me normally: fuck capitalism.. it’s a rigged system that keeps us poor and subjugated and it isn’t fair… you shouldn’t need to work 3 jobs to afford basic necessities the people at the top couldn’t even spend that money in five lifetimes

me playing monopoly: sorry sweaty if you wanted to win you should have tried not being poor :)

“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”


@asexualspock requested the monopoly meme a while back, so here’s my take on it.

Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut
Achievement Hunter
Ryanical Difficulties -Extended Cut

Ryan kicking Jeremy in Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 259 - Dark Monopoly Finale, extended audio + select gifs

Monopoly Man became the Internet crush of the day on Wednesday, after upstaging former Equifax CEO Richard Smith at a Senate hearing on the company’s massive data breach.

The board game character, whose name is Rich Uncle Pennybags, was brought to life by Amanda Werner, an arbitration campaign manager for Public Citizen and Americans for Financial Reform, groups that advocate for consumer rights and protections.

Almost immediately, the monocle, mustache, top hat, pillowcase-sized bag of (#fake) Benjamins became a social media sensation.

How Monopoly Man Won The Internet

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images