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Friend Game Nights where mat, steph, jason, and chris all gather around and yell at one another through monopoly, cards against humanity, and at least enough junk food to feed a small army. (it's okay, though, because they all wind up crashing halfway through the Game Of Life and cuddling on a blanket pile) -🌹

This is a good™ post and I’m like 80% sure it cured my depression.

Aries Mars playing monopoly:

Taurus Mars playing monopoly:
*I just want to hoard all the money and properties, NO TRADE!*

Gemini Mars playing monopoly:
*Talking up a big game, trying to trick people with bogus deals*

Cancer Mars playing monopoly:
*Pretending not to care, secretly wants to win so bad*

Leo Mars playing monopoly:
*Brags about past wins, pressures others into trades, makes entertainment out of triumphs and fails*

Virgo Mars playing monopoly:
*The one telling everyone else how they should play*

Libra Mars playing monopoly:
*Trying to save friendships and cool down arguments*

Scorpio Mars playing monopoly:
*Just waiting for the next person they can take down, being cutthroat the whole game*

Sagittarius Mars playing monopoly:
*They just want Boardwalk and Park Place*

Capricorn Mars playing monopoly:
*Strategic, possibly taking the game a little too seriously*

Aquarius Mars playing monopoly:
*Surprise attacks, crazy deals, taking up all the train stations and utilities*

Pisces Mars playing monopoly:
*Sometimes a sore loser yet a “humble” winner, ready to flip over the board anytime*

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