nick Ford.

Genuine productivity and progress destroys GDP. In a free economy, here’s how it should work: Profit is self-liquidating, and increased efficiency of producing things with less labor and capital — or even reproducing things like information at zero marginal cost — is passed on to the consumer in the form of lower prices. This means it takes less labor both for people to produce all the things they consume, and to earn the money to buy them.

The state can’t allow this to happen. Its copyrights and patents enable capitalists to monopolize the savings from efficiency as profit rather than passing it along to the consumer, and its regulatory entry barriers suppress competition from more efficient production technologies. That’s because the state — every state — works for the economic ruling classes that control it.

Feed 44:

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ISPs' arguments against net neutrality are bullshit. Here's why

Paying more for using more bandwidth solves nothing.

It might sound like it makes sense to make people who use the most bandwidth pay more for that use, but the fact is that it accomplishes nothing and solves no problems. 

Imagine a toll road that charges by the month. The people running that road decide to pin an extra charge on people who use it more. But they don’t add any more lanes. Everything’s working just like it was before, with the only exception being some people are paying more.

This is what ISPs are doing by charging more for bandwidth. Unless you build a separate network for the high-data streams, you’re essentially charging more to do nothing – well, nothing but intentionally throttling that traffic and slowing it down. It doesn’t solve any problems.

The internet is not a big truck nor a series of tubes.

The internet is a cloud. When you point your browser to a website, it’s not like making a phone call where there’s a direct line between you and the site. That sort of network is called “peer-to-peer.” The internet is a cloud network, where the first server to respond to your request is connected. When you go to a website, that data is actually carried through a series of servers that all share the load. Your ISP is only doing a fraction of the work, yet they claim they’re doing all of it and demand to be compensated for it. Most of that Netflix movie is carried across servers that have nothing to do with your ISP.

Worse, if the ISP can charge for traffic on its server, then every other server can demand a cut of the action as well. With somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen or more servers negotiating each internet request, this could make the internet unusable – or, at least, unaffordable for all but the most wealthy users.

For some it’s not about bandwidth, it’s about eliminating competition.

Comcast got Netflix to raise its subscription rates through what’s essentially blackmail. They slowed down data coming from Netflix, then demanded Netflix pay a special fee for unhampered traffic. Netflix had to raise consumer’s rates to do so, which was the point all along. Netflix competes with Comcast’s cable subscription for viewers. Now the competition has been undercut.

Don’t believe cable company and ISP propaganda. Ending net neutrality is bad for consumers, bad for innovation, and completely unnecessary.

Listen, no matter how alienated you are by liberal community discourse, if a “radical” group tries to sell you isolation from everyone you know and anyone you might organize with, run.

If they try to monopolize radicalism then run.

These people are abusive and they will be distrustful of any radical alternative that doesn’t call for isolating you from everyone.


“To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be place under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.“

Joseph-Pierre Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century

Illustrations from Anarchy Comics

(Image is from a Alex Jackson and Jay Katelansky (me) collaboration from this past December ) While I was in Chicago I saw the exhibition (in which a white female artist did a replica of Mike Browns dead body among 49 other pieces about her perception of white privilege) at the guichard but only saw it from the outside windows. I was upset about the show before even seeing it in person and my feelings did not change. There are so many incredible black women and black men and POC in general who are making art as activism. Art about Black Death/trauma. Art that is smart, that is well thought out, art that isn’t for profit. Art that isn’t monopolizing on their subjects… So why does this white woman get a solo show when her Art is not well thought out, not well crafted, Art that mimics art styles by POC artists…she gets a solo show because of her white privilege. Also why if she is trying to deconstruct white privilege and call it out is the work being shown in a predominately POC community. Why do Black folks have to walk past this gallery every day and see a replica of mike brown faced down on the gallery floors when we have to wake up and go home everyday to our people dying left and right. It’s triggering even thinking about these white hands handling his body regardless of it being a sculpture it is still a representation of what is happening to us what happened to Sandra Bland. Ti-rock Moore* can never truly understand or feel that trauma of having to see people who look like her die everyday just for existing. So why her when there are so many of us who truly get it, who have been making work for years or decades? With all that being said we are out here and I really hope those of us start getting the recognition we deserve.
(Image is from a Alex Jackson and Jay Katelansky (me) collaboration from this past December )


Breck Bednar (left) was a 14-year-old boy who had stumbled into the world of online gaming where he met Lewis Daynes, a 19-year-old computer engineer. He had joined an ‘’exclusive’’ gaming club that consisted of six people, Lewis being the leader of the group. Breck’s mother worried for her son, who began isolating himself from his daily activities as the online gaming club monopolized all his time. In February 2014, Lewis convinced Breck to visit him at his flat, which was located roughly two hours away from where Breck lived. So Breck got into a taxi paid by Lewis himself and made the two hour drive to his flat in Grays, and under the instructions of Lewis, told his father that he was merely meeting up with a friend. Sometime during the visit, Lewis attacked Breck with a knife, stabbing him in the back of the neck, the struggle ending with Lewis slashing his throat. Lewis then called police and calmly told them that there had been an altercation and only he made it out alive. Police arrived to find Breck’s body wrapped in duct tape and Lewis’ hard drives immersed in water. Lewis was arrested and given life in prison.

titleknown asked:

I agree with the idea that a mass-scale orphan works policy would destroy most small artists, but also that something like it needs to happen to end copyright monopolism. Do you think a change to that policy would be to have it only apply to corporate works-for-hire, to keep them from being sat on in a way that lands them on the TVTropes "Keep Circulating The Tapes" page, would be a way to make it work w/o hurting smaller artists?

Maybe that would be one direction we could go with copyright change!  Several people have come forward to mention that copyright monopoly is a problem we fight as well.  This is definitely a discussion that we as a creative community should be having.

Copyright monopoly is basically the idea that companies “safeguard” copyrighted material that has become core part of culture, preventing others from participating in the furthering of culture around those copyrighted works.  The key negative part of the idea of copyright monopoly is that it goes far beyond the individual artist’s benefit.  Walt Disney has been dead for ages, and his legacy is well and truly established, both culturally and financially.  At this point, people ought to be able to pick up Walt Disney’s original creations and create content surrounding it, without being worried about the corporation that is Disney coming after them legally.  This, in effect, stagnates culture.

The issue at hand is that the current and past proposed changes harm original creators, especially little guys like me.  It puts a huge stumbling block directly in front of creating new works, forcing us to register our works instead of ownership being inherent, and making it easier for big image houses like Copyright Clearance Center to do what they already do; take and resell imagery without creator’s permission.  By doing so, we discourage artists HUGELY from creating original content, which also stagnates culture.

This should not be a fight to end copyright monopoly in which a casualty is the small artist wanting to create original content.  And this is all something to keep in mind for those of you who have not written your letters to the US Copyright office yet, if you want to include this!  Click here for info on what to write, where to submit, and links to relevant info.

I also wanted to say thanks to those of you with opposing views, for being civil and articulate! When I posted originally, I was bracing for the usual internet backlash, but instead got my fellow creatives chiming in with excellent points to add and consider. Thanks for being nice!  <3

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on a queer person jokingly calling themselves gay while not actually being gay (like bi/pan/etc)?

I think the whole “Gay people monopolized everything” line is absurd and annoying and that its implication that real gay people have controlled our agendas as a community collectively or held that over other LGBT people’s heads is insulting. But with as much radiqueer or broader LGBT homophobia as I’ve seen, bpq people calling themselves gay is just not even something worth being upset over for me. I get why some people are but I’m more concerned with the pressure lesbians feel to have sex with men than what a bi person calls themselves.

I think a lot of the people I’ve talked to about this aren’t even upset by the actual use of “gay” to not mean homosexual but about the TONE with which people will defend the action, which often is “Shut up monosexual oppressors!” And that’s obnoxious and annoying, since it is often coupled with the idea that just coming out as gay is sooooo much easier and makes your life so much better. It’s not something I can muster up any real anger for though- there’s too much really terrible and damaging and violent homophobia out there (including in LGBT and queer communities) for me to spend a second on this.

To continue with the modern AU where Camilla is the world’s worst bathroom hog and this makes mornings chaotic in the Nohr-Hoshido household…through an unfortunate twist of fate, one day Marx and Ryouma both fail to get their morning shower in before Camilla monopolizes the bathroom. Luckily their house has a second shower, but only one, and they’re both running late and Kamui finds them arguing about who should get in first and tells them knock it off and just shower together. Which they both object to but they quickly realize that they’re going to be late if they don’t hurry up and come to a compromise.

So they do it. They end up being late to work anyway because they take too much time trying very hard to avoid bumping into each other and keeping their eyes from straying to anywhere they shouldn’t, and fail at both of these. They both come out intensely flustered and can’t look each other in the eye for days.