anyways if u think that being snide about how “the L and the G are monopolizing the lgbt community and are Literally Oppressing everyone else”  is an ok + progressive thing to do then i’m gonna need u to unfollow me & lmk who u are so i can avoid you?? im pretty sure ive said this before but i still have to sit through ppl who’ve sucked up 2 me 2 my face turning around and reblogging this ridiculous, homophobic, dehumanizing bullshit and its like… cool i guess, good to know what u really think 

ISPs' arguments against net neutrality are bullshit. Here's why

Paying more for using more bandwidth solves nothing.

It might sound like it makes sense to make people who use the most bandwidth pay more for that use, but the fact is that it accomplishes nothing and solves no problems. 

Imagine a toll road that charges by the month. The people running that road decide to pin an extra charge on people who use it more. But they don’t add any more lanes. Everything’s working just like it was before, with the only exception being some people are paying more.

This is what ISPs are doing by charging more for bandwidth. Unless you build a separate network for the high-data streams, you’re essentially charging more to do nothing – well, nothing but intentionally throttling that traffic and slowing it down. It doesn’t solve any problems.

The internet is not a big truck nor a series of tubes.

The internet is a cloud. When you point your browser to a website, it’s not like making a phone call where there’s a direct line between you and the site. That sort of network is called “peer-to-peer.” The internet is a cloud network, where the first server to respond to your request is connected. When you go to a website, that data is actually carried through a series of servers that all share the load. Your ISP is only doing a fraction of the work, yet they claim they’re doing all of it and demand to be compensated for it. Most of that Netflix movie is carried across servers that have nothing to do with your ISP.

Worse, if the ISP can charge for traffic on its server, then every other server can demand a cut of the action as well. With somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen or more servers negotiating each internet request, this could make the internet unusable – or, at least, unaffordable for all but the most wealthy users.

For some it’s not about bandwidth, it’s about eliminating competition.

Comcast got Netflix to raise its subscription rates through what’s essentially blackmail. They slowed down data coming from Netflix, then demanded Netflix pay a special fee for unhampered traffic. Netflix had to raise consumer’s rates to do so, which was the point all along. Netflix competes with Comcast’s cable subscription for viewers. Now the competition has been undercut.

Don’t believe cable company and ISP propaganda. Ending net neutrality is bad for consumers, bad for innovation, and completely unnecessary.

anonymous asked:

can you explain why it's bad to shoplift? like, say if i steal some makeup from walmart, who's suffering? walmart has literally monopolized the market. i dont think they're gonna miss the, say, $7 mascara i hypothetically stole.

The employees at that store (for whom that mascara can be just short of an hour’s wages) suffer, because each store keeps track of what they call “shrink,” or inventory that gets lost or stolen. If shrink gets too high, then walmart of whichever company it is responds by cutting costs at that store, which means that the people who work there get their hours cut bigtime–which means you’re fucked if you’re already trying to make ends meet on $7.25 an hour. 

Also, many stores will punish employees who have stuff stolen on their shift, even though they also overload employees with responsibilities. You might think this isn’t as bad for big box companies, but honestly the corporate chain of command just makes it even easier and more brutal to shift the blame to the next person, which always ends up being the minimum-wage person busting their ass on the sales floor. This is also why I especially loathe the shoplifters who share tips about waiting until an employee is busy–they’re deliberately taking advantage of the fact that these workers are exhausted, underpaid, and overworked.

So to you, that hypothetical $7 mascara isn’t a big deal, but to someone for whom that mascara represents almost an hour’s wages, and especially that person’s boss, it’s a dickpunch from satan. The rich assholes on top are safe, as is always the way in capitalism, but the workers at the bottom of the heap are going to get screwed. 

tracy/lydia headcanons !!

wooo i’ve been dying to talk about them and since u asked here’s my long list of headcanons for them

-lydia is super understanding of tracy’s parasomnia and when tracy is having an episode lydia jut hugs her and reminds her that it’s not real

-lydia probably tells her to just focus on her voice pls

-they cuddle like a lot

-like a l o t. lydia will have like 5 blankets ready for when tracy comes over

-ok lydia goes into shit talker mode when they’re watching movies

-“IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT BOY?” *throws popcorn at the tv*

-a sigh from tracy because she knows she can’t stop lydia from calling out every flaw in a boy

-lydia is protective af and gets jealous v easily

-lydia probably takes a billion selfies of them together

-and sometimes just photos of tracy when she’s being cute and not looking

-ok hear me out on this: tracy having a hard time in school because she’s always tired but lydia lets her borrow her notes and gets her all caught up


-lydia telling tracy about allison and tracy just giving her a hug and saying “i might not be allison but i can try to love you like she did” (rip my gay ass)

-it takes tracy a while to become affectionate and lydia doesn’t rush her but when she does OOH BOY DO THEY MAKE OUT A LOT

-lydia loves showing off her gf (when tracy lets her ofc)

-when tracy is having a bad night she calls lydia and lydia rushes over and they just like cuddle and fall sleep how cute

-but lydia always waits until tracy falls asleep first bc 1) she wants to make sure tracy is ok before she even attempts at falling back asleep 2) she looks at her gf to make sure she’s sleeping peacefully and wow she is so c ute look at those eyelashes wow [cue lydia martin’s inner monologue which is just her internally screaming]

-they both make the heart eyes emoji at each other all the time and the rest of the pack gets a little suspicious

-lydia buys ice cream and smoothies for them to share bc she's affectionate as fuck

-they probably just hang out together on the weekends and just watch netflix together 

-imagine them watching p&p together just fu CK ME UP

-they are the ultimate power couple lol bye

-tracy might be shy but she takes NO SHIT from white boys and she just goes off on them one day and lydia is like sign me the FUCK up ✅✅✅✅ that’s some good shit right there

-in conclusion: lydia martin is tracy af

hope u enjoyed me being gay and screaming

 gOD HANNAH…….i bet lydia sleeps over tracy’s to reassure her that she’s safe at night and is woken up by her screaming and she calms her down and explains what little she knows about being a banshee and the way allison could always soothe her and at 2am on a thursday night they go back to bed a little sad but somehow more whole

the next morning tracy makes waffles and smiles shyly at lydia over her plate and lydia drives her to school and walks her in even though she doesn’t have to go to class and makes sure to pick her up early

think about lYDIA BEING TRACY’S ANCHOR and them wearing each other’s clothes because tracy is quietly but firmly possessive and lydia likes to see tracy’s long long legs in a skirt that’s short on lydia and somehow seems like a shirt on tracy even though she’s only got four inches on lydia

they don’t spoon they sleep curled up facing each other and steal glances of the other behind fluttering lashes when they think they’re asleep

lydia sneaking tracy away for lunch insisting bhhs is just ‘an open campus, babe. you’ll be back in time for stats, promise’ with a charming smile and fondly watching tracy sprint into school before the car’s even come to a stop to avoid the final bell

lydia encouraging tracy to go out for track like she’s been debating for so long and taking her out after practice and coming to all the meets with signs, demanding the yearbook photographer take at least three dozen photos of tracy at jav, then both hurdle races, and lydia herself instagramming pictures of her hot athletic gf

lydia and tracy taking self defense classes and kickboxing and cycling at the gym in an effort to get a leg up on the baddies and also take out some werewolf stress 

going swimming in lyd’s pool and tracy spits water at lydia and lydia goes in for the kiss and tracy dunks her!!! also them playing chicken with kira and malia on girls days and always losing because malia’s tall and will swim kira into the deep end and both lydia and tracy are kinda short

whenever lydia takes her heels off (which put her at tracy’s height) she sinks four inches and tracy makes a habit of cooing at her and swooping an arm around her tiny gf to reel her in

sON you know that lydia has to stop ‘tutoring’ tracy in either bedroom because no studying gets done. also that one time in the library got risky tbh. stop making out!! (don’t tho)

lydia lOVES MAKING TRACY BLUSH but tracy is just as good, if not better at making lydia blush

they do each others hair during free periods and tracy finds it very calming to sit and do some studying/hw while lydia quietly plays with her hair

lydia’s mom LOVES tracy and always calls her ‘dear’ and ‘sweetie’ and ‘honey’/’hon’ and acts like tracy’s her daughter and will text her first to check up on them and then with little quotes/encouragements and lydia rolls her eyes but goes along with it because she knows tracy likes it (i feel like her moms not around? why is everyone on this show a single parent)

the night they tell mr stewart they’re dating lydia shows up dressed for a job interview and he laughs at her and is like ‘lydia we’ve already met’

lydia somehow always knows when tracy is feeling antsy/out of control in school and will text her something cute like a sweet message or a selfie

they have weekly movie nights where themes range from animated to romcom. they usually stay in but if they go out they smuggle in whole purse loads of food. the first time they go lydia does the cheesy yawn-stretch-snuggle maneuver and tracy swats at her and feeds her raisinettes

L Y D I A C Y !!!!!!!!!!!!


“While AE (Anaheim Electronics) was involved in a wide variety of high-tech industries but its inextricably connected to companies known as the ‘Merchants of Death.’ This is not difficult to understand when their military-related products account for more than half of the company’s earnings.

In fact, the origin of the history between AE and MS can be traced back to quite ancient times. Long before Zeon’s MS R&D investment during war years, AE’s advanced development division had officially launched basic research.

A year after the outbreak of war, AE also started to accept the Earth Federal Army production of standard MS RGM-79. In addition, the company was responsible for MS carrying beam guns with weapons production.

Among them, the largest is MS-related products, and it has been in the MS sector for more than 70 years. For a long time it has monopolized the MS development and production rights for Earth Federation Army.”

- from Gundam Fact File

xf revival speculation fic: ‘our struggle’

A reader sent me this speculation fic based on the latest spoilers and asked if I might publish it here. It’s lovely and raises a lot of questions (which it doesn’t answer), but honestly, I’d be intrigued to watch this. I put the fic under a cut because I didn’t want to monopolize anyone’s dash, but it’s not that long. In fact, I wish it gave us a little bit more.

Our Struggle

Speculation fic based on XF revival “spoilers”

by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous 

She rolls her neck and lets out a long breath, reminding herself to drop her shoulders, which have been creeping up towards her ears since her eight A.M. meeting with the neurology attending. They’re still clashing over the plan of care for their youngest patient, and the effort she is expending holding back her trump card is the best workout she’s gotten all week. Her heart rate is definitely up. She just wants to forget the rest of the world, get in her car, drive to the house, curl up on the couch with Mulder, and…

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For most of the four billion years since the origin of life, the dominant organisms were microscopic blue-green algae, which covered and filled the oceans. Then some 600 million years ago, the monopolizing grip of the algae was broken and an enormous proliferation of new lifeforms emerged, an event called the Cambrian explosion.

Life had arisen almost immediately after the origin of the Earth, which suggests that life may be an inevitable chemical process on an Earth-like planet. But life did not evolve much beyond blue-green algae for three billion years, which suggests that large lifeforms with specialized organs are hard to evolve, harder even than the origin of life.
—  Carl Sagan, Cosmos

phoenix-amour asked:

Grantaire being so nervous the first time holding Small Citizen because. "What if I drop this tiny person? They will get hurt- I have so much responsibility now-" Grantaire would probably have to go to extra therapy for stress because this is all so new to him. Jehan and Small Citizen making art for stressed, papa R to help him feel better. Grantaire tearing up because his child is so good at drawing.

God he’d be so nervous. Like it’s sad but the rest of the Amis would probably all hold the Small Citizen before R does because he’s too scared. But then everyone would notice he’s been holding off and encourage him and help him and as soon as he did hold the Small Citizen - well that’s it that’s the baby totally monopolized for hours because R is not giving him up.

Ok for some stupid reason I can't post my reply to Glitchgh0st so let's try this

I will assume, like most people, you’ve simply been misinformed and your just ignorant like almost everyone else so I shall play nice and not hurt your feelings

The confederate flag is not and never was a symbol of racism.

It’s a symbol for support and pride in southern culture, heritage, and the states that seceded during the Civil War

Additionally, the Civil War was NOT about slavery (ergo, racism) like the liberal fucktards that monopolize education & the media like to say. Slavery was a contributing factor, however, the War erupted over state’s rights. The south thought the federal government was growing too big for their panties and wanted them to chill and leave the states to their own devices while the northern states favored a federal government with more control and power. Hence, the southern states seceded.

Additionally, did you know that the north enslaved African-Americans too? And I bet you didn’t know that the south actually began freeing slaves BEFORE the war (in 1863) and BEFORE THE NORTH (in 1868 when the 13th amendment was passed). AND African-Americans fought for BOTH armies. You wanna visit a few facts about that? Like how African-Americans in the Northern army were separated from the white companies but served under white officers? While their brothers in the south fought alongside Jewish and Native Americans under generals and captains of all religions and race? Or how a vast majority of the African-American “soldiers” in the North not only served as only laborers and rarely saw combat, but got paid less than white soldiers, while African-Americans in the Southern army were paid the same as their counterparts? Even MORE if they were laborers? Funny, they didn’t teach that in school did they?

But ya know, that doesn’t fit the racist, violent, hate-filled, trigger-happy south versus the pure, righteous, morally superior north facade that they want you to believe.

So to sum up, if the leader of the Ku Klux Klan has instructed members to NOT fly your flag, then it’s probably not a symbol of racism.

The week passed like a whirlwind, sending his life askew from the organized chaos it used to be. Now it was just chaos. Chaos tossed up with concussions and parole officers and suspended sentences that sounded worse than sharing bunk beds with burly men named Hank in prison. Instead he was trapped inside a two bedroom flat with a disabled bouncer whose machismo seemed to intensify with every pull up he did on the door frame and a distraught tennis star monopolizing his living room space for high intensity interval training. The flat had become a haven for restless fitness enthusiasts reminding him that he was sober enough to feel miserable about his dwindling upper body strength which was why Adam had spent the majority of the day with his foot in the freezer in order to remove the ankle monitor.

Maybe it was in a fever dream he once had, but as he emerged victoriously from the building, Adam found everything starting to feel a bit familiar as his memory seemed to evaporate from beneath him and he soon found himself halfway into the heart of Hayes Valley before he realized he was walking. Deja vu overcame him as he shifted uncomfortably on the side walk of a business street, unsure why he had made the trip in the first place.

He stared blankly at a mailbox before his attention flickered towards someone passing him in a hurry. Sucking in a deep breath, he started to ask about whether they knew what he was doing there until he realized that they probably didn’t considering he didn’t know himself.

“Do… you know where the yams are?” he blurted out instead, because it was marginally less stupid than sounding like he’d simply forgotten why he stepped out.


Arch Enemy Alphabet  |  L is for Live Apocalypse DVD

“In a day in age when it seems like several metal bands are monopolizing on the opportunity to release a DVD, there are very few in my opinion that are unleashing a product upon the metal masses that is comparable to the quality that is Live Apocalypse. As far as the band’s stage show goes it is also damn near perfect with the band showing that they are one of the best live metal bands out there.“ ~ Jon Eardley, Metal Review

From Roman rubble

We made a game
Of how to manipulate
Public opinion
And call it
An “election”

We devised a way
To monopolize
And monetize lies
To tell us
What we need to buy
To silence those
Who ask why
And call it

We built a society
With ideals rooted in
Roman rule and rubble
Balanced on the
Of hypocrisy
And call it
A “democracy.”

litglob © 2015

Random New Avengers Wants
  • Vision sits up with Wanda at night because she’s a puzzle and he doesn’t need sleep. Some nights she sleeps fitfully, trapped in nightmares, and some nights she cries herself to sleep. Most nights she doesn’t sleep at all. They just sit quietly, leaning against her pillows.
  • Wanda feels guilty about monopolizing Vision like that. On their days off, she takes him to parks or museums or just for walks. She likes the way he sees the world, like there’s still good and beauty in it.
  • Vision is Wanda’s first real friend outside of Pietro. Eventually, they get to the point where they can meet each other’s eyes and have entire conversations. It unnerves other people.
  • Sam tries to force Wanda to go to a support group meeting. She feels awkward and uncomfortable because they’re soldiers and she’s just collateral damage.
  • Wanda doesn’t go back to the meetings, but she does start bringing Sam coffee after them and walks him back to headquarters. Because she likes Sam and appreciates what he was trying to do.
  • Sam takes Wanda running in the morning instead. Running makes her feel closer to her brother. Some mornings they talk, some mornings she just ends up crying, and some mornings she might actually be okay. He hugs her no matter how it goes.
  • Rhodey has made it his mission to make Wanda smile as often as possible. He takes her out for drinks and tells her War Machine and Tony Stark stories until she laughs so hard she cries.
  • Wanda pretends that she doesn’t like Rhodey because she doesn’t like Stark. He definitely sees through her instantly. After all, she always hangs out with him at Stark’s parties to listen to his stories.
  • Rhodey likes to give Wanda’s tips during training. Mostly because he was highly amused by that one time she knocked Sam on his ass and would like to see her do it again. But also because she’s his teammate and he cares.
  • Wanda never gets over the fact that Pietro is no longer her back up in the field. She’s so used to him covering her blind spots that she doesn’t even notice she has them. Eventually the boys work to cover her blind spots and she does the same for them.
  • Wanda rips a building in half the first time she hears a gunshot in field. She was desperate to get to whichever of her boys was shot. It turns out no one was hurt and she hides in her room for a week.
  • The boys say nothing on the first anniversary of Pietro’s death. They just sit with Wanda in silent support all day. She has no words for how grateful she is.
  • Wanda makes a cake a few weeks later, on the first anniversary of their team. It comes out of a box and it’s not perfect. But she just wants to show the boys how much her new family means to her. Not a replacement for what she lost, but just as important.
  • Just team bonding in general. In all its forms. I just love all of them so much.

I kind of think it’s bullshit that the New Yorker won’t let anybody who wants to go and read John McPhee’s ‘The Search for Marvin Gardens.’ Like I get that they don’t want to let everyone read everything of theirs for free. But, still, let the people read that one. Don’t monopolize that essay!